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Our House in the Alpujarras

Our Experiences of owning a village house in a small community in The Alpujarras in a village called Yegen.

March 2014
22 April 2014 @ 16:35

Well our penultimate visit before retirement. Time has flown by. We seem to be established in the system all bills set up and amounts being paid so far no horror stories. Actually there is one. I am still trying to resolve the situation where the previous occupant failed to tell the authorities that he was permanently exporting his car. Another Diputacion in the post box addressed to him wanting the car tax. I am told he has contacted the DVLA. Like they are going to communicate with the spanish traffico division. 

The house is looking a little tired but that will all be rectified in October when I plough some of my pension into some improvements and maintainance.

I don't know if Ive mentioned this before but the house next door is falling down and was slightly worse than the last time I visited. Endesa have had to realign the mains power supply to a bit of it that has not already caved in. The house comes with a small garden for some green fingered passtimes. My hope is that I can buy it from its current 3 spanish owners after October to knock it down and use the outside space. Whether they will be willing to let it go for the sort of money I want to pay is another matter. IF not I'll probably claim squatters rights on the garden and watch it fall down.

A friend of mine who owns 2 acres of sweet almond trees has asked me to help out with pruning and harvesting etc as he is part time resident only so another task to keep me busy. 2 other friends we have already have cortijo's and a third some land he looks after so I am hopefull that I will be usefully employed.

Whilst out this time I enjoyed the festivities of a friends 60th birthday. It seemed to meander over 5 days and I am aware as a result that when we come to live here I can no longer take that sort of punishment.

I caught up with friends on the coast who have been retired there now for nearly 3 years and are blissfully happy with their move. 

It was the first time without the old british gogglebox, the dish for said system standing lifeless on the wall. I was pleasantly surprised at this not being a big issue.

I certainly found on this trip the coldness of inside the house compared to outside. Maybe I had forgotten the trip out last January and how cold it was. The weather was less kind on this trip being cloudy, wet and or cold for the most part but it did not take the enjoyment of the peace and quiet away.

We have booked the ferry for October 12th arriving in Yegen on 15th to remain. Just one more trip as holiday makers in July awaits before we begin to live the dream.

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eggcup said:
23 April 2014 @ 10:08

Hi Mark. We have lived in some cold houses in Spain and my major piece of advice is to take an electric blanket. Someone gave me the advice and I ignored it for several years and suffered, before getting one and it was fantastic. You get a lovely warm bed and the cold air around your face which is perfect for sleeping. Also, if you have the money, before getting more land I'd get a really expensive Scandinavian wood-burner - we paid about 1,500 euros and it's brilliant - firstly you shut the doors and it heats the living room, then you open the doors and it heats the nearby rooms. This is all assuming you don't have central heating (which no-one has in our part of Spain).

selseyboy said:
24 April 2014 @ 20:03

Hi Thanks for the advice. The previous owner had electric blankets and I found this a bit odd but now I know why. Are the scandinavian wood burners very much better and if so do you know why ?

eggcup said:
25 April 2014 @ 10:03

Hi Mark. I'm not an expert on wood burners; it was just that we had spent a freezing winter renting a cortijo in the countryside which had a burner that looked fine but was actually useless and you'd have to sit on it and burn your bum to know any heat was coming from it. Then we were at a friend's house and they had this big Scandinavian one which warmed up the whole of the downstairs, so we just bought the exact same one. There's a photo of it on the link below if you'd like to see it. And if you need to know the make let me know and I'll check with my husband because I don't know off-hand. All the best.

selseyboy said:
25 April 2014 @ 11:45

Thanks very much yes a make would be good so i can search for it. You're house looks amazing !

eggcup said:
26 April 2014 @ 18:07

Hi Mark. Sorry, but him indoors can't remember the name either. All we know is that it's Norwegian. In any case the models are likely to have changed a bit by now. We bought ours in either Durcal or Padul, on the road from Motril to Granada.They've got a few big chiminea outlets there, if that's any use. I can't overstate the importance of getting in some good good equipment. It will make the difference between miserable or cosy evenings... All the best.

selseyboy said:
29 April 2014 @ 15:13

Many thanks and thanks for reading

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