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The Thoughts Of Vicious Sid

In their day, Nostradamus was ridiculed, Darwin was poo-pooed and even Brian Clough had his critics but in these enlightened times, their thoughts are now seen in a different light and they are more and more respected. Well, Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Thoughts Of Vicious Sid. He's a lover, not a fighter, unless it's about fighting for the bullied and oppressed and, in this day and age, that's the ordinary man and woman in the street. He will fight their corner until the end. He is the voice of reason, fair and just but will pull no punches when it comes to the dark underbelly of this evil world: things like lawyers, judges, politicians, perverts and Manchester United Football Club. Make yourself a cup of tea and pull up a chair, dear reader, and delve into the world of The Thoughts Of Vicious Sid. You never know, it may change your life forever. Together, we'll put this world to rights. All comments below are from the deep and meaningful mind of Vicious Sid himself and published and 'Liked' in major newspapers. If writing be the food of love, then read on . . .

The Thoughts Of Vicious Sid 10.11.12
11 November 2012

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Caught Reds-handed?
POLICE are hunting this Wayne Rooney lookalike in connection with a robbery. One of the suspects snapped near the scene is a doppelganger for the Man Utd star.
The spitting image suspect walks with the same Rooney family swagger and appears to have the same stubble, hairline and physique.
Cops issued the alert after thieves raided an upmarket apartment and made off with thousands of pounds worth of goods.
At the time of the raid in Bristol, Rooney was preparing for a match against Stoke City, where he hit the back of the net twice and scored and an own goal.
A police spokesperson said: “The images show two men in the area at the time who might have important information which could help us with our enquiries.
“The burglary occurred at midday when a window was forced and several rooms searched.
“We are investigating and attended the scene at the time to search the area.
“That day we also spoke to various pawn shops and gold-buying shops to alert them to the stolen items and circulated these images to police officers to see if anyone could identify them.”

vicious.sid: ANYONE who looks like Rooney should be arrested immediately!


Paranoid Chinese politicians ban PIGEONS
BARMY Chinese government bosses have banned PIGEONS in case they are used to spread propaganda. Paranoid authorities are leaving nothing to chance ahead of their once-a-decade leadership change with objects like kitchen knives, ping pong balls, toy planes and helicopters also banned.
The administration fears ping pong balls could be used to spread "reactionary" messages. People have also been asked to lock up any flying birds for the same reasons.
Communist party bosses have also ordered cars, buses and taxis to close windows - so political pamphlets can't be thrown from vehicles.
The measures are being taken during the Communist Party conference which will be attended by more than 2,000 delegates.
And security staff around the event will be armed with fire extinguishers - in case protesters decide to set themselves alight.
Many known dissidents have been detained and are under house arrest during the proceedings in Beijing.
China's President Hu Jintao is expected to be replaced by Vice-President Xi Jinping.

vicious.sid: This is like a script for a sketch in a satirical comedy show! Whatever next?


Cameron ‘appy for smartphone to help him govern
DAVID Cameron is using a smartphone app to help him run the country, it emerged today. The Prime Minister is trialling the super-smart gadget - which experts hope could make his job easier.
The app helps the techno-friendly leader to monitor information regarding jobs and housing and allows him to keep track of social media.
According to reports, the Cabinet Office is set to offer the app to more government figures next year and could be "rolled out across Whitehall".
And the BBC has said that Mr Cameron is "looking forward to showing it to President Obama at the G8 summit".
The app was developed by boffins in the Cabinet Office's digital team and was given the working title of Number 10 Dashboard.
It pulls information of internet sources including Twitter and Facebook.
A spokesman for the Cabinet Office told the Beeb that the team was "working on a data visualisation dashboard to provide ministers and civil servants with information on key public services as well as other indicators.
"The dashboard is in working form and is now undergoing further development."
The app also gives the PM access to data from the Office of National Statistics and YouGov.

vicious.sid: It's quite a sad thing when your phone is smarter than you.


'I was not a rogue minister': Andrew Mitchell defends giving £16million to Rwanda on his last day in the job
Andrew Mitchell denied acting as a 'rogue minister' yesterday – as he insisted David Cameron had backed his decision to hand £16million in foreign aid to Rwanda.
The former international development secretary has come under fire for lifting the suspension on aid to Rwanda on his final day in office, despite claims its regime is guilty of human rights abuses.
Mr Mitchell – who resigned as Tory chief whip after allegedly calling Downing Street police 'plebs' – had told Mr Cameron that Rwanda had 'ended' its support for the notorious M23 rebels who are leading an uprising in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
In fact, a UN report leaked last month accused Rwanda of masterminding the rebellion which has forced half a million from their homes.
Mr Cameron had made it a condition that support for the M23 rebels ended before aid was restored to the regime of Rwandan President Paul Kagame.
Labour MP Richard Burden, a member of the Commons committee which quizzed Mr Mitchell, said: 'It is not clear to me why Mr Mitchell decided to release this money before the full UN report is out next month.'
Carina Tertsakian, of Human Rights Watch, said it was 'disingenuous' to claim Rwanda's support for the mutiny had ended in the summer.
'Between the end of July when aid was suspended and the start of September when it was reinstated, support for M23 was ongoing,' she said.
Downing Street sources last night insisted Mr Cameron did not feel he had been misled.
Mr Mitchell has developed a close friendship with President Kagame. But yesterday he insisted his decision to restore aid was 'made with complete propriety'.
He said he took 'great offence' at media portrayals of him as a 'rogue minister who signed cheques under the bedclothes and bunged them to dubious regimes'.
Half of the £16million payment to Rwanda went straight into the Kagame regime's coffers.
International Development Secretary Justine Greening will decide whether to press ahead with a further £21million in Rwandan aid after the UN report is published.

vicious.sid: Hmmmm. Interesting! Wonder what his share was? Don't you just love politicians?


Former dinner lady stole up to £90,000 from her primary school to fund a global property empire with homes in U.S. and Bulgaria
A former dinner lady who stole up to £89,000 by cooking the books at the primary school where she worked for 10 years has been jailed.
Margaret Bailey, 51, deviously siphoned tens of thousands from school accounts over a six year period in order to fund a global property empire.
She then used the cash, which had been set aside for school trips, meals and Christmas parties, to put deposits on houses in the U.S. and Bulgaria, as well as several UK properties.
The mother, who was described as the 'life and soul' of Endon Hall Primary School in Endon, Staffordshire, started stealing cash in 2005 after she was promoted from dinner lady to office support manager, Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court heard.
Bailey was jailed for two-and-a-half years after she pleaded guilty to four charges of theft, two of fraud and one of false accounting on Monday. 
Sentencing Bailey, Judge Granville Styler told her: 'The consequences of your dishonesty have been devastating for you.
'You’ve lost your job and family, and suffered humiliation in the community.
'But that humiliation is richly deserved.'
Bailey worked at the tiny village school for ten years but used her position to access various accounts including PTA cash and money belonging to Staffordshire County Council.
She wrote out cheques to herself and members of her family before moving money around the accounts to cover her tracks.
Bailey was arrested last December after education chiefs spotted irregularities in the accounts.

vicious.sid: Surely all the property now belongs to the school. If not, if I were the judge I would hand it all over to them and let them keep the proceeds.


Dave who? Cameron releases photos of himself phoning Obama to congratulate him on election win
As Barack Obama emerged victorious after months of campaigning to be re-elected as president, world leaders clamoured to congratulate him.
And when David Cameron spoke to Barack Obama on the telephone yesterday, he did not hesitate to share proof of the conversation with one of the West's most powerful figures.
In a posting on his Twitter page, Mr Cameron said the president spoke of the 'outstanding partnership' between the United States and Britain.
'Yes, I'll hold': A relaxed-looking David Cameron speaks to President Obama on the telephone from his office in Downing Street
The Prime Minister was one of many world leaders who left messages of congratulations for the president, who returned their calls
Mr Cameron’s official spokesman said that the call, at 2.55pm, lasted around five minutes with Obama, who won a second-term in a landslide victory.
'The Prime Minister congratulated President Obama on his election victory after a long and hard-fought campaign,' said the spokesman.

vicious.sid: Are we supposed to be impressed or something? "Hello? Who is this? Dave? Dave who? David Cameroon? Sorry, fella, never heard of you? Prime Minister of Britain? . . . Who let this weirdo through?" Click . . .


All three-year-olds swear, says the sick dad who posted RVP vid of son
THE vile Arsenal fan who posted a video of his son singing a foul-mouthed chant about Robin van Persie has told The Sun: “All three-year-olds swear.” Sefki Suleyman remained defiant as he apologised for filming Kye, three, abusing the former Gunners ace.
The 29-year-old said: “I am sorry I took the video. I’m really not a bad dad. I love my boy and I love Arsenal.
“I got caught up in the emotion of watching a game with him. I shouldn’t have had my boy singing the word ‘c***’.
“Having said that, any parent who doesn’t think their three-year-old swears is deluded. They all do. There are people getting abused and raped in the world, I don’t know why there’s all this fuss about me.”
In the clip Kye sings: “You’re a c*** Robin, you’re a c***.” He also joins his dad in a chant referring to the Manchester United star’s arrest in 2005 over a false allegation of rape. Suleyman, of Enfield, North London, said a relative posted the sickening footage online.
But his family saw it weeks before Arsenal played Man U and begged him to pull it — but he refused, saying it was funny. A source said: “Sefki’s relatives were deeply troubled.”
The video also caused a rift with his wife. Suleyman said: “We’re not together at the moment.”

vicious.sid: Here's your starter for ten. Can anyone spot what is wrong with Britain? Answers on a postcard please.


The £75k supercar with a 5ft-long windscreen, electric gullwing doors and hidden wheels
THIS new supercar looks out of this world - so no wonder it’s called the Extra Terrestrial Vehicle. The futuristic £75,000 motor - aka the ETV - is based on the same platform as a modest, run-of-the-mill Chevrolet.
But this is where the similarities end with the sci-fi inspired ETV looking like nothing else on the road.
It is powered by a 2-litre supercharged engine which sends 270bhp to the front wheels through a five-speed gearbox.
It has a five-feet high windscreen and gullwing doors which open automatically via remote control.
And inside there are two cameras which make parking the awkwardly-shaped car a doddle. Italian-born Michael Vetter, who runs The Car Factory in Florida, USA, designed and built the motor.
Kit Car Mike, as he is known, has made seven ETVs with one model on display at the London Motor Museum in Middlesex.
He said: “This ETV is built for the person that has had every kind of car and is still looking for something different.”

vicious.sid: Absolutely ridiculous! What happens when you come to a speed bump or a famous British pot hole in the road? Does it lift up on stilts? It's just an ordinary motor with stupid bodywork.


