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The Thoughts Of Vicious Sid

In their day, Nostradamus was ridiculed, Darwin was poo-pooed and even Brian Clough had his critics but in these enlightened times, their thoughts are now seen in a different light and they are more and more respected. Well, Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Thoughts Of Vicious Sid. He's a lover, not a fighter, unless it's about fighting for the bullied and oppressed and, in this day and age, that's the ordinary man and woman in the street. He will fight their corner until the end. He is the voice of reason, fair and just but will pull no punches when it comes to the dark underbelly of this evil world: things like lawyers, judges, politicians, perverts and Manchester United Football Club. Make yourself a cup of tea and pull up a chair, dear reader, and delve into the world of The Thoughts Of Vicious Sid. You never know, it may change your life forever. Together, we'll put this world to rights. All comments below are from the deep and meaningful mind of Vicious Sid himself and published and 'Liked' in major newspapers. If writing be the food of love, then read on . . .

The Thoughts Of Vicious Sid 10.11.12
11 November 2012 @ 08:53

My blog will be updated daily, so make sure you come back! If you would like to add or reply to a comment on one of the articles below just send me your comment and, if it's reasonably decent and not libellous or anything like that, I'll add it to the article (don't forget to include the date and title of the article).


Caught Reds-handed?
POLICE are hunting this Wayne Rooney lookalike in connection with a robbery. One of the suspects snapped near the scene is a doppelganger for the Man Utd star.
The spitting image suspect walks with the same Rooney family swagger and appears to have the same stubble, hairline and physique.
Cops issued the alert after thieves raided an upmarket apartment and made off with thousands of pounds worth of goods.
At the time of the raid in Bristol, Rooney was preparing for a match against Stoke City, where he hit the back of the net twice and scored and an own goal.
A police spokesperson said: “The images show two men in the area at the time who might have important information which could help us with our enquiries.
“The burglary occurred at midday when a window was forced and several rooms searched.
“We are investigating and attended the scene at the time to search the area.
“That day we also spoke to various pawn shops and gold-buying shops to alert them to the stolen items and circulated these images to police officers to see if anyone could identify them.”

vicious.sid: ANYONE who looks like Rooney should be arrested immediately!


Paranoid Chinese politicians ban PIGEONS
BARMY Chinese government bosses have banned PIGEONS in case they are used to spread propaganda. Paranoid authorities are leaving nothing to chance ahead of their once-a-decade leadership change with objects like kitchen knives, ping pong balls, toy planes and helicopters also banned.
The administration fears ping pong balls could be used to spread "reactionary" messages. People have also been asked to lock up any flying birds for the same reasons.
Communist party bosses have also ordered cars, buses and taxis to close windows - so political pamphlets can't be thrown from vehicles.
The measures are being taken during the Communist Party conference which will be attended by more than 2,000 delegates.
And security staff around the event will be armed with fire extinguishers - in case protesters decide to set themselves alight.
Many known dissidents have been detained and are under house arrest during the proceedings in Beijing.
China's President Hu Jintao is expected to be replaced by Vice-President Xi Jinping.

vicious.sid: This is like a script for a sketch in a satirical comedy show! Whatever next?


Cameron ‘appy for smartphone to help him govern
DAVID Cameron is using a smartphone app to help him run the country, it emerged today. The Prime Minister is trialling the super-smart gadget - which experts hope could make his job easier.
The app helps the techno-friendly leader to monitor information regarding jobs and housing and allows him to keep track of social media.
According to reports, the Cabinet Office is set to offer the app to more government figures next year and could be "rolled out across Whitehall".
And the BBC has said that Mr Cameron is "looking forward to showing it to President Obama at the G8 summit".
The app was developed by boffins in the Cabinet Office's digital team and was given the working title of Number 10 Dashboard.
It pulls information of internet sources including Twitter and Facebook.
A spokesman for the Cabinet Office told the Beeb that the team was "working on a data visualisation dashboard to provide ministers and civil servants with information on key public services as well as other indicators.
"The dashboard is in working form and is now undergoing further development."
The app also gives the PM access to data from the Office of National Statistics and YouGov.

vicious.sid: It's quite a sad thing when your phone is smarter than you.


