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20 Nov 2008 00:00 by london06 Star rating. 8 forum posts Send private message

Carol, the claim for the legal fees might take time to be refunded to me but id rather wait and get them back.  No real point of arguing.  I will stay with my lawyers and hopefully will be refunded soon so that i can get on with my next investment.

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24 Nov 2008 10:36 by mainland08 Star rating. 2 forum posts Send private message

I am a professional Property Investor familiar to work with different lawyers in different jurisdictions and I use Lexland to cancel the contract and execute the policies at Valle Romano. I am worried about people questioning their independency. Can someone explain to me what indicates they are not independent when as far as I am aware they are actually the only Law Firm taking legal actions against the developers cancelling the contracts and executing the insurance policies before completion?. I just don’t understand it and may be you know something I don’t know.
As I was investing a considerable amount of funds and representing a pool of investors before hiring them I made an effort to know about their practice and I was impressed as you don’t normally get such a Firm to do your conveyance for this price. I know they are one of the top ten Firms in Spain in number of lawyers and turnover according to the Legal 500 with more than 100 professionals. This is for me a guarantee of independency. They have a professional indemnity insurance according to the size of their clients. Some of the partners like the Head of the Litigation department were Magistrates of the Appellation Court in Madrid  and Judges in other jurisdictions (you can check in their web). This is for me a guarantee that they know what they are doing. I think that using the local lawyer round the corner that is happy to do the work for free simply because they don’t have clients who are actually willing to pay for their services doesn’t give me more confidence than that.
I have been trying to obtain some information of the lawyers you are recommending and there are Firms of two lawyers (father and son) or single lawyers with no structure apart from their own and no expertise in these cases.  The truth is that choosing the right lawyer can change your life and making a recommendation of that caliber should be considered a delicate thing. In case of negligence or personal circumstances like death or disease affecting this lawyer round the corner dealing with claims resulting a few millions, I don’t see  how I could ask for damages or claim against insurance (clearly doesn’t cover). That is one of the reasons why small Firms are never hired for large and important cases by an association of affected people joint claims or companies.
Personally I cannot imagine any other reason apart from getting lower fees to get a local lawyer and as other posters mentioned here if  I win the case I will get compensated for this anyway. I have been told by Lexland they are offering their services according to the official schedule of minimum fees of the Bar Association and this guarantees I will get all the fees back from the other party when the claim is successful.  Also because they represent the majority of the investors the application of the schedule results in a considerable reduction of the fees for each individual. I have checked this with some of my legal contact and all of this makes sense.
Based on experience I can tell you that choosing one lawyer or another may constitute the difference between losing all your monies or not. Due to my personal circumstances I am not in a position to gamble with that. I already confirmed the instructions and put my mind at ease with Lexland so now I see posts about using other lawyers and I think they are missing the point. We shouldn’t be interested to hire cheaper lawyers but better lawyers than Lexland. If you know any better than Lexland for this case even though they are more expensive or cheaper please let me know. The important thing for me is to make sure I will have the best representation possible and have all my monies back.  I wouldn’t risk losing all my monies or being forced to complete just to avoid having to anticipate some monies with a cheaper lawyer. Especially when I know that having a good lawyer would probably involve winning the case therefore obtaining the reimbursement of all the fees and having a bad lawyer the contrary, that is,  risking to lose all the monies invested plus having to pay for my fees and the other party’s fees afterwards.

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24 Nov 2008 17:18 by Millwall Star rating in Manilva, Costa Del S.... 82 forum posts Send private message


Have you recieved any funds back yet?

If not have Lexland given you a time scale to when you can expect to? 


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