Blues announce £1.4m profit
CHELSEA have finally made a profit under the ownership of Roman Abramovich. The Blues had not managed to recoup more than they spent in any year since the Russian billionaire bought the club from Ken Bates in 2003.
But figures released today show the European champions are in the black to the tune of £1.4million for the 12 months ending June 30 2012.
Success in the Champions League, combined with a profit in the transfer market, helped Chelsea overturn a bleak financial record which saw them return a loss of £67.7m the previous year.
Chairman Bruce Buck said: “We will never forget that night in Munich and now we are celebrating serious progress off the field too.
“While we draw huge satisfaction from the achievements of the past 12 months, we are more than ever focused on continuing the story of on-field success supported by improving financial performance off the pitch.”
Chelsea boss Roberto Di Matteo added: "We’re in favour of Financial Fair Play. We’re doing everything in our power to comply with the new rules and this is great news for the club.
“For the first time, we’ve been able to achieve a profit and that puts Chelsea in a strong position to remain competitive at domestic level but also international level.”

vicious.sid: That's not even the takings of one match! But I suppose they should be chuffed that it's not a loss with the ridiculous wages they're paying.


At last: an end to the scandal of Britain’s aid to booming India
BRITAIN is to stop handing hundreds of millions a year in aid to booming India, international development secretary Justine Greening said today. The government will stop all direct financial assistance from 2015 and spending will be phased out before then - saving around £200m.
It is a huge victory for Tory backbenchers who have called for an end to the scandal of aid to India.
The country currently gets over £300m a year of British taxpayers' cash - second only to Ethiopia.
But India's finance minister dismissed the payments as "peanuts" earlier this year and the country is spending a whopping £60m on a space probe to Mars. It also lavishes huge sums on the military and a nuclear weapons programme.
Previous aid secretary Andrew Mitchell defended Britain's aid payments to India on the grounds that tens of millions of Indians live in dire poverty, with child malnutrition rife.
Ms Greening said our overseas aid grants to India will be axed from 2015.
Current projects will be allowed to run their course, but there will be no new direct grants and in future help will focus on sharing expertise in areas like trade and health.
Ms Greening said: “Having visited India I have seen first hand the tremendous progress being made.
"India is successfully developing and our own bilateral relationship has to keep up with 21st century India. It’s time to recognise India’s changing place in the world."
India's foreign minister Salman Khurshid said: "Aid is the past and trade is the future."
India's rapidly expanding economy is now the tenth largest in the world, with a GDP of £1.14trillion, and is set to overtake Britain by 2020.

vicious.sid: Now there's all that money sloshing about, there are probably a few British politicians with great big smiles on their faces now!! Why am I so cynical?


Meet the new Archbishop... yet another Eton old boy
ETONIANS are taught while still in short trousers that they are born to rule. Today, with Justin Welby as the new Archbishop of Canterbury, they hold the commanding heights of British national life — Church, government and our capital city.
It is an amazing achievement for just one generation from the Berkshire public school.
But the Bishop of Durham, as he is until today’s official announcement from Lambeth Palace, is remarkable for more than a posh education.
The happy-clappy cleric is the first head of the Anglican Church to be as streetwise in big business as Holy Orders.
He spent his early career getting down and dirty in oil exploration and trading. He was a buccaneering capitalist and company boss in London, Paris and Nigeria for 11 years.
So this is the first Archbishop with the acquaintance of both God and Mammon, giving him huge authority in the continuing row between the Church and greedy banks.
As Bishop of Durham, with a place on the bishops’ benches of the House of Lords, he has already made his political mark. Many were surprised when a man in a mitre was chosen for the powerful new Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards, which has yet to report.
Justin Welby is as different as is possible from his saintly but unworldly predecessor Rowan Williams. who often seemed more Arch-Druid than Archbishop. Dr Williams is blamed by many for the near-collapse in the prestige and support of the national faith. While Catholic churches have flourished, partly as a result of immigration, the CofE has ceased to make its voice heard.
There has been little progress in resolving deep splits over gay clergy and civil partnerships. The new Archbishop faces his own battles, not least as a result of his opposition to David Cameron’s controversial plan for gay marriage.
This, he believes, is a matter for the Church, not politicians.
On this he has the support of his fellow clerics, not to mention plenty of Tory MPs.
But Archbishop Welby’s greatest challenge is to breathe new life into a faith which seems to be dying on its feet.
Congregations are dwindling across the country. Churches are closing. Many so-called Christians only turn up for marriages, funerals and midnight mass at Christmas.
Meanwhile the institution itself, having made disastrous investments, is in dire financial straits. Welby’s business acumen should be handy here.
The dad of five has already shown the common touch — as Dean of Liverpool he allowed bell-ringers to play John Lennon’s Imagine from the cathedral bells.
The church establishment is desperate for a saviour. In a secretive and often difficult selection process, they chose to gamble on Welby’s business nous and evangelical style to save their Church.
He may not be able to work miracles, but having risen from bishop to Archbishop in barely a year, his next trick is to draw in the punters by proving religion can also be fun.

vicious.sid: It's not about what I can do for my people, it's about what my friends can do for me. (And then what I can do for them, of course.)


Lowlife crook swipes Poppy Appeal tin — while wearing poppy
A CALLOUS crook was caught on CCTV pinching a Royal British Legion collection tin - while wearing a POPPY. The thief was filmed carefully cutting a cable securing the charity box, collecting loose change for servicemen in the run up to Remembrance Sunday, before snatching it.
He then strolled out of the BP Connect garage in Tewkesbury, Glos, with the tin stashed in his jacket - which had a poppy pinned to it.
It was one of FOUR Poppy Appeal collection tins swiped across the county in just one day, on Monday.
Peter Godwin, secretary of the Royal British Legion club in Tewkesbury, said: “It’s very sad that there are people in our society who would steal any of these charity collection pots - not just the Legion’s.
Mr Godwin added that some businesses in the town had declined to take Poppy Appeal boxes because they felt it would be an “invitation” to raiders to steal them.
Another middle-aged thief, wearing a green wax style country jacket and a flat cap, struck three times in just a few hours in other villages in the Cotswolds.
He grabbed collection tins from the Post Office in Chipping Campden, The Ox Wine Company in Northleach and the Duke of Wellington Inn in Bourton-on-the-Water.
Gareth Evans, manager at the Duke of Wellington, said he was disgusted at the theft - in which the crook cut through a cord attaching the tin to the bar.
He said: “It is just despicable behaviour.
“People here are absolutely livid about this. It is a subject which is so close to so many people’s hearts.
“Why should the Legion have to forfeit this money because of this idiot?
“I don’t know how much money was in the tin but I would assume by this stage it was a reasonable amount."
Residents of Bourton-on-the-Water held a raffle last night to raise funds to replace the cash stolen from the collection box.
Gloucestershire police appealed for anyone with information about any of the thefts to come forward.
Insp Owen Hughes, said: “This is a despicable crime. It is hard to comprehend how anyone can think it is acceptable to steal from any charity.
“This money has been donated by people for an incredibly worthy cause and we are committed to finding those individuals responsible.”

vicious.sid: A sign of the times. No self worth, no conscience, just another low down filthy thieving little snake - there are far too many of these people around. Sorry, no excuses, this is the lowest of the low. And a good enough picture for someone to recognise the dirtbag - he's going to be even lower now, laying low. Please, Mr. Judge, when they catch him don't make a mockery of British justice like you usually do - make an example of him, the good ones need to see justice.


'We don't serve squaddies' Pub bans war heroes after parade to 'welcome' them home from Afghanistan
A PUB has refused to serve hero soldiers who had just staged a town centre parade after completing a deadly six-month tour of Afghanistan. Staff at The Bull in Romford, Essex, told stunned troops who had just proudly marched past the Victorian boozer: "We are not allowed to serve squaddies."
The astonishing ban was imposed after the crack 600-strong 1st Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment had taken part in a homecoming march in the town on Tuesday.
The soldiers' proud families and friends had joined thousands of locals and VIPs to cheer and salute them in the high-profile Remembrance Day week event.
The tough mechanised infantry unit, famously known as The Vikings, has just been awarded the Freedom of the Borough of Havering.
Outraged Denise Coe, whose son serves in the Royal Anglians, blasted the Bull, based in the towns Market Place, for the shameful snub.
Furious Mrs Coe, of Romford, said: "I think it was absolutely disgusting and they should all be ashamed.
"What is the point of them having the Freedom of the Borough when the soldiers can't even go to get a drink in a pub in the town?"
The 1st battalion, which has had 16 men killed in Afghanistan, held the parade in Romford to mark the end of its final tour of the war-torn country.
The battle-hardened unit lost a man, Cpl Alex Guy, tragically killed in action fighting the Taliban on June 15 during its latest stint of duty in Helmand Province.
Christine Clark, 70, of Collier Row, Romford, was with her grandson, who is in the regiment, and five of his mates, who had also marched in the stirring ceremony.
Mrs Clark said: "There were about 15 soldiers just standing outside the bar and they told us that they wouldn't serve them.
"When we went in to the pub they told my grandson and his friends that they are not allowed to serve squaddies.
"When my daughter asked if she could buy the drink for them they told her that they are not allowed in."
She insisted: "I felt so embarrassed."
Romford is my grandson's hometown and he wanted to take his friends to the pub to get a drink and they wouldn't even serve them.
A red-faced spokesman for The Bull, which dates back to 1890, admitted that soldiers had been banned from the big historic 19th century pub.
He said: "This was a mistake.
"We absolutely welcome the armed forces into The Bull and we apologise for any offence caused to the soldiers."
"We are talking to the team members involved and clarifying that we welcome the armed forces into the pub."
Meanwhile, some families and friends were also upset that their view of the march was blocked by VIPs.
The parade was due to start at 12.30pm and many of the soldiers' relatives and pals had gathered early to get a good position.
But they said that just 10 minutes before the start, Havering Councils VIP guests were directed to stand in front of them, totally blocking their view.
Sheila Munroe said she had travelled specially from Southend to Romford to support her son and the rest of the regiment.
Her mum Ellen Fowell, 88, of Barking, also went with her to cheer on the troops.
Sheila said: "My mum is in a wheelchair so we got there early just so we could get a good spot.
"It was terrible when these VIPs just came and stood in front of us.
"She could hardly see anything and all they seemed to be doing was standing and laughing as the parade went on.
She added: "I was disgusted with the whole thing.
"The day before we were in Ipswich and we were treated with so much respect.
"We were expecting the same treatment in Romford but we just didn't get it."
A Havering Council spokesman apologised for the blunder last night.
He said: "We are very sorry if anyone's view was blocked.
"We discussed the set-up with the Royal Anglian regiment, including where to place the VIPs.
"There were thousands of people in Romford to cheer the soldiers home and it was a great day to show our town's pride in the work that they do."

vicious.sid: Shame on you, Havering Council and shame on you, The Bull. After everything that these lads do for us, putting their lives on the line for complete strangers so we can sleep in our beds safely at night. You are a disgrace. Yes, soldiers have been known for the odd punch-up now and then but NEVER when their commanding officers are with them! I am proud that my son-in-law is serving with 2nd Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment and you will never meet a more honourable and proud bunch of lads. They have complete and utter respect for us civvies and would never embarrass their commanding officers. I hope every decent person tells The Bull where they can go!


