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Contemporary Artist Wolf Vostoff left his mark in Spain
Monday, August 9, 2021 @ 3:32 PM

The Spanish-German artist Wolf Vostell (1932-1998) is a fundamental figure in contemporary art in the second half of the 20th century. He was the discoverer of the concept 'Décollage' as an artistic tool, father of "Happenings" in Europe, pioneer of video art and initiator of the Fluxus movement.

Vostell, linked to Extremadura since 1958 after marrying Mercedes Guardado from Cáceres, met in 1974 the Natural Park of Los Barruecos.

This artist's encounter with this space of incomparable natural beauty, populated by large granite rocks and numerous lagoons, combined with the resounding presence of the 18th Century "Lavadero de Lanas" (The wool wash) buildings, left an unforgettable impression upon the artist. This unexpected reality resulted in the launch of a unique and innovative museum, as an expression of avant-garde art; a meeting place for Art and Life.



The Vostell Malpartida Museum offers visitors three collections of contemporary art: Wolf and Mercedes Vostell Collection, Fluxus Collection-Gino Di Maggio Donation and the Collection of Conceptual Artists.



In addition to the exhibition rooms, you can also visit the Interpretation Center of the Livestock Trails and History of the Wool Wash Complex. The museum extends into the landscape of the Barruecos with two sculpture-environments, both installed between the rocks: VOAEX (Viaje de (H)ormigón por la Alta Extremadura) (1976) - a Journey with Cement through High Extremadura - with which the activity of the Vostell Malpartida Museum began, and 'The Thirsty Dead Man '(1978).

It is currently one of the most important avant-garde European museums and has become an obligatory forum within the national and international art scene.



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