'I was not a rogue minister': Andrew Mitchell defends giving £16million to Rwanda on his last day in the job
Andrew Mitchell denied acting as a 'rogue minister' yesterday – as he insisted David Cameron had backed his decision to hand £16million in foreign aid to Rwanda.
The former international development secretary has come under fire for lifting the suspension on aid to Rwanda on his final day in office, despite claims its regime is guilty of human rights abuses.
Mr Mitchell – who resigned as Tory chief whip after allegedly calling Downing Street police 'plebs' – had told Mr Cameron that Rwanda had 'ended' its support for the notorious M23 rebels who are leading an uprising in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
In fact, a UN report leaked last month accused Rwanda of masterminding the rebellion which has forced half a million from their homes.
Mr Cameron had made it a condition that support for the M23 rebels ended before aid was restored to the regime of Rwandan President Paul Kagame.
Labour MP Richard Burden, a member of the Commons committee which quizzed Mr Mitchell, said: 'It is not clear to me why Mr Mitchell decided to release this money before the full UN report is out next month.'
Carina Tertsakian, of Human Rights Watch, said it was 'disingenuous' to claim Rwanda's support for the mutiny had ended in the summer.
'Between the end of July when aid was suspended and the start of September when it was reinstated, support for M23 was ongoing,' she said.
Downing Street sources last night insisted Mr Cameron did not feel he had been misled.
Mr Mitchell has developed a close friendship with President Kagame. But yesterday he insisted his decision to restore aid was 'made with complete propriety'.
He said he took 'great offence' at media portrayals of him as a 'rogue minister who signed cheques under the bedclothes and bunged them to dubious regimes'.
Half of the £16million payment to Rwanda went straight into the Kagame regime's coffers.
International Development Secretary Justine Greening will decide whether to press ahead with a further £21million in Rwandan aid after the UN report is published.

vicious.sid: Hmmmm. Interesting! Wonder what his share was? Don't you just love politicians?


Former dinner lady stole up to £90,000 from her primary school to fund a global property empire with homes in U.S. and Bulgaria
A former dinner lady who stole up to £89,000 by cooking the books at the primary school where she worked for 10 years has been jailed.
Margaret Bailey, 51, deviously siphoned tens of thousands from school accounts over a six year period in order to fund a global property empire.
She then used the cash, which had been set aside for school trips, meals and Christmas parties, to put deposits on houses in the U.S. and Bulgaria, as well as several UK properties.
The mother, who was described as the 'life and soul' of Endon Hall Primary School in Endon, Staffordshire, started stealing cash in 2005 after she was promoted from dinner lady to office support manager, Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court heard.
Bailey was jailed for two-and-a-half years after she pleaded guilty to four charges of theft, two of fraud and one of false accounting on Monday. 
Sentencing Bailey, Judge Granville Styler told her: 'The consequences of your dishonesty have been devastating for you.
'You’ve lost your job and family, and suffered humiliation in the community.
'But that humiliation is richly deserved.'
Bailey worked at the tiny village school for ten years but used her position to access various accounts including PTA cash and money belonging to Staffordshire County Council.
She wrote out cheques to herself and members of her family before moving money around the accounts to cover her tracks.
Bailey was arrested last December after education chiefs spotted irregularities in the accounts.

vicious.sid: Surely all the property now belongs to the school. If not, if I were the judge I would hand it all over to them and let them keep the proceeds.


Dave who? Cameron releases photos of himself phoning Obama to congratulate him on election win
As Barack Obama emerged victorious after months of campaigning to be re-elected as president, world leaders clamoured to congratulate him.
And when David Cameron spoke to Barack Obama on the telephone yesterday, he did not hesitate to share proof of the conversation with one of the West's most powerful figures.
In a posting on his Twitter page, Mr Cameron said the president spoke of the 'outstanding partnership' between the United States and Britain.
'Yes, I'll hold': A relaxed-looking David Cameron speaks to President Obama on the telephone from his office in Downing Street
The Prime Minister was one of many world leaders who left messages of congratulations for the president, who returned their calls
Mr Cameron’s official spokesman said that the call, at 2.55pm, lasted around five minutes with Obama, who won a second-term in a landslide victory.
'The Prime Minister congratulated President Obama on his election victory after a long and hard-fought campaign,' said the spokesman.

vicious.sid: Are we supposed to be impressed or something? "Hello? Who is this? Dave? Dave who? David Cameroon? Sorry, fella, never heard of you? Prime Minister of Britain? . . . Who let this weirdo through?" Click . . .