Merkel wants further £400m
ANGELA Merkel has demanded Britain stump up £400million more a year to the EU during tense Downing Street talks with David Cameron. The German Chancellor rejected the PM’s plea to freeze Brussels’ budget for the next seven years.
All EU nations should hand over a total of one per cent of their joint national incomes, Mrs Merkel insisted during a three hour dinner on Wednesday night.
That would send the UK’s net yearly contribution spiralling to £7.8billion a year.
The hand-bagging is a big blow to the PM and leaves him facing humiliation at a summit of all 27 leaders in two weeks.
Quizzed on whether a deal was close, the PM’s official spokesman admitted: “There is a way to go yet. There are more discussions to be had, they are always complex.”
Meanwhile, a new poll reveals just 28 per cent of Brits would vote to stay in the EU in a referendum.

vicious.sid: That's not much really in the great scheme of things. They could claw that amount back from all the dodgy claims from our great, dependable, honest politicians and the ordinary person would not have to pay a penny. What are the odds on that happening?


Corrie legend Bill Tarmey dies
CORONATION Street legend Bill Tarmey has died aged 71. The actor, who played cobbles favourite Jack Duckworth for 31 years, passed away yesterday morning in the Canary Islands.
Tributes have poured in from Bill's devastated Corrie co-stars including from Liz Dawn, Bill's on-screen wife Vera.
She said: "Bill was part of my family. When you work with someone for so long as we did it becomes more than just work. Our families were close and I am devastated for Ali and his family.
"I am totally bereft. He will always be remembered by everyone he came into contact with because he was such a kind and generous man. You couldn't wish to meet a more lovely man and a true gentleman.
"He was a gentle giant and I will miss him so much."
Bill's on-screen son Terry Duckworth, who was played by Nigel Pivaro, also gave a touching statement.
He said: "I am devastated to learn of the passing of someone who became a huge part of both my professional and personal life, who I came to look on as a second father.
"He was a very wise and dignified man who taught me a great deal and whose counsel I came to value greatly.
"He was a lovely man who cared deeply for his family and friends. We are all rightly bereft at the loss we will feel knowing that the world will be a little poorer without Bill to lighten it up with his warm humour."
Bill's on-screen grandson Chris Fountain added “Really sad to hear about Bill Tarmey passing away, a true Corrie legend who I wish I’d had the pleasure of working with, he will be missed x.”
WiIliam Roache who plays Ken Barlow said: “Over the years Coronation Street has produced characters who are really powerful and legendary - Jack Duckworth was one of those. He was the downtrodden loveable rogue who never got anything right but was loved by everyone. This was down to Bill Tarmey’s incredible skills as an actor, he had amazing comic timing and was a genuinely warm and wonderful human being.”

vicious.sid: Another legend bites the dust. I haven't the foggiest idea why but I have been compared to this great character on more than one occasion by more than one person. He will be missed.

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The Thoughts Of Vicious Sid 09.11.12
10 November 2012

My blog will be updated daily, so make sure you come back! If you would like to add or reply to a comment on one of the articles below just send me your comment and, if it's reasonably decent and not libellous or anything like that, I'll add it to the article (don't forget to include the date and title of the article).


We are wailing
FOOTBALL fan Rod Stewart has Scot all emotional — after seeing his beloved Celtic beat mighty Barcelona. The 67-year-old singer, whose hits include Hot Legs and Sailing, sobbed with joy at the final whistle in Glasgow last night.
Underdogs Celtic beat Lionel Messi’s Spanish giants 2-1 in the Champions League thanks to stars such as Victor Wanyama and Georgios Samaras — despite a late comeback by the visitors.
Rod clearly had a bawl...

vicious.sid: Rod, sit down, I think it's time we had a chat. It may come as a bit of a shock to you but I think it's time you knew, Rod, you're not Scottish, you're flippin' ENGLISH - you were born in North London!!! Ok, you're dad's Scottish but you are not, you are English so enough of the tartan and Scottish football!!! Jeeze.


April troll free Sicko spared jail for lost girl jibes
A TWISTED teenage troll who made vile comments about missing April Jones on Facebook was spared jail yesterday. Sam Busby, 18, walked free from court after receiving a six-week prison sentence suspended for 18 months.
Busby posted a warped joke about five-year-old April on October 6 — the day Mark Bridger, 46, was charged with her murder.
He then added further remarks — including claims he had sexually abused her body.
A sickened Facebook user alerted cops, Worcester magistrates heard.
Call centre worker Busby, of St John’s, Worcester, claimed he had been “looking for attention”.
Chairman of the bench Gill Porter told him: “You caused an immense amount of distress — not only to the recipients of this but to April Jones’ family and friends. It happened at a sensitive time for everybody concerned.”
Busby admitted using a public communication network to send a grossly offensive message at an earlier hearing.
Belinda Ariss, defending, said “extremely immature” Busby — who was also ordered to do 200 hours of unpaid work — was very sorry and ashamed.
April vanished near her home in Machynlleth, Powys, on October 1.
She has not been found.

vicious.sid: This is very, very serious and will not stop unless a few of these lowlife little scumbags are made examples of. I don't know what I would do if he every did anything like this to me, but I do know that he wouldn't like it. Big fines, thousands of pounds out of their dole money at least. I am hoping that all the weirdos who are seeing nothing wrong with what he has done or at least can't see what the fuss is about do not have children. If they do have children then I am worried for their kids' future. I just hope and pray that anything like this does not happen to him or a relative of his because I don't think they'll be getting much sympathy.
kryten: Good!  Yes, it may be in poor taste but when did making a joke on the internet warrant a prison sentence?  Since when was it a criminal offence to offend someone?  Isn't being offended completely subjective and different from person to person.  What offends person A may not offend person B and vice versa, and yet there is now a law against this?
kryten, you cretin, you don't get it do you?! There are some people in this world who can't see anything wrong with rape, with beating children, with killing teenage girls who look at boys, etc, etc, does that mean we have to put up with it? You abide by the wishes and demands of THE MAJORITY in a democratic civilisation. You are one of the MINORITY that can't see much wrong with what this thick little scumbag has done. It's obvious you haven't had children yet, comment when you have - you will look at things less selfishly and a lot less idiotically then.
lister666: missing the point there I see. You shouldn't have to put up with people physically committing those crimes no. But nor should someone have to put up with the law clamping down on their arse just for having a joke. It never ceases to astound me these days that everyone appears to have forgotten the principles of sticks and stones.
vicious.sid: lister666: If there's anyone missing the point it's YOU. For a start, if such a terrible thing as my child going missing happened to me and I found out the identity of anyone who did what this moron did, I would make it my life's work to find them and do something terrible to them (yes, that's bad but it would make me feel better, knowing that that person/people has got the message at least). If I saw that they were punished in quite a strong way, and I'm afraid through the pocket is the only way these days, I would probably be less inclined to exact my own retribution. And maybe, just maybe, the other weirdos, perverts and just thick morons who saw that you can be punished would see that it's not worth it to do it (although I don't hold out much hope). lister666, if you have children and think that someone talking about sexually abusing any of then at four years old is just a bit of fun, I am very worried about you and yours. If you don't have children, then I fully understand that you are still immature.


