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06 Apr 2010 00:00 by glesgasteve Star rating. 69 forum posts Send private message

hi folks wonder if someone can shed any light on a phone call i recieved at home..someone from a company in spain called switch and save called my home in glasgow asking if i still owned my property on codado and was i looking at selling it  when i asked how they got my number she became very vague started to ramble a bit and hung up when i tried to call back the number was unobtainable...just wondering if anybody else had the same a phone call....thanks stevie... 

i live in glasgow and jardines 11

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06 Apr 2010 21:07 by 1098 Star rating in Jardin 9 & Cambs. 147 forum posts Send private message

Switch and Save are Mortgage brokers located near Torrevieja.  They have a website if you feel the need to respond?

Looking to sell you a Mortgage would be my guess.

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06 Apr 2010 22:56 by PGM Star rating in Cheshire & LOS NARAN.... 862 forum posts Send private message

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Yes I have had the same call from them on two occasions, don’t know how they have my UK home phone number, can only assume from PW or The Agent I used being Parador Properties as was, as no one else in Spain has my home number, Other than my Spanish Solicitor.


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07 Apr 2010 19:15 by glesgasteve Star rating. 69 forum posts Send private message

 hi thanks for replying i used parador as well phil can only assume thats were they got my number... 

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08 Apr 2010 00:27 by tashajohn Star rating in Co.Kerry Ireland and.... 93 forum posts Send private message

we got a call as well from them last october. we even arranged a meeting at there office near villamartin. when we arrived at theyr office there was nobody to see and everything was locked up. all we heard was a radio inside... we tried to ring this fella who suposed to meet us but no answer. so we went back to condado... after 2 hours later he tried to ring us over and over again but we didn't answer. a week later back in ireland he rang again and told us he was sorry but had to leaf the office for a meeting at a bank... hello.......why didn't he ring us befor or leave a not at the door????? i wouldn't trust them at all.......

Apartment 4 Rent @

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08 Apr 2010 14:51 by Coff Star rating in Dublin and Jardine 1.... 20 forum posts Send private message

Below are the emails between my solicitor and myself re Switch and Save.

I didn't proceed with them.


Initial enquiry.
Hope you are well. I was looking for some advice. I know you are not mortgage advisors but was wondering if you had heard of this crowd called 'Switch and Save'. I don't know if it's a con or legit. I received the email below and I have been speaking with them on a number of occasions. They are offering to move my mortgage from CAM where I am currently paying over 6% interest to a new lender at 2% reducing my monthly payment substantially.
All this for a total fee of Euro 450. Sounds too good to be true but in today's climate could well be legitimate.
Any advice would be appreciated.
I have never heard of this company.
You should querie three things:
1/ who is the new lender?  Can they give the names of the banks they work with?
2/ total costs of switching the mortgage over to the new lender (ask them to give you a breakdown) as this transaction is costly, it includes a new set of deeds (notary fees), registration of the new deeds (registry fees), the broker's fees, etc.... Normally what they do is they add this to the amount of the mortgage that you would be switching over, so you don't really know how much all this is.
3/ Is this going to affect the length of your mortgage (ie. more years)?
At the end of the day, it is very simple, no one gives anything for free (specially not banks!) so you should really read all the small print to avoid ending up paying more than what you are now.
Best regards,
PD: this brokerage company is more than likely completely legal, these companies wouldn't take any risk this way.  They make their money by telling you how beneficial it is going to be for you, but from my experience, once you add everything up (see point 2 and 3 above) it ends up costing you quite a lot more.  However, if the current mortgage represents a real burden and you need to lower the monthly repayments, this could be an option (even if it is not the most cost effective in the end).

Claire and David

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08 Apr 2010 16:39 by glesgasteve Star rating. 69 forum posts Send private message


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