All three-year-olds swear, says the sick dad who posted RVP vid of son
THE vile Arsenal fan who posted a video of his son singing a foul-mouthed chant about Robin van Persie has told The Sun: “All three-year-olds swear.” Sefki Suleyman remained defiant as he apologised for filming Kye, three, abusing the former Gunners ace.
The 29-year-old said: “I am sorry I took the video. I’m really not a bad dad. I love my boy and I love Arsenal.
“I got caught up in the emotion of watching a game with him. I shouldn’t have had my boy singing the word ‘c***’.
“Having said that, any parent who doesn’t think their three-year-old swears is deluded. They all do. There are people getting abused and raped in the world, I don’t know why there’s all this fuss about me.”
In the clip Kye sings: “You’re a c*** Robin, you’re a c***.” He also joins his dad in a chant referring to the Manchester United star’s arrest in 2005 over a false allegation of rape. Suleyman, of Enfield, North London, said a relative posted the sickening footage online.
But his family saw it weeks before Arsenal played Man U and begged him to pull it — but he refused, saying it was funny. A source said: “Sefki’s relatives were deeply troubled.”
The video also caused a rift with his wife. Suleyman said: “We’re not together at the moment.”

vicious.sid: Here's your starter for ten. Can anyone spot what is wrong with Britain? Answers on a postcard please.


The £75k supercar with a 5ft-long windscreen, electric gullwing doors and hidden wheels
THIS new supercar looks out of this world - so no wonder it’s called the Extra Terrestrial Vehicle. The futuristic £75,000 motor - aka the ETV - is based on the same platform as a modest, run-of-the-mill Chevrolet.
But this is where the similarities end with the sci-fi inspired ETV looking like nothing else on the road.
It is powered by a 2-litre supercharged engine which sends 270bhp to the front wheels through a five-speed gearbox.
It has a five-feet high windscreen and gullwing doors which open automatically via remote control.
And inside there are two cameras which make parking the awkwardly-shaped car a doddle. Italian-born Michael Vetter, who runs The Car Factory in Florida, USA, designed and built the motor.
Kit Car Mike, as he is known, has made seven ETVs with one model on display at the London Motor Museum in Middlesex.
He said: “This ETV is built for the person that has had every kind of car and is still looking for something different.”

vicious.sid: Absolutely ridiculous! What happens when you come to a speed bump or a famous British pot hole in the road? Does it lift up on stilts? It's just an ordinary motor with stupid bodywork.


Blues announce £1.4m profit
CHELSEA have finally made a profit under the ownership of Roman Abramovich. The Blues had not managed to recoup more than they spent in any year since the Russian billionaire bought the club from Ken Bates in 2003.
But figures released today show the European champions are in the black to the tune of £1.4million for the 12 months ending June 30 2012.
Success in the Champions League, combined with a profit in the transfer market, helped Chelsea overturn a bleak financial record which saw them return a loss of £67.7m the previous year.
Chairman Bruce Buck said: “We will never forget that night in Munich and now we are celebrating serious progress off the field too.
“While we draw huge satisfaction from the achievements of the past 12 months, we are more than ever focused on continuing the story of on-field success supported by improving financial performance off the pitch.”
Chelsea boss Roberto Di Matteo added: "We’re in favour of Financial Fair Play. We’re doing everything in our power to comply with the new rules and this is great news for the club.
“For the first time, we’ve been able to achieve a profit and that puts Chelsea in a strong position to remain competitive at domestic level but also international level.”

vicious.sid: That's not even the takings of one match! But I suppose they should be chuffed that it's not a loss with the ridiculous wages they're paying.