Brave troops did their duty for us ... now we owe them a duty of care
HARDMAN Ross Kemp went to hell and back to understand the suffering of squaddies – and even endured night terrors after filming on the frontline. With unflinching honesty, the actor-turned-presenter revealed he was haunted by whizzing bullets and bombs on the bloody battlefields in war-torn Afghanistan, leaving him to suffer traumatic dreams and sleepless nights.
Tough guy Ross is fronting Invisible Wounded, a documentary tackling the ticking timebomb of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the Armed Forces.
He said that it was “exhilarating” being shot at and revealed how he could relate to the harrowing after-effects that leave a terrible toll on the mental health of thousands of servicemen.
The telly star said: “I have had nightmares about Afghanistan. I definitely had bad dreams. You see children get killed or bleeding. People get blown up. It’s just horrible.
“I think it is natural you have dreams like that — it is a way of clearing it. You also drink a bit more and discuss it with people who are interested.
“But being on the frontline is the most exhilarating feeling you will ever have in your life.
Ross continued: “I have been in some dreadful places and seen dreadful things.
“I remember coming back from filming my second series in Afghanistan and it had been really hard — bullets, bombs and artillery jets.
“It was full on American Vietnam. It made Apocalypse Now look like comedy. It is totally normal to have nightmares but it’s easier for me because I’m in and out and I’m not pulling triggers.
“You witnessed something so horrific that you locked it away.
“Some people crack on and get on with it while others find it harder. But what is very concerning is that it is a ticking timebomb, without a doubt.”
With an estimated one in five war veterans suffering depression, addiction or violent outbursts, Ross met those affected and their families before speaking to the experts to find out what more can be done to prevent further suffering.
For some, like Simon Peacock who was seriously injured while serving with 1 Royal Anglian in Afghanistan in 2007, the war will never be over. When he returned to the UK he was diagnosed with PTSD.
Simon, whose experience has left him with acute psychological problems including nightmares, flashbacks and suicidal thoughts, told Ross: “The war is worse than Afghanistan,” before adding, “I feel a part of me has died out there.”
For some time, his unit provided security for the medical emergency response teams, evacuating casualties from the frontline back to Camp Bastion.
Now having left the TA, he lives with his wife Kylie and young family.
Leigh opens up in the one-off hard-hitting documentary on how his experience has changed him forever.
He said: “I have the sleepless nights, I have the nightmares, neither of which I recall.
“The only way I know I have had a really bad night is when I feel like s*** in the morning and then I see the bruises on Kylie. ‘Cos I don’t just have a nightmare, I lash out.”
Gary Moss, who served in the Falklands, came back a “changed man”.
He lost his job, his wife and has suffered homelessness off and on for 19 years as a result of PTSD. He now lives in a hostel on the Isle Of Wight.
Fighting back tears, Gary said: “It’s something I will live with for the rest of my life. I am very proud. I’m only 5ft and have done a lot more for my country than some people will ever do.
“I think my country has let me down. When you come out you are forgotten.”
Speaking about his time with war heroes who have fought in Afghanistan, the Falklands, Iraq and Ireland, he said: “They were the bravest people I have ever met.
“The stigma they are going to get when they walk down the street, if they can face leaving the house, after talking on telly about these deep-seated problems. It’s very courageous. There is such a stain against mental health illness, particularly in the macho environment of the Armed Forces, where any kind of weakness is frowned upon.
“Who is going to stand up and say I’m nuts? It will damage your job and prospects in any profession, particularly where you are asked to carry a life-threatening implement.”
Some of the servicemen Ross interviewed for his one-hour show admitted that life was “harder at home than during conflict on the frontline” after everything they had witnessed.
Ross explained: “You come back and within a day you are back home with people you haven’t seen for six months and there are tiles to put up in the bathroom and the lawn needs mowing.
“There are all those jobs that have been put off while you are away because your wife has the kids to look after.
“Suddenly the woman is telling you what to do when you have been telling other blokes what to do. That’s just a normal scenario. I get that as well but obviously it is different for me as I have been filming, not fighting.”
The Government announced they would allocate £7.2million to ensure serving and former members of the Armed Forces have access to specialised therapists, amid fears that they are likely to need psychological support in the coming years.
Studies have shown that 20 per cent of returning troops have PTSD, almost a fifth have drinking problems and young soldiers who leave are three times more likely to commit suicide than civilians.
But Ross slated the cash injection, saying “it is not enough for them to have a packet of Nurofen once a week”.
He said: “We are heavily under-budgeted. And the main reason is that mental health has never been popular with MPs or with governments because the results are so difficult to quantify.
"You never see the results of the guy who doesn’t become a drain on the NHS through smoking and drinking, or that he didn’t go into McDonald’s with a machete, as it never happens.
“If the support doesn’t change we will all pay for it. It will pyramid from that one stone that dropped in the pool.
“It is easy to turn a blind eye but it won’t be if it’s your son kicked unconscious, or your daughter in an abusive relationship because nothing was done early enough.”
Ross passionately added: “They did their duty for us, now we owe them a duty of care.”

vicious.sid: What a brilliant idea!! Get some of those pen-pushing desk jockies and their useless bosses in the Ministry of Defence to actually go to the front line just for a few days before they cut a squaddy's wage or sack them. Give them an idea of what our boys actually do for us, because I'm as sure as hell that they have no idea. Get the top brass to actually go out there and experience if first hand to make them think about how they are decimating our once-proud Forces. Cameron even, come on, give us a laugh, send Cameron out to the front line and give us all a laugh!!!


Katie Price looks a bit of all white
KATIE PRICE shows off her impressive curves posing in front of a fancy dress box while wearing an interesting bridal-style costume. The glamour-girl-turned-business-woman sported the all-white ensemble to launch her new jewellery range, KP Rocks, in London earlier today.
She may have only just split from Argentinian model Leandro Penna – but judging from these pics she looks ready to walk down the aisle.
Katie donned a wedding-style outfit for the occasion in London Goff Katie, 34, poured her famous figure into a tight white body with jewel embellishments and a low-cut, fur-lined bust.
A veil, cape, tiara and knee-high latex boots completed the sexy wedding-style clobber.
She wore her long dark tresses loose, lashings of lip gloss and had painted her nails hot pink.
The high leg of the body exposed the star’s garter tattoo on her right pin, while another body etching was just visible on her left wrist beneath sparkly bangles.
Her KP Rocks range includes glittering necklaces and bracelets, as well as a £60 phone case and sparkly lip-shaped clutch bags for £125.
The newly single star said of ex Leandro in a statement: “We are good friends and will continue to remain so. I still care for him and believe he’s a gentleman.”
However, Leo has had far less kind words to say about his ex.
He said: “I left her simply because she is crazy. Katie’s brain is not wired right, or the wires don’t connect properly.”

vicious.sid: A bit of 'all-white'? She looks like a caricature of a woman - a little bit embarrassing like she's trying too hard. I am soooooo glad that she isn't my mum!!!


'Serial killer in training' to be executed in Texas after brutally murdering woman in home invasion
The man who prosecutors labelled a ‘serial killer in training’ after he brutally murdered an East Texas call supervisor is scheduled to be executed at 6 p.m. on Thursday, making him the 13th person to be executed by the state this year.
Mario Swain was arrested in the winter of 2012 after he beat, stabbed and strangled Lola Nixon during a botched home invasion. According to police reports, Swain repeatedly hit Nixon with a tire iron after she walked in on him trying to burglarize her home. He then left her, still breathing, in a remote site to die.
During his trial, prosecutors said that Swain displayed a pattern of obsession and violence that a former district attorney said indicated the potential of a serial killer.
They presented evidence and witnesses testimony that showed Swain had started becoming more and more violent when committing his crimes. He also had developed a pattern for his robberies: He would gather information about women he wanted to rob, then attack them, forcing them to inhale the anesthetic halothane and hitting them over the head with a wrench or shooting them with a stun gun.
This was not exactly how the Nixon robbery occurred, however. According to the criminal investigation, it appeared that Swain did not expect Nixon to come home. And when she did, it seemed as though the 46-year-old woman put up a fierce fight.
The investigation also revealed that Swain left Nixon bleeding in the bathtub before putting her in the truck of her car and driving off to dispose the body in a location investigators described by saying 'Unless you knew where you were going, you wouldn’t get there.'
Swain then returned to her house to try and clean up the scene and finish up the robbery. Authorities said that he used Nixon's credit cards and gave a piece of her jewelry to his friend.
It took authorities only a few days to arrest Swain. They were initially tipped off to Swain after witnesses saw his car parked in a vacant lot near Nixon's home around the time the robbery had been committed.
When they tracked him down, he quickly confessed that he was involved in a robbery at Nixon's house but inculcated another person who he said murdered the woman. But when an alibi backed up that man's whereabouts, Swain told them the full story and drafted several written confessions.
After a three-day trial, Swain was sentenced to death.
Since his arrest, Swain has filed two unsuccessful appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear his case. His defense attorneys argued that Swain was not originally read his Miranda rights when arrested and thus his confession were inadmissible since he was not given due process.
But prosecutors say that he was given proper notification of his rights and that in one of his confessions, Swain even included an acknowledgement “that I have the right to remain silent” and “to have a lawyer present.”
Texas has executed by far the most people of any state in the country. Their most recent execution took place on October 31 of this year, when Donnie Roberts was killed for murdering his girlfriend.
And unless his decision is stayed, Swain would be the 13th person executed in Texas this year and the 489th since the state reinstated the death penalty in 1976.

vicious.sid: If this had happened in England, he would be out to do it again within just a few years. And then again a few years later! Execution for this type of person does seem quite appealing.


Health and safe-E.T. gone mad
PROFESSOR Brian Cox has revealed BBC health and safety jobsworths banned him from listening to a distant planet on live TV - in case the corporations strict editorial guidelines were breached. His BBC2 show Stargazing Live featured a planet called Threapleton Holmes B, which had recently been discovered by two amateur astronomers.
But Prof Cox said the idea of listening to the new planet live on air was stymied by the Beeb's bonkers health and safety regulations.
He told BBC 6 Music radio: “We decided that we’d point the Jodrell Bank telescope at the planet that had been discovered by these two viewers and listen because no one had ever pointed a radio telescope at it and you never know.
“The BBC actually said, 'But you can’t do that because we need to go through the regulations and health and safety and everything in case we discover a signal from an alien civilisation’.”
The physicist added: “You mean we would discover the first hint that there is other intelligent life in the universe beyond Earth, live on air, and you’re worried about the health and safety of it?
“It was incredible. They did have guidelines. Compliance.”
Breakfast host Shaun Keaveny added: “The idea that intelligent life could be discovered and it might swear and that’s why we wouldn’t broadcast it - it’s such a brilliant BBC thing, isn’t it.”
Prof Cox also told of another bizarre run-in with BBC managers while making Stargazing Live, which is co-hosted by comedian Dara O'Briain.
He said: “This year we were thinking of doing something about Mars. There are lots of maps of Mars and lots of things that people can do looking at them that computers can’t
"We were thinking of looking for signs of geological activity which might point to life on Mars.
“Someone from the BBC said to me, ’Would there have to be a prize if someone discovered it?’. (I said), what do you mean? You’re going to say to someone, you discovered the first evidence for alien life beyond Earth - and here’s a book voucher as well?
“You think that’s going to make it better? You’re going to go down in history with a Nobel prize - book tokens or Nectar points?”

vicious.sid: Before we can discover life on other planets we first need proof that they have a TV licence or the BBC will be forced to prosecute them!!! Everything about the BBC is very strange!!


Magnum PM: Waxwork of David Cameron given moustache to highlight Movember
Prime Minister David Cameron appears to have taken inspiration from actor Tom Selleck and Magnum P.I. with this rather dashing moustache.
But Mr Cameron hasn't suddenly sprouted a soup strainer, staff at Madame Tussauds attached the 'tache to his waxwork to promote Movember, the male cancer charity fundraiser.
Half a million men are thought to be ditching the razor and cultivating their upper lip warmers for sponsorship. Movember raised £25million last year.
Mr Cameron's waxwork was joined outside a replica of No10 Downing Street by London Mayor Boris Johnson, who also sported a bristling blond moustache.
During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces in the UK and around the world. The aim of which is to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and testicular cancer.
The event started in 2004 and there are now an estimated 1.9m 'Mo Bros' and 'Mo Sistas' throughout the world, raising GBP 79.3 million last year alone.

vicious.sid: Tell you what, imagine that moustache a bit thinner - does he look like Hitler or what?!!!


