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The Unique Salt Mountain Cultural Park
04 December 2019 @ 22:24

The Cardona Salt Mountain (Muntanya De Sal) is a huge geologic formation made almost entirely of the world's favourite edible mineral. Formed two million years ago when low-density salt was pushed up through the much harder materials surrounding it, the Cardona Salt Mountain is one of the largest domes of its kind in the world, and unique in Europe. While small amounts of other minerals pervade the savoury hill, the salt pile would have a near translucent quality if not for the thin layer of reddish clay coating the exterior. The significance of the mountain was recognised as early as Neolithic times. However it was the Romans who began exploiting the mountain for its salt, which began to bolster the young Cardonian economy. With the invention of industrial mining techniques, a mine was built into the side of the mountain and a thriving facility formed at its base as excavators dragged enormous amounts of potash (water-soluble) salt from the innards of the hill. In addition to the mineral export, the locals of Cardona began making salt sculptures to sell and invented a number of salty pastries unique to the area.


After the mine closed in the 1990's, the salt mountain was rechristened the Cardona Salt Mountain Cultural Park and the former excavation operation was opened for tourists. The facilities surrounding the mountain have been turned into a museum where visitors can check out the equipment and machinery used in the dig, but the real attraction is the tunnel into the salt mountain.  You will travel in a special vehicle that will take you down an 86-metre slope into the salt basin. Once you get to the Vall Salina, you will be able to appreciate and admire the incredible salt formation; la Muntanya de Sal, the Salt Mountain. At this point, visitors will be provided with mining helmets and begin their tour inside the mountain. You will be taken through 500m of galleries and allowed to journey into the old mine shafts called “Alberto” and “Maria Teresa” and also have a look at machinery that was used in one of the shafts. The interior of the salt mountain is covered in majestic salt formations jutting up from the ground and hanging down from the ceiling. 



The mountain clearly demonstrates outstanding natural resources and mineral heritage, which makes this area a truly unique place in the world. Geology, mineralogy, botany and history come together here in a place where man has exploited rock salt since Neolithic times until the industrial age.

The Cardona Salt Mines are not only a geologic wonder but a staggering example of how beautiful salt can be!

Additionally you will be able to find The Cardona Medieval Centre, which was created in 2005 as an interpretive resource for explaining the birth and growth of the town of Cardona, following council policy on protection and promotion of the old town centre.

This centre is located directly opposite the Old Town on a square called Plaça de la Fira. There are a wide a range of activities for visitors, such as a guided tour of the town’s historic centre and an audio-visual presentation on “Cardona and its Lords of the Salt”.


To reserve tickets here is the link:


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acer said:
05 December 2019 @ 12:18

Looks amazing - thanks for the article.

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