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30 Oct 2009 00:00 by michaelhardy Star rating in Bishop Auckland & Ja.... 597 forum posts Send private message

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Workmen have been in at the old supermarket building in the sports area this week, there are a couple of skips outside, the ceiling tiles are down, the partition walls are all demolished and the floor tiles are starting to be ripped up.

Could this be the start of the gym? Will they open up the Manzano (surgery) bar again as the changing facilities will be needed?

Anyone any more news on this?


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30 Oct 2009 22:55 by Alison&Simon Star rating in Hamilton,Scotland - .... 1102 forum posts Send private message

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Hi Micheal,

Just what I've been waiting for, somewhere for us all to keep fit  while on holiday lets hope they install good aircon and good machines for us to use, getting fed up riding round the golf course on my no so comfy bike.  Does anyone know how they will charge us for the use of the gym and will there be instructors present?

Things seem to be moving along nicely now, golf course opening soon along with 2 restaurants, now the gym, just need the club house to start and things will be perfect.

My glass has always been half full



 Always look on the bright side of life  

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22 Nov 2009 19:37 by vinnymyers Star rating. 15 forum posts Send private message

Any Condado residents or recent visitors know how the new gym is progressing over the last few weeks?


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22 Dec 2009 22:27 by davell Star rating in County Durham, Engla.... 144 forum posts Send private message

Has this project ground to a halt in PW's effort to get golf clubhouse open ?

Any residents or people over for holidays who can give info please.


Jardines One, and happy.

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06 Jan 2010 10:23 by pete+magda Star rating in Surrey/los naranjos .... 41 forum posts Send private message

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I had a look round there yesterday,not much going on.

Keep asking about the bar reopening,your guess is as good as anyones i think.

"Anyone for golf?"

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