Two male nurses caught on camera 'sexually abusing 98-year-old stroke victim'
Two male nurses were caught on camera performing sexual acts on and beside a 98-year-old stroke victim.
The in-home nurses, Russel Torralba and Alfredo Ruiz, masturbated and fondled each other at the foot of the woman's bed in San Diego and are now being investigated for their shocking behavior.
In one instance one of the men performed an explicit act on the woman’s body.
The woman is unable to speak or communicate with her hands after suffering a stroke and right-side paralysis in 2005, but is fully aware of her surroundings, the family’s attorney, William Berman, says.
'I myself couldn't believe it,' Berman told XETV. He said it was the most shocking case of elder abuse he has seen in 15 years of practice in that specialty
The home-shot footage is from March 3 and March 11, 2011. Yet family members have discovered instances of sexually inappropriate acts on five occasions dating back to February 27, according to public records.
The family had been paying Torralba and Ruiz $55 an hour, over $1,300 a day, for their services.
The current suspension on the two men bars them from working for home health agencies, but allows them to work in hospitals. A hearing on the permanent suspension of their licenses is scheduled for November 14.
The state Department of Consumer Affairs launched an investigation last year into AMS Home Care Solutions, the agency the men worked for.
'We are working to shut them down,' Russ Heimerich, a spokesman for the department said.
The San Diego District Attorney's office is reviewing the case for possible criminal prosecution.

vicious.sid: ????? I'm speechless. Just when you thought that humanity couldn't slide any lower. I'm . . . it's . . . huh?

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09 November 2012

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I’m not sexy
  SUPERMODEL Kate Moss does not believe she’s sexy. The 38-year-old catwalk queen — one of the most successful models of all time – struggles to understand why people find her attractive.
And while she admits she looks “all right” she insists she’s never considered herself desirable.
She said: “I think they’re all right, my looks, now.
“But, I’ve never seen myself as sexy or a side of myself that boys would like.”
Moss, who was ‘discovered’ at a New York airport when she was 14, also tells how, as a schoolgirl, she thought little of her appearance.
She recalls: “I wasn’t the prettiest girl in class.
“No breasts, short legs, gangly teeth.
“I didn’t look like model material, that’s for sure.”

vicious.sid: At least she's honest.


Jennifer Lopez upset by claims she had hotel maid fired for asking for her autograph
JENNIFER Lopez has been left 'hurt' by accusations that she had a hotel maid who asked for her autograph fired. German maid Pray Dodaj was working at the Melia hotel in Dusseldorf when J-Lo came to stay last week and after cleaning her room the self-confessed fan decided to ask the star for her signature.
However, according to Pray she was turned away by two members of Jennifer's team when she knocked on her door.
She said: "I cleaned on her floor. And I am an incredibly big fan so I took all my courage and rang the bell to get an autograph. But I was rejected by two assistants at the door."
And things allegedly went from bad to worse for 40-year-old Pray when she was sacked by the management of the luxury residence over the incident the next day, reportedly because Jennifer had complained.
She added: "A day later the cleaning company that employed me at the hotel called and said that Ms Lopez had complained.
"I was fired right there on the phone. Because of an autograph."
However J-Lo, 43, has denied that she was in any way involved in the situation and has said that she found the entire story to be 'hurtful'.
She wrote on her Twitter page: "C'mon thought you knew me better than this. Would never get anyone fired over an autograph. 1st I heard of this was on twitter. #hurtful."

vicious.sid: It wasn't about an autograph, it was because she made eye contact with her.


Kids forced to make Indiana Jones-style trek to school after bridge collapses
  SPARE a thought for these Indonesian pupils the next time you're stuck in traffic on the school run. The daredevil kids are forced to embark on a seven-mile Indiana Jones-style trek every single morning - just so they can make it to class on time.
The children, from the village of Batu Busuk on the island of Sumatra, were forced into the circus-style commute after a crucial bridge collapsed in heavy rain more than two years ago.
To cross the fast-flowing river, the 20 kids have to wade through water and make a terrifying 30-foot high tightrope walk.
And when they get to the other side, they still have a seven mile walk through dense forest to reach their school in the town of Padang.

vicious.sid: Flippin' 'eck!! I've complained all my life to anyone who'll listen about my four-mile walk to school when I were a lad. I don't think I will any more!!


Woman who drove on pavement to avoid stopping for school bus ordered to wear ‘Idiot’ sign
A WOMAN who drove along the pavement to avoid stopping for a school bus has been ordered by a court to stand at the spot wearing an “Idiot” sign. Shena Hardin, 32, was filmed by a bus driver as she cruised along the walkway outside a day care entrance in her 4x4.
Now a judge has ruled that she must stand near the scene of the crime wearing a sign bearing the slogan: “Only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk to avoid the school bus.”
Hardin’s licence was suspended for 30 days and she must also pay a £150 fine.

vicious.sid: If you saw how people drive in Cyprus, you wouldn't be able to move on the pavements for all the 'idiot' signs (and the parked cars, of course)! What a good idea, I think the next step should be stocks and rotten fruit . . .


I watched The Commitments over and over to try and get my Dublin accent just right
FOR a man who has risen to stardom as Ireland’s favourite unhinged mob boss, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor is remarkably well-spoken. Despite playing a crazed gangster for the past two years, the 34-year-old actor is still a little uncomfortable with his Love/Hate hard-nut look.
And yesterday he told how it took some serious swotting to shed his rounded West-Brit tones for the West Dublin accent of Nidge — one of the best-loved characters in the hit RTE drama.
Trinity graduate Tom, who lives in London, revealed he perfected the strong brogue by watching Roddy Doyle’s Dublin-based flicks.
He said: “I grew up in Dublin so I’ve always been around Dublin accents.
“But I watched a lot of The Commitments and other Roddy Doyle films to get used to it again.”
The light-hearted tale of a northside soul band is far removed from the gritty subject matter of Love/Hate, which returns for its third and, by all insider reports, most shocking series yet this Sunday.
Yet dad-of-one Tom insists he’s never fazed by the tough scenes he’s given to play alongside Peter Coonan, who plays Fran, and Robbie Sheehan (Darren).
He said: “It’s a great challenge to be given those scenes. For some of them you do need to do your homework, but there’s no warming up.
“You’ve got to just go in there and commit 100 per cent to them. The cast, the crew, everyone just gives it everything.”
There is another reason for giving it his all, though. As Tom admits: “The last thing you want is to be wiped off the map by all of these amazing actors coming in.
“Every year there are new characters and they bring a new energy and life into the storyline.
“It keeps you on your toes and makes you play it really hard. You have to be on the set and give it everything you’ve got.”
The reward for all the hard work is Nidge himself — the funny-yet-cold-blooded psycho.
Tom said: “Every time we do a new series it’s amazing to see the development in Nidge’s character.
“What’s so brilliant about playing him is that he flips between being a complete psychopath and a comical character. You don’t know where you are with him from one minute to the next, and I love that about him.”
The one drawback to playing Nidge is his menacing shaved bonce.
The RADA-trained star admitted that, when he is in skinhead character, he keeps a low profile on the multi-cultural streets of London.
But he admitted that his actress wife Claire Cox can’t stop laughing at it. Tom smiled: “I try to keep my head down when I’m around town, it’s quite a severe look so you can get some very strange looks.
“My wife thinks my haircut is hilarious, just ridiculous — she laughs at me when we’re filming."

You have to admire these actors, don't you? The hell they go through with their jobs. To have to sit and watch a film to prepare for a role is just so brave. Forget all those young men in Afghanistan and the like. Jeez . . .


Renewable fashion one step too far?
Think twice before throwing your paper bags away, because in the world of fashion they have become hot property.
Last season Jill Sander launched a $290 bag crafted from coated paper, and now New York-based designer, Aki Goto, has unveiled a battered-looking $480 jacket made from discarded paper bags.
According to the stockist she only uses 'fabrics donated by people' and most of her pieces are hand sewn.
The item of clothing, simply called the Paper Bag Jacket, is marketed as being 'one-of-a-kind' and unisex.
A size 8, vintage jacket was used as a base, and paper bags were applied using a combination of glue and varnish.
Ms Goto then stuck strips of grey duct tape to the jacket lapels as a finishing touch.
The little-known designer's latest work has attracted mixed reviews. 'We don’t hate the concept - in fact, we could see kooky couture designer Maison Martin Margiela making something like this work in a runway show.
Tempting? The Aki Goto, $480, Paper Bag Jacket appears on the United Bamboo website
'But between the sawed-off sleeves, the peeling seams and the creased, wet-looking material, we can’t help but think that the jacket appears to be rotting right there on the model’s back.'
But those sold on the design better be quick, as only one Paper Bag Jacket is available to purchase.

vicious.sid: Looks great, doesn't it (cringe)! Just don't go out in the rain or stand by a naked flame. Or stand still for too long in a sandwich shop.


Wrong Direction! Harry Styles' tattoo looks a bit rude
One Direction star Harry Styles appears to need a swift touch-up to this new artwork. Last month the boyband singer added some new designs to his rapidly-growing tattoo collection.
Across his forearms, Harry had the slogan: "Some thing I can, some things I can't" inked on.
But on closer inspection of the tatt as Harry jetted to LA on a work trip, it seems one of the letters has been inked incorrectly to spell out a rude word.
Harry's new inkings also include several small designs including a pair of zig-zags and what looks like a small key on his left wrist.
Harry's previous tatts include a pair of comedy and tragedy masks, a small letter 'A' in tribute to his mother and a birdcage with the letters SMCL written underneath.
He and his bandmates, with the exception of Niall Horan, also have screw tattoos on their ankles.

vicious.sid: What is the matter with these people? All that money and they are having the crappiest tattoos I've ever seen!!!!


