Green Hills Purchaser Awaiting the slow wheels of Spanish 'justice'

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05 Mar 2011 00:00 by GreginLondon Star rating. 8 forum posts Send private message

 I've been fighting a long, long, slow court case against the developers of Green Hills over the failure to provide the originally promised development. And I know I am not alone.... Despite eventually winning the judgment in court (almost four years ago!) that we should receive our deposit (over €100,000) back from the developer, the case was appealed but there has been no hearing for that yet - and it's been something well over two years now. 

To some extent I've put the whole thing out of my mind while realising that chasing Spanish Courts is a waste of time and just letting things ride. Our lawyer in Marbella is a personable enough guy, but I am beginning to feel that we are just one amongst a huge number of people who've been screwed intentionally or by misfortune in Spain. I haven't heard from him in well over a year, now - and assume that I won't until something happens in the court process. But I am not anticipating that he's spending any time chasing things for us, despite the considerable costs so far spent pursuing this case. 

It's been so long since I was last at GH, when the place was like a ghost development (despite looking very well kept and nice)  - I think only 30 or so apartments were 'occupied' (completed on, anyway). I wondered what the situation is there for owners or other people in my situation is, now? 

I'd be interested and appreciative for any perspectives from current owners who have moved in; owners who have completed but not occupied; and of course those of deposit-payers like myself who haven't completed and may be going through a torturous legal battle. I've tried Googling for information but don't seem to be getting anything definitive. I did see ads for 'distressed apartments' on GH at one web  site - quite what 'distressed' means in this context I can only speculate - but the prices were two thirds of what we agreed to pay for the originally specified developement. 

Thanks in anticipation of any replies! 


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11 Mar 2011 19:07 by Caroline Kerr Star rating. 1 forum posts Send private message

 Hi Greg,


Just read your message about Greenhills.  My husband and I, along with many others, are in the same position as you.  Who is your lawyer, because your appeal should take no longer than six months, not over two years.  We are not going to complete on Greenhills.  We have a bank guarantee which is not being honoured by the banks.  We are talking to the press, television, the European Parliament and MPs here to bring this matter to the attention of the British people who may still foolishly be contemplating buying in Spain.  The whole system is corrupt.  We have now employed another Spanish lawyer to sort out the mess left by our original one.

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12 Mar 2011 17:23 by GreginLondon Star rating. 8 forum posts Send private message

 Hi Caroline!

Can we take this to email? I am:

tanner_greg at Hotmail dot com

- If you drop me a note I'll follow up with more on your questions! (the site won't let me enter an email address properly but hope you can figure it out! :-)  - in case this is news to you the message says I need to have made at least 10 posts before I can include a link web or email address in this message! 

Glad to see this isn't a dead zone! And that we aren't alone in our predicatment. At the time of writing my original post I hadn't chased the lawyer - I have since found  out that he left the firm just after our last exchange at the end of 2009! Incredibly (or possibly not in Spain) no one told us. I've been given the name of a partner who is supposed to be followng up with me with details of the status, but as of now I havent heard. I will give them till Monday to do so, then chase them. My capacity for patience has now been exceeded! 

I'll keep my comments in a forum like this one fairly general - but happy for anyone with an interest to email me as above. 


Thansk for getting back to me - hope to hear by email!



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