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09 Oct 2011 00:00 by paulchay Star rating. 1 forum posts Send private message

Hello, i have been following this forum for a while nowa nd noticed last year there was roughly 400 permanant residents. Does anyone know how many there are now?

With more residents has the community fees come down?


Thanks for any help and replies



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09 Oct 2011 13:56 by Jann Star rating in Merseyside and Jardi.... 802 forum posts Send private message

Think it's the number of owners (if everyone pays) that affect the community charges- not residents.



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09 Oct 2011 22:10 by Sonatigh Star rating in Condado de Alhama Re.... 621 forum posts Send private message

 There are more like 250 - 300 Permanent Residents at the moment.

As Jan states the fee has nothing to do with the number of Permenant Residents it is simply the annual Budget divided by number of owners (3200 approx) with a slight factor adjustment based on quota (Each property has a quata ((In your Deeds)) these vary slightly Garden to Garden.

The only thing that will reduce the Community charge is good management, cutting cost by maintaining or improving services etc.

The Important thing regards Permanent Residents is the facilities the Council have to Provide such as Bus service, Doctor, Chemist etc and it seems the magic figure is 700 when this is reached the Council will have to provide theses services.

The number comes from the Padron and anyone who lives here for six months or more should register on the Padron

There are many people on the resort for the winter months and if all  these were to get registered we would soon reach the majic figure!



I got too old soon, and too late smart ! 



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