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Poetry content is the work and copyright of Michael Walsh. It is hoped that those who find my poetry to their taste will purchase the online anthology of nearly 100 poems, Diamonds Last Forever.

30 January 2014 @ 21:40

The Hour Won


My clock says it is one o ‘clock,

I swore it was past two…

This gives me one more hour to live

I wonder what I’ll do?

There’s work unfinished that I know,

But when I work the hour goes slow,

If I snooze I miss it all…

I don’t know what to do.


I lost an hour and it’s not spent,

A bonus, gift of time…

My life is longer thus an hour,

The clock is yet to chime.

In idle sloth or whimsy dream,

When all is not as it would seem,

Where is my wisdom when in want…

I don’t know what to do.


To kill an hour is such a gift,

A windfall, gift from God…

What price is put upon an hour,

It all seems rather odd.

I have an hour now I must choose

How to use it win or lose,

To spend it at my work or play…

Oh dear, that hour has run away.


Michael (Walsh)


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Delyth said:
30 January 2014 @ 22:04

I enjoyed reading this. A whimsical but thought-provoking poem.

mike_walsh said:
30 January 2014 @ 23:59

Thank you, Delyth.... I value nice words

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