At last: an end to the scandal of Britain’s aid to booming India
BRITAIN is to stop handing hundreds of millions a year in aid to booming India, international development secretary Justine Greening said today. The government will stop all direct financial assistance from 2015 and spending will be phased out before then - saving around £200m.
It is a huge victory for Tory backbenchers who have called for an end to the scandal of aid to India.
The country currently gets over £300m a year of British taxpayers' cash - second only to Ethiopia.
But India's finance minister dismissed the payments as "peanuts" earlier this year and the country is spending a whopping £60m on a space probe to Mars. It also lavishes huge sums on the military and a nuclear weapons programme.
Previous aid secretary Andrew Mitchell defended Britain's aid payments to India on the grounds that tens of millions of Indians live in dire poverty, with child malnutrition rife.
Ms Greening said our overseas aid grants to India will be axed from 2015.
Current projects will be allowed to run their course, but there will be no new direct grants and in future help will focus on sharing expertise in areas like trade and health.
Ms Greening said: “Having visited India I have seen first hand the tremendous progress being made.
"India is successfully developing and our own bilateral relationship has to keep up with 21st century India. It’s time to recognise India’s changing place in the world."
India's foreign minister Salman Khurshid said: "Aid is the past and trade is the future."
India's rapidly expanding economy is now the tenth largest in the world, with a GDP of £1.14trillion, and is set to overtake Britain by 2020.

vicious.sid: Now there's all that money sloshing about, there are probably a few British politicians with great big smiles on their faces now!! Why am I so cynical?


Meet the new Archbishop... yet another Eton old boy
ETONIANS are taught while still in short trousers that they are born to rule. Today, with Justin Welby as the new Archbishop of Canterbury, they hold the commanding heights of British national life — Church, government and our capital city.
It is an amazing achievement for just one generation from the Berkshire public school.
But the Bishop of Durham, as he is until today’s official announcement from Lambeth Palace, is remarkable for more than a posh education.
The happy-clappy cleric is the first head of the Anglican Church to be as streetwise in big business as Holy Orders.
He spent his early career getting down and dirty in oil exploration and trading. He was a buccaneering capitalist and company boss in London, Paris and Nigeria for 11 years.
So this is the first Archbishop with the acquaintance of both God and Mammon, giving him huge authority in the continuing row between the Church and greedy banks.
As Bishop of Durham, with a place on the bishops’ benches of the House of Lords, he has already made his political mark. Many were surprised when a man in a mitre was chosen for the powerful new Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards, which has yet to report.
Justin Welby is as different as is possible from his saintly but unworldly predecessor Rowan Williams. who often seemed more Arch-Druid than Archbishop. Dr Williams is blamed by many for the near-collapse in the prestige and support of the national faith. While Catholic churches have flourished, partly as a result of immigration, the CofE has ceased to make its voice heard.
There has been little progress in resolving deep splits over gay clergy and civil partnerships. The new Archbishop faces his own battles, not least as a result of his opposition to David Cameron’s controversial plan for gay marriage.
This, he believes, is a matter for the Church, not politicians.
On this he has the support of his fellow clerics, not to mention plenty of Tory MPs.
But Archbishop Welby’s greatest challenge is to breathe new life into a faith which seems to be dying on its feet.
Congregations are dwindling across the country. Churches are closing. Many so-called Christians only turn up for marriages, funerals and midnight mass at Christmas.
Meanwhile the institution itself, having made disastrous investments, is in dire financial straits. Welby’s business acumen should be handy here.
The dad of five has already shown the common touch — as Dean of Liverpool he allowed bell-ringers to play John Lennon’s Imagine from the cathedral bells.
The church establishment is desperate for a saviour. In a secretive and often difficult selection process, they chose to gamble on Welby’s business nous and evangelical style to save their Church.
He may not be able to work miracles, but having risen from bishop to Archbishop in barely a year, his next trick is to draw in the punters by proving religion can also be fun.

vicious.sid: It's not about what I can do for my people, it's about what my friends can do for me. (And then what I can do for them, of course.)


