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01 Dec 2008 00:00 by geecee Star rating. 1 forum posts Send private message

Hi all,

Just found this forum and are interested in reading all your opinions.  I purchased through IAP back in feb 06 with the completion date supposed to have been approx 18 months after.  I visited the site in sep 06, just as they were building the main road to the developement, so couldn't venture any further.  I also visited Plus advisors and completed the power of attorney forms. 

I got a last minute flight to go again in august just to satisfy my curiosity as to how things were progressing.  I visited the showhouse which was very impressive.  I had visited a polaris world dev the day before and the spec of our home was by far superior.  There was also a model of how the developement was going to look - again very impressive, however, some of the phases had been cancelled due to not being sold and apparently, the construction of the whole thing was going to take another 5 to 7 years!  I dont recall iap mentioning that!  Apart from the main road, the rest were dirt, only the first hole of the golf course was being worked on and my phase, due for completion, was just a shell.  I was also told that holes 10 to 18 were possibly not going to be built. I can't see how we will rent out our properties if there is continuing building work, there is no club house, shops, spa, etc. 

I instructed plus to start proceedings to reclaim my deposit, due to eurohouse being in breech of contract, ie, they should have completed by end aug 08.  They are now after approx 5000 euros to do this.  European mediation seem to good to be true.  They know a lot of us are desperate to get our money back. I not sure if i trust plus either as they work for iap, but they should really honour us.  Anyone elase folowing this route?

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