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Lidl's Best Wines for under €5
Friday, April 8, 2022 @ 1:49 PM

LIDL is a supermarket chain that stands out above all for its low prices and sometimes for products that are normally more expensive, such as wine. For less than 5 euros, you can buy excellent wines with which you will be able to show off at a dinner with family or friends alike. LIDL offers a selection of very good quality wines and, what is better, at a more than affordable price. Here are some of them, including one that stands above the rest.


Coto de Ibedo (DO Ribeiro)

This white wine DO Ribeiro harvest of the year 2020 is the one that is qualified by experienced critics as one of the best in Spain. Its youth can be easily appreciated, as it has a pale yellow color with greenish reflections. It is a pleasant and very balanced wine: the fruity notes of the three types of grapes used in its production and the typical acidity of the DO company's products stand out. The bottle only costs 3.99 euros.


Tramuz (DO Ribera del Duero)

For just 4.99 euros, you can enjoy a delicious red wine aged for three months in barrels. Its colour is intense red and has purple reflections. In a few words, it is a rounded and very fruity wine. Pairing this wine with legumes and stews is highly recommended.


Gamellón Joven 2020 (PDO Jumilla)

Another red wine, but this time cheaper: it is only 2.49 euros. The most noteworthy of this is its freshness and its fruity aroma, obtained from the Monastrell and Syrah grapes used in its preparation. It is ideal to accompany with pasta and rice.


La Bien Pintá (DO Rueda)

It costs 3.99 euros, so it is a real bargain. It is a really good white wine, with a bright yellowish colour and medium aromatic intensity. It has hints of tropical fruit, and aromatic herbs... making it a rather exotic wine. It is perfect to accompany different dishes: red meats, pasta, rice dishes, pâté, shellfish, fish...


Fincas del Lebrel 2020 (DOCa Rioja)

It is a powerful cherry red Tempranillo. Above all, you will enjoy its freshness and its intense flavour. It is only worth 3.49 euros, which makes it a bargain that is not easily found.



Don’t take my word for it. One of the most prestigious winemakers in Spain, Jon Andoni Rementeria, who is also the 2018 Spanish Sommelier Champion (among other awards), assures that, for less than 5 euros, you can buy great wines at LIDL. Rementeria is more than an authorised voice in the wine world, as he has tasted and continues to taste excellent quality wines that are not sold at such modest prices and recommends each and every one of the wines on this list.

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Mark Adams said:
Saturday, April 9, 2022 @ 9:25 AM

Great info .

Thanks !

Jet said:
Saturday, April 9, 2022 @ 6:08 PM

De rode fincas del Lebrel was vandaag €6,79 lidl Benicarlo.

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