Lowlife crook swipes Poppy Appeal tin — while wearing poppy
A CALLOUS crook was caught on CCTV pinching a Royal British Legion collection tin - while wearing a POPPY. The thief was filmed carefully cutting a cable securing the charity box, collecting loose change for servicemen in the run up to Remembrance Sunday, before snatching it.
He then strolled out of the BP Connect garage in Tewkesbury, Glos, with the tin stashed in his jacket - which had a poppy pinned to it.
It was one of FOUR Poppy Appeal collection tins swiped across the county in just one day, on Monday.
Peter Godwin, secretary of the Royal British Legion club in Tewkesbury, said: “It’s very sad that there are people in our society who would steal any of these charity collection pots - not just the Legion’s.
Mr Godwin added that some businesses in the town had declined to take Poppy Appeal boxes because they felt it would be an “invitation” to raiders to steal them.
Another middle-aged thief, wearing a green wax style country jacket and a flat cap, struck three times in just a few hours in other villages in the Cotswolds.
He grabbed collection tins from the Post Office in Chipping Campden, The Ox Wine Company in Northleach and the Duke of Wellington Inn in Bourton-on-the-Water.
Gareth Evans, manager at the Duke of Wellington, said he was disgusted at the theft - in which the crook cut through a cord attaching the tin to the bar.
He said: “It is just despicable behaviour.
“People here are absolutely livid about this. It is a subject which is so close to so many people’s hearts.
“Why should the Legion have to forfeit this money because of this idiot?
“I don’t know how much money was in the tin but I would assume by this stage it was a reasonable amount."
Residents of Bourton-on-the-Water held a raffle last night to raise funds to replace the cash stolen from the collection box.
Gloucestershire police appealed for anyone with information about any of the thefts to come forward.
Insp Owen Hughes, said: “This is a despicable crime. It is hard to comprehend how anyone can think it is acceptable to steal from any charity.
“This money has been donated by people for an incredibly worthy cause and we are committed to finding those individuals responsible.”

vicious.sid: A sign of the times. No self worth, no conscience, just another low down filthy thieving little snake - there are far too many of these people around. Sorry, no excuses, this is the lowest of the low. And a good enough picture for someone to recognise the dirtbag - he's going to be even lower now, laying low. Please, Mr. Judge, when they catch him don't make a mockery of British justice like you usually do - make an example of him, the good ones need to see justice.


'We don't serve squaddies' Pub bans war heroes after parade to 'welcome' them home from Afghanistan
A PUB has refused to serve hero soldiers who had just staged a town centre parade after completing a deadly six-month tour of Afghanistan. Staff at The Bull in Romford, Essex, told stunned troops who had just proudly marched past the Victorian boozer: "We are not allowed to serve squaddies."
The astonishing ban was imposed after the crack 600-strong 1st Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment had taken part in a homecoming march in the town on Tuesday.
The soldiers' proud families and friends had joined thousands of locals and VIPs to cheer and salute them in the high-profile Remembrance Day week event.
The tough mechanised infantry unit, famously known as The Vikings, has just been awarded the Freedom of the Borough of Havering.
Outraged Denise Coe, whose son serves in the Royal Anglians, blasted the Bull, based in the towns Market Place, for the shameful snub.
Furious Mrs Coe, of Romford, said: "I think it was absolutely disgusting and they should all be ashamed.
"What is the point of them having the Freedom of the Borough when the soldiers can't even go to get a drink in a pub in the town?"
The 1st battalion, which has had 16 men killed in Afghanistan, held the parade in Romford to mark the end of its final tour of the war-torn country.
The battle-hardened unit lost a man, Cpl Alex Guy, tragically killed in action fighting the Taliban on June 15 during its latest stint of duty in Helmand Province.
Christine Clark, 70, of Collier Row, Romford, was with her grandson, who is in the regiment, and five of his mates, who had also marched in the stirring ceremony.
Mrs Clark said: "There were about 15 soldiers just standing outside the bar and they told us that they wouldn't serve them.
"When we went in to the pub they told my grandson and his friends that they are not allowed to serve squaddies.
"When my daughter asked if she could buy the drink for them they told her that they are not allowed in."
She insisted: "I felt so embarrassed."
Romford is my grandson's hometown and he wanted to take his friends to the pub to get a drink and they wouldn't even serve them.
A red-faced spokesman for The Bull, which dates back to 1890, admitted that soldiers had been banned from the big historic 19th century pub.
He said: "This was a mistake.
"We absolutely welcome the armed forces into The Bull and we apologise for any offence caused to the soldiers."
"We are talking to the team members involved and clarifying that we welcome the armed forces into the pub."
Meanwhile, some families and friends were also upset that their view of the march was blocked by VIPs.
The parade was due to start at 12.30pm and many of the soldiers' relatives and pals had gathered early to get a good position.
But they said that just 10 minutes before the start, Havering Councils VIP guests were directed to stand in front of them, totally blocking their view.
Sheila Munroe said she had travelled specially from Southend to Romford to support her son and the rest of the regiment.
Her mum Ellen Fowell, 88, of Barking, also went with her to cheer on the troops.
Sheila said: "My mum is in a wheelchair so we got there early just so we could get a good spot.
"It was terrible when these VIPs just came and stood in front of us.
"She could hardly see anything and all they seemed to be doing was standing and laughing as the parade went on.
She added: "I was disgusted with the whole thing.
"The day before we were in Ipswich and we were treated with so much respect.
"We were expecting the same treatment in Romford but we just didn't get it."
A Havering Council spokesman apologised for the blunder last night.
He said: "We are very sorry if anyone's view was blocked.
"We discussed the set-up with the Royal Anglian regiment, including where to place the VIPs.
"There were thousands of people in Romford to cheer the soldiers home and it was a great day to show our town's pride in the work that they do."

