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The Built-Up Areas of Europe
Wednesday, February 15, 2023 @ 7:33 PM


With data from the Copernicus satellite, a map has been created where the largest population areas in Europe are detected, and the built-up areas on the entire continent. From north to south, the emptiness to the north of the Nordic countries stands out, while it grows around the capitals, Oslo, Stockholm or Helsinki. The situation changes completely in France, Germany and northern Italy, while in Spain construction on the Mediterranean fringe stands out.

The blogger Milos Popopic has created this map where he highlights the enormous density in practically all of Great Britain, except Scotland. Meanwhile, in Ireland, the east coast is the most built.

In the Iberian Peninsula, the enormous population density stands out facing the Atlantic Ocean until reaching Lisbon and somewhat less until reaching Faro. In Spain, Madrid and the Mediterranean rule, but the great leap on one side and the other of the Pyrenees is very noticeable and Spain's rural areas are very obvious.

Northern Italy is huge, where the orography rules over construction, the Apennines cut the Italian boot in two, with an enormous density between Rome and Naples. The Alps create a natural barrier with Central Europe.

There is practically no gap in France or Germany, although there is a natural border between Germany and Poland, and this one with the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Farther east, the huge circle around Moscow is unsurprisingly noticeable.

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