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09 Oct 2011 00:00 by Jann Star rating in Merseyside and Jardi.... 802 forum posts Send private message

Have seen the Golf Club House mentioned a few times on various forum's and as it's never more than a mention there's obviously nothing imminently about to happen- but, does anyone have any recent information about what may be being proposed? Or has nothing actually been proposed and we are no further on-anyone know? (Did read the old Sales office was to be resited, revamped and would be by hole 1 in a landscaped  area but think only read that once then nothing more)

In the same way we've read that units have been taken in the Al Kasar, but nothing more- no news of roughly how many units are taken or what sort of stores they will be. So, if anyone has any snippets of information for those of us who aren't residents  and maybe don't get out to CdA as frequently as others can- all info gratefully received.

Its been really good to get regular updates on the new Condado Club and such good news that a new venue is about to open.



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09 Oct 2011 11:36 by welshwoman Star rating. 2 forum posts Send private message

I was staying in my property on Condado last week, and was told by a reliable source that 1. - the Sports Bar would open on Oct 15th ( this before it became general knowledge) and

2. that the first units to open in Al Kasar would be an Indian restaurant, a Pizzeria and a bakery.


Let's hope he's correct.

Incidentally, the blockage to Penthouse 11 was dealt with within a very short time of it being reported last week,  they were very efficient and cleaned up any mess afterwards.

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