vicious.sid: Shame on you, Havering Council and shame on you, The Bull. After everything that these lads do for us, putting their lives on the line for complete strangers so we can sleep in our beds safely at night. You are a disgrace. Yes, soldiers have been known for the odd punch-up now and then but NEVER when their commanding officers are with them! I am proud that my son-in-law is serving with 2nd Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment and you will never meet a more honourable and proud bunch of lads. They have complete and utter respect for us civvies and would never embarrass their commanding officers. I hope every decent person tells The Bull where they can go!


Merkel wants further £400m
ANGELA Merkel has demanded Britain stump up £400million more a year to the EU during tense Downing Street talks with David Cameron. The German Chancellor rejected the PM’s plea to freeze Brussels’ budget for the next seven years.
All EU nations should hand over a total of one per cent of their joint national incomes, Mrs Merkel insisted during a three hour dinner on Wednesday night.
That would send the UK’s net yearly contribution spiralling to £7.8billion a year.
The hand-bagging is a big blow to the PM and leaves him facing humiliation at a summit of all 27 leaders in two weeks.
Quizzed on whether a deal was close, the PM’s official spokesman admitted: “There is a way to go yet. There are more discussions to be had, they are always complex.”
Meanwhile, a new poll reveals just 28 per cent of Brits would vote to stay in the EU in a referendum.

vicious.sid: That's not much really in the great scheme of things. They could claw that amount back from all the dodgy claims from our great, dependable, honest politicians and the ordinary person would not have to pay a penny. What are the odds on that happening?


Corrie legend Bill Tarmey dies
CORONATION Street legend Bill Tarmey has died aged 71. The actor, who played cobbles favourite Jack Duckworth for 31 years, passed away yesterday morning in the Canary Islands.
Tributes have poured in from Bill's devastated Corrie co-stars including from Liz Dawn, Bill's on-screen wife Vera.
She said: "Bill was part of my family. When you work with someone for so long as we did it becomes more than just work. Our families were close and I am devastated for Ali and his family.
"I am totally bereft. He will always be remembered by everyone he came into contact with because he was such a kind and generous man. You couldn't wish to meet a more lovely man and a true gentleman.
"He was a gentle giant and I will miss him so much."
Bill's on-screen son Terry Duckworth, who was played by Nigel Pivaro, also gave a touching statement.
He said: "I am devastated to learn of the passing of someone who became a huge part of both my professional and personal life, who I came to look on as a second father.
"He was a very wise and dignified man who taught me a great deal and whose counsel I came to value greatly.
"He was a lovely man who cared deeply for his family and friends. We are all rightly bereft at the loss we will feel knowing that the world will be a little poorer without Bill to lighten it up with his warm humour."
Bill's on-screen grandson Chris Fountain added “Really sad to hear about Bill Tarmey passing away, a true Corrie legend who I wish I’d had the pleasure of working with, he will be missed x.”
WiIliam Roache who plays Ken Barlow said: “Over the years Coronation Street has produced characters who are really powerful and legendary - Jack Duckworth was one of those. He was the downtrodden loveable rogue who never got anything right but was loved by everyone. This was down to Bill Tarmey’s incredible skills as an actor, he had amazing comic timing and was a genuinely warm and wonderful human being.”

vicious.sid: Another legend bites the dust. I haven't the foggiest idea why but I have been compared to this great character on more than one occasion by more than one person. He will be missed.

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