Teachers close school early to attend colleague's wedding
A HEADTEACHER packed pupils off home after closing the school early so the teachers could attend a colleague’s wedding. Gillian Pursey sent parents a letter telling them she was cutting afternoon lessons short by 90 minutes and to collect their kids at 2pm.
The 51-year-old claimed it was for staff training but most of the teachers headed to the ceremony.
Angry parent Kamal Hussain became suspicious after he spotted three glammed-up staff driving past him in their cars.
The 35-year-old then turned detective and found Mrs Pursey and her staff enjoying a slap-up wedding reception meal.
Furious Kamal, whose own children had been refused time off school for a family wedding, fronted the headteacher but was told it was research for the school’s Golden Jubilee celebrations.
Company operations manager Kamal said: “I was just so angry and furious. The dad of two added: “I’m just disgusted with the school. I’ve lost my trust and confidence in them and I’m going to look to move my children elsewhere.
“As taxpayers we pay their wages and yet they spend their afternoon living it up at a wedding instead of teaching our children.
“They weren’t drinking as it was an Asian wedding but they were all having a laugh and a joke all the same.
“It just seems like one law for them and one for the rest of us.”
St Hilda’s Primary School, in Oldham, Greater Manchester, shut early on October 30.
And just hours before the wedding bash, Kamal said the head had refused a request to allow his children - aged five and seven - to miss two days school for his brother’s wedding.
After seeing the teachers drive away, Kamal went into the school to find it deserted.
He said: “I asked where they had gone and they told me they were all at a wedding I couldn’t believe it. I was furious.
“I asked to speak to the head and was told she was there too.”
Kamal drove to the town’s Grand Venue - where the reception was being held - to find 24 teachers sat around two large tables.
He asked Mrs Pursey why she had closed the school for the wedding and she replied the governors had cleared it.
Kamal added: “I told her I was concerned about my children’s education and asked why the school had been shut for training purposes but she wouldn’t answer any more of my questions. “It’s just not good enough.”
Mrs Pursey has since defended her actions.
She said: “’Staff were given that hour-and-a half of staff development time to research things for our golden jubilee celebrations.
“They could do that research on or off site, and whenever they liked. Some decided to do it straight away, and others decided to do it after the wedding. It was all agreed with the school governors and is all above board.”
Oldham Council said: “This is an interim management issue for the school and no action will be taken.”
Last month, a mother from Stockport was fined £1,000 after she took her son out of school she he could give her away at her wedding.

vicious.sid: 100 lines "I must not lie to the children's parents" and a week's detention for all of you.


I’d love to play for Mourinho
STEVEN GERRARD has sensationally revealed he still wants to play for Jose Mourinho. The Special One is a long-time admirer of the Kop legend.
And he almost persuaded him to join Chelsea in 2004 and 2005 — a period when Mourinho led the Blues to two Premier League titles and a League Cup.
But Mourinho did not give up the chase and renewed his interest as Real Madrid boss, saying he could never understand why Gerrard, 32, was still at under-achieving Liverpool.
Now the Anfield skipper has confirmed: “I would like to play for Mourinho, the Special One.”
Despite winning winning a Champions League trophy, a UEFA Cup, two FA Cups and three League Cups in his 14 years at Liverpool, Gerrard still does not possess an elusive Premier League winner’s medal.
The lack of major honours at Anfield has often led to interest in the England skipper from some of Europe’s most successful clubs.
But the Kop idol remained loyal to his boyhood team.
When asked about the interest from Mourinho when he was Chelsea boss, Gerrard said: “Liverpool weren’t really challenging at the time, so there was something to think about.
“But I ended up saying ‘no’ and a year later I said ‘no’ again. But he came back when he arrived at Real Madrid two years ago.
“I look at some players who get interest from clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona and they cause absolute wars to get out and get there.
“But that has never been me and, again, it just wasn’t going to happen.”
The Liverpool talisman reckons Real Madrid’s Xabi Alonso is the best midfielder he ever played with — and he is the first player he would have back at Anfield.
Alonso is one of the most decorated players in the game. During his five-year spell at Liverpool, he won the Champions League, the FA Cup and the European Super Cup.
And on the international stage he has been an integral part of the Spanish team that has lifted the World Cup in 2010 and won the European Championships in 2008 and this year.
Last season, he helped Mourinho’s Real to the La Liga title and the Spanish Super Cup.
And Gerrard added: “I’d want Xabi Alonso back, he’s the best midfielder I’ve played with and I miss playing with him.”
Alonso is also a huge fan of Gerrard. He said: “Steven could play in any national team in the world because he has so many great qualities.
“He’ll be remembered as one of the greats. For me he is already one of the greats. He has achieved great things and in very important moments he has been the man for Liverpool.
“We had great European nights and he was the main man. He’s a great player.”

vicious.sid: Unless Mourinho takes over the management of Liverpool, it ain't gonna happen because of the ridiculous death threats that'll occur. It's a game of football for pete's sake!


‘Demons’ drive TV Tara Palmer-Tomkinson back to rehab Socialite in clinic two weeks after wild-eye snap
  TROUBLED socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson was back in rehab last night after her “demons” were said to have returned. The news comes two weeks after the 40-year-old reality TV star was snapped looking wide-eyed and dishevelled outside a party.
A pal told a magazine she has been admitted to a private clinic in South East England for a month of treatment.
Ex-model Tara has publicly battled addictions to booze and cocaine.
She admitted hitting “rock bottom” in 1999, but fought her way back to health and looked radiant in 2002 as she was runner-up in gruelling TV show I’m A Celebrity.
The reason for her latest stint in rehab is unknown.
The clinic advertises treatment for alcoholism, anxiety and drug addiction.
Yesterday, Grazia magazine quoted a source as saying: “Tara has a well-documented history of battling various demons. Unfortunately it seems some have returned to haunt her.
“She knows when things get bad, the only answer is rehab.
“All those who love her support her and are so pleased she has decided to take this course of action as she has been having a particularly difficult time lately.
“She’s in for a month and we’re looking forward to seeing a healthier, happier Tara on the other side.”
The source added: “Tara admits she’s slipped up a few times recently. But she’s in no way as bad as in the past.
“This is not about cocaine, this is just getting her back to full health.”
Tara said after seeking treatment in 1999: “You’ve got to really want to get well. I got well because I felt so ashamed.”
Her spokeswoman Becca Barr declined to comment.

vicious.sid: That's what happens when you never have a proper job, you get famous for being famous (I honestly can't think of anything she could be famous for) and believe your own hype. Very sad.


Labour MP Jamie Reed sparks Twitter storm after asking if a woman on his train had grown her moustache for Movember
A Labour frontbencher has been forced to apologise after using Twitter to make jokes about a woman’s moustache.
Shadow health minister Jamie Reed was updating his 19,000 followers about an ‘obnoxious’ passenger on his train when he asked is she was 'growing that for Movember’ - the cancer charity event which encourages men to grow a moustache in November.
But the Copeland MP was bombarded with abuse by Twitter users, branding him a ‘sexist clown’.
Travelling to London from his constituency in Cumbria, Mr Reed wrote: ‘On the train down, opposite an incredibly obnoxious and opinionated woman (you people) my withering glances were not enough. Had to do more.’
He then added: ‘As she slagged off the train guard I simply looked at her and asked: 'Are you growing that for Movember?' Am I right? Yeah? Who's with me?’
As users accused him of not valuing his constituents’ votes and being unable to trust him, he the tweeted: ‘I didn't actually do that. But trust me, what a horror.’
Mr Reed received several angry replies from other Twitter users.

vicious.sid: Well don't leave us in suspense, did she?


Exasperated minister Lord McNally demands to know why he is still getting nuisance PPI calls even after registering to block them
A government minister has revealed his exasperation at being plagued by nuisance calls offering help claiming back PPI and has called on phone watchdog Ofcom to investigate.
Justice minister Lord McNally said he had added his number to a register to not receive the calls and was astonished to find it did not work.
The exasperated peer has now written to regulator Ofcom to highlight the problem, which has plagued millions of Brits for years.
There are thought to be almost 1,000 claims management companies offering to help people claim back PPI which was mis-sold by banks and secure thousands of pounds in compensation.
But homeowners have been inundated with phone calls and text messages offering help they either do not want or need.
Homeowners can register their number with the Telephone Preference Service, which is supposed to put a bar on marketing calls.
But Lord McNally said: ‘We at home are supposed to be on this blocking mechanism that you sign up for, but the calls still get through.’
Speaking during questions in the House of Lords, he told Baroness Gardner of Parkes that he would investigate whether international calls get round the blocking.
Baroness Gardner said she received six phone calls a week and sometimes three or four a day, 'all offering me wonderful things'.
Lord McNally said: ‘I know that Ofcom is very much aware of this problem. I know that it is no use me telling the noble Baroness that she can go on to this register and that Ofcom is on the job and so on, because from the noises around the room and my own experience, I know that these nuisance calls are still getting through.’
Richard Lloyd, executive director of consumer group Which?, said: 'Our research found that people who sign up to the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) have about a third fewer cold calls, so it is useful. But firms calling from overseas or flouting the rules are still getting away with it.  
'Despite up to 10,000 complaints a month to the TPS, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) hasn't issued a single fine for nuisance calling. The ICO must take tough enforcement action now by naming and shaming companies that are still calling people registered with the TPS and fining those found breaking the rules.'
Last month businessman Richard Herman won a major victory after taking a cold-call firm to court and winning compensation to a businessman for wasting his time.
The 53-year-old turned the tables by invoicing one of the firms for £10 for every minute he wasted answering their telephone calls.

vicious.sid: Give me the job and I will stop it overnight. A fine of £100,000 for each unwanted call - now that all phone systems are digital, everything is traceable. Simple.


Food is 'too cheap' and encourages consumer waste, says exec at global food giant
An executive at the world’s second-biggest consumer goods company told a conference that food is 'too cheap' and far too much is being wasted as a result.
Jan Kees Vis, the global director for sustainable sourcing development at Unilever said that half of the food that is purchased in the city of London is never eaten.
He added that consumers and catering firms do not put enough value on the food that they buy, even though the cost of meals and snacks in supermarkets, takeaways and restaurants, The Daily Telegraph reported.
'Places that offer food for lunch – chilled, day-fresh [food] - have made incredible growth, but the result is a lot of food is wasted,' he said.
A big factor in why we waste so much food is that food has become too cheap. If it weren’t, we wouldn’t waste so much of it,' said Mr Vis.
WRAP, the food waste group, said Britons throw away 7.2 million tonnes of household waste each year, around £680 of food per family. The group adds that around 4.4 million tonnes of this is edible food.
Mr Vis, speaking to the CropWorld Global 2012 conference in London, said that food waste usually takes place in restaurants or people’s homes.
As prices rise, driven by a growing global population, Mr Vis said that if people could bring down levels of waste the increase in production required would slow down.
Recent research by Unilever, which makes brands including Flora margarine, Marmite and Hellman’s mayonnaise, found that people throw away food primarily because it goes off too quickly, leftovers are not eaten, and too much food is prepared in the first place.
British families throw away 7.2 million tonnes of household waste each year - roughly £680 of food per family
Andy Dawe, WRAP’s head of food and drink, told the newspaper: 'Food waste is a serious issue, increasingly so. Although the percentage of consumer income spent on food has fallen for decades, more recently there has been significant food inflation.
'UK households currently throw away 4.4 million tonnes of food which could have been eaten, costing around £680 a year for the average family with children.
'This is money that could be saved if we made the most of the food we buy.'
The good news is Britons are actually throwing away less than they were. Between 2007 and 2010, households reduced their food waste by 1.1 million tonnes.
Earlier this year fast food restaurants, pubs, hotels and catering firms, such as Greggs and McDonalds, agreed new voluntary targets to cut food waste over the next three years.

vicious.sid: Now isn't that strange that it was an executive millionaire who said that food is 'too cheap' and not an ordinary person in the real world? Hmmmm.


