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Inland beaches & Pools - Spain
Saturday, May 18, 2024 @ 1:45 AM

With these high temperatures that we are experiencing in recent days, a quick dip is the best solution. But Inland Spain, lacking coasts, has its charms, which are boundless, but it also has idyllic and essential places to soak oneself and cope with this “inhumane” heat in the best possible way.

I invite you to get to discover those places, sometimes unknown, that deserve to be visited to freshen up, some of them located in strategic natural settings. These are lakes, lagoons, river beaches, natural pools or pools that can be found in Castilla y León, Castilla-La Mancha, Aragón, Extremadura, La Rioja, or Navarra. They are of Cours many many more, but this is a good start...

Sanabria and river beaches in Zamora

Our journey starts in Castilla y León, specifically in the province of Zamora, which has a wide range of places to swim, with the Sanabria Lake. But also in Puebla de Sanabria we find the area of ​​"La Chopera" or in Trefacio "La Corneira".



Two river beaches sheltered by reservoirs are found in Cional and Villadeciervos, and the Ricobayo river beach in Zamora is also worth mentioning, or in the capital itself, the “Los Pelambres” recreational area, on the banks of the Duero River.


More in Castile and Leon

If we go through the provinces and start with Ávila, the Charco del Risquillo natural pool deserves to be included, in the heart of the Tiétar Valley, without forgetting the Navaluenga Natural Pools. In León, we are also left with another natural pool, that of Vega de Espinaredasta, one of the largest in the Bierzo region. But we cannot forget the beaches of Balboa or La Ribera de Folgoso or other natural pools in Cacabelos, Llamas de la Ribera or Villafranca del Bierzo. While in Palencia, the Ruesga reservoir is well worth a good swim. On to Segovia, it is worth visiting the Fuente de la Salud in Sepúlveda while in Soria the Pita Beach is the bathing area par excellence in the province.



The Rioja

In the middle of the González Lacasa reservoir, the Club Náutico El Rasillo awaits us, the only place authorized to bathe in Riojan lands. But there are also natural pools, such as the Iregua Park, where you can enjoy the crystal clear and cold waters of the river.




River pool of Uztárroz

There are also no beaches in this Autonomous Community, but there are several river areas where you can cool off. One of them is the Urederra River, as it passes through Zudaire and Artavia. Some small pools with cold water. Another point of interest is found in the Alloz reservoir, a privileged place for both fishing and water sports. In Beriáin we come across the Morea raft. And one last recommendation: the Uztárroz river pool, with fresh waters that do not exceed 17 degrees in temperature.



Castilla la Mancha

The Castilian La Mancha community has more than thirty authorized bathing areas, exactly 35. There are several options for bathing here, from the Alarcón Reservoir, passing through the Bolarque Lake in Almonacid de Zorita in Guadalajara, which is joined by the La Toba reservoir (Cuenca) or the Entrepeñas reservoir. But the most famous is found in the Lagunas de Ruidera, especially the pool in Laguna Colgada better known as "Plaza Toros", without forgetting the natural pool of Las Chorreras.





The natural spaces in the Aragonese community are varied, starting with the Pyrenees of Huesca, which gives the visitor unexpected dreamlike landscapes. And if they also allow a refreshing dip, what more could you ask for? We begin our journey through Huesca, through one of the most popular areas, Salto de Bierge, located in the Sierra y Cañones de Guara Natural Park. Another option is the Búbal Reservoir, over which a zip line, not suitable for the faint of heart, flies over.



In Zaragoza we find two well pools in Los Chorros in Belchite and El Pígalo in Luesa. Another natural pool is that of Peña del Cuervo, near the capital. And in Teruel, there are three ideal places, the Bergantes river pool, the Valbona reservoir and the Pesquera pools in Beceite.



The Community of Extremadura does not have a coast either, but it does have idyllic places to get lost and river beaches and pools of ten. One of them is found in the Valle del Jerte, in the so-called Garganta de Los Infiernos, with numerous pools. Other nearby places are the Natural Pool of Carreciá in Acebo or those of La Codosera. If we want a beach, Entrerríos between the Zújar and Guadiana rivers has a beach to spend a great day with the family.


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