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Pouring Asturian Cider
05 January 2021 @ 14:38

In Spain’s northern region of Asturias, cider pouring is more performance art than simple table service. At local cider bars, known as "sidrerias", waiters remove the cork, then raise the open bottle high up into the air, at maximum arms length. One hand tips the bottle, while the other catches the cloudy cider in a wide glass held at waist height until it’s roughly a quarter full.

The servers aren’t just putting on a show, they’re actually enhancing the taste of the cider. Asturian cider has a few unique characteristics: It comes from five varieties of apple that are fermented into an interesting fusion of flavours, it contains around 5 per cent alcohol, and most importantly it is almost entirely flat. This cider has no sparkle! The long drop into the glass creates a splash that supplies much-needed effervescence and foam, which in turn help to release the cider’s aromas. Since bartenders might spill a few drops of precious cider in the process (perhaps due to all their cocky no-look pours), some restaurants litter the floor with sawdust to absorb the constant splashing or spills.

This can actually be quite fun, especially at family gatherings so why not have a go and see who can pour the best glass of Asturian cider. Here is a video to help you get started! Cheap bottles of "natural Asturian cider" can be found in all supermarkets across Spain at anything from €1,5 the bottle, so don't worry too much if the most of the first bottle ends up on the floor!



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Falcón said:
05 January 2021 @ 18:06

That's really wonderful and art in Asturias.

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