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Our House in the Alpujarras

Our Experiences of owning a village house in a small community in The Alpujarras in a village called Yegen.

July 2014
09 August 2014 @ 21:07

Well back for our last holiday before the big move in October. I can't believe we are near the end. We were going to organise so much, health insurance at the bank, getting all the diputations on direct debit, getting the phone connected and then of course there was life after dish TV but sadly achieved very little. 

We did for the first time go to the communal pool in between Yegen and Mecina Bombaron. What a lovely spot, surrounded by hills and mountains in the open air, full size crystal clean pool, accompanying small pool for the chidren, a bar where you could also get snacks, shade and plenty of sun if you wanted it although I stayed taking advantage of the former and still burnt. It had a great family atmosphere with many nationalities too. A typical pool scene with the kids having fun, the germans with a ball, the eastern europeans trying various dives at the deep end some to the displeasure of the life guard and the spanish milling around also, tending to arrive later in the day. The dutch keeping themselves to themselves and us brits doing what us brits do, a couple of lengths, stand around and then out till the next foray into the water. 

The coolest July in years they said ranging between 28 to 32, similar to what we'd left in the UK but such a different heat and 1100 metres closer to the sun. Seeking what little breeze we could find.

We did have the builders in though to begin to explore our planned alterations, it was all possible and not too expensive. I've decided to go down the heat excahnging route rather than a boiler for the hot water, a bit priceyer but more economic. Being a big Grand Designs fan where I had seen these things installed I was very keen. My place was going to feature Grand Designs ideas, how exciting if not a little sad. We spoke of the ruin next door which was a bit worse than last time and the garden I so dearly want and the poor retaining wall holding the whole street up. A deal to be done later in the year I hope.  For now the ruin was playing host to a bitch and 2 pups who were sheltering from the afternoon sun and foraging at night for survival. Of course we just had to get involved with this and nothing from our kitchen went to waste. We hope the local dog charity will be able to take up their plight in our absence.

We had the usual guiri get togethers as they've become known to us including one at our place which went on till 4.00am. We sampled the local Gin for the first time. At 6 euro's a litre its easy to see why its the brits favourite tipple.

My wife's sister joined us this time and she liked it so much may well end up joining us and buyind a place in Yegen.

We met some new people some looking to move here and some who have full or part time we had not met before. Yegen is becoming truely multicultural with different europeans and those with african decendents and what a joy it is to see. No animosity just everyone mixing and having a good time. I can't wait for October.

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