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The Exuberant Battle of Wine in Haro, La Rioja
Saturday, June 15, 2024 @ 6:21 PM

In the verdant region of La Rioja, Spain, a unique tradition draws visitors from across the globe. It's the Battle of Wine ("La Batalla del Vino"), a spirited festivity that transforms the historic town of Haro into a vibrant sea of purple hues and joyous celebration.



When is the Battle of Wine?
The Battle of Wine is a firmly set annual event, commemorated on June 29. The next few editions are scheduled for:

  • Saturday, June 29, 2024

  • Sunday, June 29, 2025

  • Monday, June 29, 2026

The event is not just another reason for merrymaking; it is steeped in history and cultural significance. Recognised as a Tourist Festival of National Interest in 2011, the Battle of Wine has deep roots within the local patron saint festivities of Haro, which run from June 24 to June 29. Haro nestles between Logroño and Miranda de Ebro and is famed as a capital for wine aficionados.



Its origin dates back to the sixth century with San Felices de Bilibio, a hermit and spiritual guide to San Millán. Upon his death, San Felices was buried in a cave on a site known as "Los Riscos de Bilibio," which mark the beginning of the Obarenes Mountains next to the Ebro River's entry point, at a spot dubbed "Las Conchas de Haro."

A cofradía - a brotherhood dedicated to San Felices, founded in 1655, parades the relics of both San Felices and San Millán in a procession every year on June 25.


Legend tells that a territorial conflict over "Los Riscos de Bilibio" between Miranda de Ebro and Haro gave birth to the wine battle. The Jarreros, or locals from Haro, armed with jugs or any wine-filled container, must be present at the celebration. If they fail to do so in any year, it's said that Haro would cede control of the coveted Riscos de Bilibio to Miranda de Ebro.

Celebrating the Wine Battle
The main event unfolds on the morning of June 29, to honor San Felices de Bilibio, Haro's patron saint. Following a ceremonial mass, celebrants known as Jarreros make their way towards "Los Riscos de Bilibio," approximately six kilometres from Haro. At around 8 AM, the town's Regidor, or leader, plants the flag of Haro upon the cliffs, declaring the land as Haro's strategic point.

Complying with a set of jovial yet simple rules, an exuberant battle ensues where participants aim to douse each other with wine. Participants are required to:

  • Dress in white, donning the traditional red scarf,

  • Drench their neighbours with wine as thoroughly and quickly as possible,

  • Only use approved 'weapons' like boots, bottles, jugs, sprayers, water pistols, but glass containers are strictly prohibited,

  • Maintain laughter and song throughout the Battle, with local musicians playing non-stop until the wine runs dry.

As the battle concludes, the aroma of snails and grilled chops fills the air, indicating the time for a communal meal to regain strength.



A Festival of Epic Proportions
This festival attracts around 10,000 participants annually, who gleefully use roughly 130,000 litres of wine in their epic battle for territorial pride and festivity. It's a sight to behold and an experience to treasure, epitomizing the joy and culture of the region. The Battle of Wine is a call to the world to partake in this unique celebration — a testament to tradition, community, and the universal language of joy found in a shared glass of wine.

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Michael Glover said:
Sunday, June 16, 2024 @ 10:31 AM

What a great town. We send travellers to the Restaurant Terete. Which has a great wine cellar below. They specialize in mutton from the brick pizza type oven, the paddle is very long to the back of the fire where they place clay plates with the pieces of meat of your choice inside. It is only possible to buy their wine from Terete. We have carried their clay plates and boxes of wine north and south as we travel. The key wine is vino Christina, we gave one to another Christina where we live and she became pregnant, the son of an English man says it it the best wine he has drank.the plates too are great when reheated and blackened on the base for everyday cooking, yes we like Haro, many visits many stories. Should add great service in the restaurant.

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