High Street left without Christmas lights for first time in 20 years after killjoy officials demand £4,000 for lamppost health and safety tests
Officials have banned Christmas lights from a busy High Street for the first time in 20 years unless traders fork out up to £4,000 to have lampposts tested for health and safety reasons.
Furious residents and local business owners have slammed a new rule which means the West Wickham Town Centre Association must pay for test certificates to ensure lampposts are strong enough to support Christmas lights.
The charge was introduced after the High Street was designated a red route, meaning it is managed by Transport for London (TfL) rather than Bromley Council.
In happier times: How West Wickham looked during previous festive seasons Unseasonal: West Wickham High Street could be without its Christmas lights this year
As one of London’s major roads, the High Street carries up to 30 per cent of city traffic.
Secretary of the association Jane Avis manages the family-run shop Waterways, in the High Street, which has been running for more 30 years.
She said: 'We’ve had Christmas lights for over 20 years. My mum used to do it and then I took it over.
'It doesn’t make a massive difference to trade, it just gives a good community feeling.
'West Wickham High Street has been a red route for four or five years and they never asked for anything.
'But last year they said we need to comply with regulations which are different to Bromley Council’s.
'We’re going to fight them all the way. We won’t let them dampen our Christmas spirits.'
Resident Charles Sebestyen, a 70-year-old retired property executive who has lived in the area for around 35 years, said: 'It has killed the Christmas spirit in the West Wickham area.
'TfL is being ridiculous. I simply do not understand how something that has worked for a long time is now suddenly unsafe.'

vicious.sid: Wow, that's a new one!!! It certainly beats charging people for walking on the pavement, planting flowers, putting rubbish in bins, throwing twigs in rivers, etc., etc., etc. I think there should be competition to find the council with the looniest methods of taking money from the public.


David Cameron greeted by cheering refugee children at UN refugee camp as he pledges to end Syria conflict and increase aid
David Cameron today vowed to end the bloodshed in Syria after hearing ‘horrendous’ stories of suffering from refugees and becoming the first G20 leader to visit a vast UN-run compound in Jordan.
The Prime Minister said he was even more determined to force Bashar Assad from power after visiting the border region where tens of thousands of fleeing Syrians are living at the Za’atri camp.
He vowed to work with re-elected US President Barack Obama and said British humanitarian aid for the crisis would rise by £14million, after visiting an area where up to 500 people a day are arriving.
Diplomatic talks are also planned between the UK’s special envoy to the Syrian opposition John Wilkes and rebel military chiefs in an effort to ‘help shape the opposition’, Mr Cameron said.
Mr Cameron, who is now closing a three-day Middle East tour, said: ‘I wanted to hear for myself the stories of people who have been bombed and shot and blasted out of their homes in Syria.’
The 46-year-old criticised the ‘deeply-illegitimate and unpleasant regime that is raining down death and destruction on its own people’ and said it was ‘truly horrendous to hear those stories’.
Mr Cameron added: ‘It just redoubles my determination that now, with a newly-elected American president, we have got to do more to help this part of the world, to help Syria achieve transition.’
The Prime Minister travelled by helicopter to a valley dominated by the Al Wahdah dam, which is one of the busiest crossing points and was recently hit by Syrian shells.
Some of those arriving seeking shelter in Jordan had walked for up to 15 days to reach the border, he was told by the local Jordanian military chief.
'I wanted to hear for myself the stories of people who have been bombed and shot and blasted out of their homes'
At the camp, he met some of those recently arrived in the country and was treated to a patriotic Syrian song by young girls at one of the classroom tents set up for the many children living there.
Mr Cameron told them: ‘You are not just missed in Syria. All of the world wants to help you, including my country.’
Speaking about the moves to set up talks with the rebel military leaders, he said: ‘There is an opportunity for Britain, for America, for Saudi Arabia, Jordan and like-minded allies to come together and try to help shape the opposition, outside Syria and inside Syria, and try to help them achieve their goal, which is our goal of a Syria without Assad.’
It is a recognition that events are increasingly dictated by the military figures and not the splintered political groupings, who met in Qatar this week in an effort to forge an alliance against Mr Assad.
'Now, with a newly-elected American president, we have got to do more to help this part of the world, to help Syria achieve transition'
And there are rising concerns that extremists are gaining a major influence inside opposition forces.
Mr Cameron left open again the possibility that the president could be allowed to flee the country voluntarily to a state where he could evade any criminal charges against him over the slaughter which has killed upwards of 30,000 people so far.
‘I would like to see him face justice but, frankly, any option that involves him leaving the country and a transition taking place would be good for the people right behind me here,’ he said.
At present 2.5million people inside Syria need humanitarian assistance and the number of refugees in the surrounding region is predicted to almost double to 710,000 by the end of the year.
'I would like to see (Syrian President Bashar Assad) face justice but, frankly, any option that involves him leaving the country and a transition taking place would be good for the people right behind me here'
That could mean a quarter of a million alone in Jordan.
Of the new aid, £9.5million will go on blankets, soap and food for those forced out of their homes within Syria and on emergency help for the 8,300 Palestinian refugees based in Syria.
The rest - taking total UK aid to ease the crisis to £53.5million - will be used to help those who have fled to Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey - including safe transport from the border to the camps where they are being housed.
Mr Cameron will fly back to the UK after meeting with the King of Jordan for talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel but will not arrive in time for Prime Minister’s Questions in the Commons.

vicious.sid: Look at that, he has to go halfway round the world to find people who won't boo him everywhere he goes!!! (Note to self: People seem to like you when you give them things rather than taking from them all the time!)

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The Thoughts Of Vicious Sid 07.11.12
08 November 2012

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The £180 car toll fine: Motorists face tough penalties if they fall foul of new pay-as-you-drive scheme
Motorists face fines of up to £180 if they fall foul of a new tolling system described as a ‘Trojan horse’ for pay-as-you-drive charging on major roads.
Ministers launched draft plans yesterday for a scheme to replace traditional toll booths with an automated system.
Toll roads will be monitored by cameras that log the number plates of all passing vehicles and fixed penalty notices will be sent automatically to the homes of drivers who fail to pay in time.
Motorists will have to pay tolls in advance – or within a set time limit – on the internet, by mobile phone or in shops.
The authorities will also have the power to confiscate vehicles for crushing if the owner has three unpaid fines.
The system will initially operate from October 2014 on the Dartford Crossing linking both halves of the M25 between Essex and Kent, but ministers acknowledge it is just the first.
The draft regulations are essentially enabling legislation for pay-as-you-drive tolling schemes.
AA president Edmund King said: ‘One suspects this is a Trojan horse for use nationally.
‘It’s an expandable system that could eventually be rolled out on other strategic roads in England.’
Details are set out in a consultation document, The Road User Charging Scheme (Enforcement) (England) Regulations, published yesterday by the Department for Transport.
It says: ‘One of the largest challenges in operating a barrier-free or “free-flow” operated road user charging scheme is gaining a high level of payment compliance when there is nothing to stop a vehicle and oblige road users to pay the charge at the booth.
‘Enforcement provisions are considered necessary in order to ensure that road users continue to pay the required road user charge under a barrier-free operation.’
Fines will start at £60 if the toll charge is paid in full within 14 days of a penalty notice being served.
This rises to £120 if it is paid in full after 14 days but before a ‘charge certificate’ has been served. The maximum £180 fine applies after the charge has been served.
But the regulations also allow authorities to ‘immobilise, remove, store or dispose of vehicles where there are three or more outstanding penalty charges’.
A registered keeper will have 28 days to appeal, but only after paying the outstanding charges.
The scheme is being put out to tender this winter. The consultation closes on January 28 and a contract awarded next autumn.
The system will be fully operational by autumn 2014.

vicious.sid: This is another legal theft by the government. They 'promised' to stop charging a toll for the bridge by March 2002 when enough money was accumulated to pay for its upkeep. But, true to form, the government renaged on their promise and had the clever idea of changing the name of the payment to a 'congestion charge' ("See, we don't have a 'toll' any more!") and selling the bridge to the French. The charge for crossing the river has risen steadily ever since. I'll bet there are a few politicians with great big smiles on their faces. Don't you just love 'em?


'He stole my wife!': Angry ex-husband of Cesc Fabregas girlfriend claims the footballer stole his wife as they were trying for a baby
Cesc Fabregas and his girlfriend Daniella Semaan have been flaunting their young love all summer, spotted canoodling on several idyllic holiday locations.
But now her millionaire ex-husband has come forward to say it was during one of those holidays that he found out his wife was cheating on him - just as they were trying for a third baby.
Property tycoon Elie Taktouk has spoken out about the heartache he suffered when he found out his wife was seeing the 25-year-old football star behind his back.
The business man said he only found out about his wife's affair with the former Arsenal star when he saw pictures of him on holiday with a 'mystery brunette' last June, and recognised her as his own wife.
Danielle Semaan, 38, and Elie have since divorced, as he says that as soon as he saw those images he wanted nothing more to do with her and cut off all emotions.
The ex-couple have two children together, an 11-year-old son and an 8-year-old girl.
And he reveals to the newspaper: 'We were trying for a baby when this happened.'
'He stole her from me': Her ex-husband only found out about the relationship after he spotted her picture in the newspaper while on holiday with Fabregas
Heartbroken ex: Daniella left her husband Eli last year to be with the younger football star
The businessman is now forced to watch the young footballer become a stepfather to his two children, as the romance between him and Daniella is still going strong.
'He is 25 and a fool,' he bitterly says of Fabregas.
'She went after him and she would leave him as soon as his money and fame run out. He is no David Beckham.'

vicious.sid: If I were you, mate, I'd be very happy that you were saved from this woman before another poor child is brought into this world.


