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Madrid's `Air Crash´ - Keep your eyes open!
Friday, January 7, 2022 @ 3:37 PM

When you’re wandering through Madrid never look down or you could miss great pieces of art like this one!

Although the statue of the fallen angel in Parque El Retiro is one of the most famous for being one of the few statues in the world dedicated to Lucifer, this little one located in front of the famous food market “Mercado de San Miguel” is just as spectacular, and most people don’t even notice it if they don’t raise their eyes.

It’s called “Accidente Aereo” (air crash) and when it ‘crash-landed’ in 2005 into  the roof of the building, the neighbours wondered what it was.

Some people claimed that it was the devil, an angel expelled from paradise, but for others it was a stumbled Icarus...



But the author of the art piece, Miguel Angel Ruiz Beato, revealed the true meaning in an interview: “Ten thousand years ago a winged man went out for a walk and when he returned, flying quietly on his back, while sunbathing, he didn’t realize that in the meadow where he always used to land a whole city had grown. The result was this accident.”






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animate said:
Saturday, January 8, 2022 @ 5:33 PM

Bit of a Banksy sculpture I think. Serves him right for flying on his back. To quote Terry Pratchett, the trick to flying is to avoid the ground.

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