Dramatic moment brick-throwing arsonists attack firefighters sent to tackle blaze they set as trap
This is the dramatic moment a gang of yobs lured a fire engine to a street by setting a wheelie-bin ablaze and then threw bricks through its windscreen.
Unconcerned about the safety of their community, around 12 youths ambushed firefighters responding to a 999 call in Rochdale, Greater Manchester.
Now, the fire service has released CCTV footage of the senseless attack and officers have spoken out against such thuggish behaviour.
The firefighters were called to a wheelie-bin fire, which is believed to have been started deliberately, and quickly extinguished it.
But to their horror, a gang of teenagers then rushed at them, launching a brick through their windscreen and hurling verbal abuse at officers.
Mark Lee, who was driving the engine, said: 'The fire was out very quickly but then suddenly the atmosphere changed. There was a gang of around 12 youths, who looked to be around 16, swearing at us and shouting before they started to throw bricks.
'Obviously it was intimidating, but luckily we have a very good relationship with the police and officers were on the scene straight away to disperse the group.'
The officers, based at Heywood Fire Station, were called out at 5.08pm on Sunday.
Paul O’Malley, a firefighter of six years, said: 'The brick hit the windscreen and caused a lot of damage, but luckily didn’t get through. We knew we were quite protected inside but you are always thinking that you and your colleagues all have families you want to get back to at the end of the shift.
'This engine belongs to local people and this kind of thing should not happen to people who are protecting the community.
'These teenagers should be enjoying Bonfire Night by going to an organised display, not causing trouble.'
Borough commander, Tony Lander, added: 'I am saddened when this kind of thing happens because it is not only threatening my firefighters but it is putting a fire engine out of action, which is putting the public at risk.
'We would call on parents across the county and borough to check where their children are and work with us to stop this kind of thing happening.'
The incident left the appliance out of action during the fire service’s busiest time of the year.

vicious.sid: Sick, sick people - it would be poetic justice one day if one of these morons' houses was burning down and there was no one to put it out. One question though, why is it always Manchester?


HMRC chief blasted for 'failing to get to grips with tax avoidance' as she admits half of UK's 770 biggest firms funnel profits overseas
Half of the biggest companies working in the UK have headquarters overseas, many in low-tax regimes, it was revealed yesterday.
Britain’s most senior tax official made the admission as she was slammed for ‘failing to get to grips with tax avoidance’ by an influential group of MPs.
It came as the Government launched a crackdown on multi-national giants that slash their tax bills by using complex legal techniques to funnel profits overseas.
Public outrage over the issue was triggered after it emerged that a long list of global giants including Starbucks, Google, Facebook, Amazon and eBay pay relatively minuscule tax bills in the UK.
Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs has a list of the 770 largest companies operating in the country, so that it can keep tabs on their tax contributions.
Probed yesterday by the Public Accounts Committee, HMRC’s chief executive Lin Homer conceded ‘around half’ had HQs outside Britain, often in low-tax regimes such as Ireland and Luxembourg, making it easier to avoid paying their fair share.
By its own admission, HMRC has a tax gap of £32.2billion of uncollected revenue.
The committee’s chairman, Labour MP Margaret Hodge, said there had been ‘hardly any progress’ since 2004, when the same gap was just over £33billion.
The committee also lambasted Mrs Homer for pursuing small and medium-sized businesses more zealously than large companies.
Labour MP Austin Mitchell said: ‘You go easy on the big boys and go harder on the companies that can’t leave and have to pay their tax here.’
Mrs Homer said: ‘All that HMRC can do is to apply the law and multinational businesses can choose where they are based and where their profits are based.’
It came as George Osborne launched an international effort to tackle tax scrimpers.
Teaming up with his German counterpart, Wolfgang Schauble, the Chancellor called for ‘concerted international co-operation’ to strengthen tax standards’.

vicious.sid: How about publishing a list of the companies that do and don't pay their fair share of taxes so we can choose to use only the decent firms.


Safety first! Police officers take extreme precautions by wearing protective goggles at Bonfire Night celebrations in Lewes
Most of us stick to warm winter coats, hats and gloves for our Bonfire Night attire.
So when police arrived at Lewes bonfire night wearing protective goggles, many thought it was rather an extreme precaution.
However, all visitors to this year’s event in Sussex – the UK’s largest and most famous bonfire night – were urged by police to wear such safety goggles to avoid receiving any serious eye injuries.
Sussex Police said that wearing goggles to firework displays is ‘a standard procedure if attending firework displays.’
Last year, 170 people were injured and two visitors received eye injuries that left them permanently blinded.

vicious.sid: It's a bit embarrassing! I'm off to buy shares in bubble-wrap - they'll all be wearing it next in case they bump into someone in the crowds!!! Sigh . . .


Novice bell-ringer, 58, in dramatic church tower rescue after becoming tangled in ropes 20ft above the belfry floor
A novice bell-ringer caused become caught in her rope – and had to be winched 20ft to safety from the belfry.
Helen Springthorpe, 58, was beginning her weekly practice session at her church when she was lifted by the rope and fell, knocking herself unconscious.
Her horrified fellow bell-ringers called an ambulance, but because the bell tower could only be reached by a steep and narrow spiral staircase, paramedics could not carry her down on a stretcher.
The solution? A team of specialist firemen more used to rescuing climbers from cliff tops and rock faces – who embarked on an elaborate mission that involved opening a trap-door in the belfry floor and winching Mrs Springthorpe to the ground 20ft below.
Mrs Springthorpe, who works as a typist, said: ‘I don’t remember very much at all, I started pulling the bells and the next thing I knew I was looking at a paramedic.
‘I have no real memory of it at all.  I have no memory of being caught up. I think I hit my head on the wall and then fell over and hit it on  the floor – it wasn’t that exciting. The exciting bit was being rescued by all the firemen.
‘It’s just been quite a drama I think trying to get me out – the actual accident wasn’t much, but trying  to get me out of where I was was quite difficult.’
Paramedics who arrived at St Nicholas’s Church in Bathampton, near Bath, initially thought Mrs Springthorpe had broken her hip and gave her morphine – but she received a clean bill of health after a hospital examination.
Mrs Springthorpe, from Bath,  has only been bell-ringing for three months and took up the hobby after a neighbour suggested she come along to the weekly group sessions.
‘I just like the church bells, I’ve always liked hearing them, so I thought I’d have a go,’ she said, adding she would ‘have to see’ whether she would be going back to the belfry any time soon.

vicious.sid: So Mr. Bean has a girlfriend then!!


Spot fines and cautions let thugs cheat and mean police act as judge and jury, says magistrate
John Fassenfelt says officers are now acting as 'judge and jury' with their powers to issue penalties
Serious criminals are  escaping justice by being let off with spot fines and cautions, a top magistrate has warned.
The rise of out-of-court penalties meant police officers were in effect acting as judge and jury in thousands of cases, said John Fassenfelt, chairman of the Magistrates' Association.
As a result, serious crimes are being punished 'inappropriately' by summary justice.
Last year more than 420,000 offenders were given a caution or spot fine in England and Wales.
Cautions were handed to 15,100 violent criminals, 1,500 sex offenders, 3,200 burglars, 200 robbers and more than 41,000 drug offenders. Spot fines went to 33,000 shoplifters, 16,000 cannabis users and 4,500 vandals. Some 35,000 were fined for being 'drunk and disorderly'.
However, this offence rarely comes before magistrates. Instead of facing a possible jail term, they pay £80 and escape without a formal record.
Shoplifters can be fined £80, even if they steal up to £200 worth of goods. Mr Fassenfelt's comments came in an essay entitled The Magistracy And The Police published by the Police Federation in a dossier on the future of policing.
He wrote that 'more and more of what are deemed to be less serious offences have not been brought before a judicial tribunal' but instead dealt with 'according to speed and efficiency'.
The failure to take criminals to court meant a 'lack of transparency and openness in such cases', he said.
'It is unlikely that a victim would regard any offence against them as not serious, but nevertheless some offences are being dealt with outside of the judicial process,' he said.
'In some cases there is already a suspicion that this has created a lack of transparency and openness in the system and effectively means that those who are there to enforce the law are effectively put in the position of judges and sentencers.
'Undoubtedly there is merit in this for low level absolute offences such as minor driving infringements, or for some one-off offenders.
'But most are now agreed that there is much that is being dealt with inappropriately because it has not come before an independent tribunal.
'In other words, either a magistrates' court, or, for more serious offences, a judge and a jury in Crown Court, have not had the opportunity to deal with cases in a judicial forum.'
He said the use of out of court penalties was not a choice by police officers but as a result of pressures by police managers.
Since the spot fine regime was introduced in 2004, more than a million offenders have escaped court.
Half of all fines go unpaid within the 21-day limit. In many cases repeat offenders are handed multiple fines and are never properly punished.
Labour's target culture was blamed for a huge rise in the number of tickets issued, when forces were judged on the basis of the Offenders Brought to Justice target – now scrapped – which gave equal weight to crimes irrespective of their seriousness.
The number of out-of-court disposals has fallen by a third since figures peaked in 2008, when some 659,000 cautions and spot fines were handed out.

vicious.sid: At least we have SOMEONE acting like a judge!!! British magistrates certainly don't most of the time!


Crime? No, it was state benefits that funded my luxury life: Fraudster's wife took £72,000 from taxpayer
A WIFE accused of living a life of luxury on the proceeds of her husband’s criminal empire has insisted she paid for everything herself – with her state benefits.
Jobless mother-of-four Lisa Lowndes took at least two luxury holidays every year and drove a fleet of high-performance cars.
But the 38-year-old claimed in court that she funded it all with a generous package of state handouts.
The court heard that she received welfare payments of almost £18,000 a year over four years, adding up to some £72,000 of taxpayers’ cash.
In that time, she enjoyed ten five-star holidays, including a £3,000 break in Alicante, a £2,700 getaway to Zante and a £2,400 trip to Egypt.
While away on her trips she would cruise around in rented top-of-the-range vehicles, including a £70,000 Porsche Cayenne.
But detectives found Lowndes was actually funding her lifestyle with the ill-gotten gains of her husband’s fraud, and she was convicted of 11 offences under the Proceeds of Crime Act
Her husband Colin, 41, masterminded Britain’s biggest motoring scam, in which he charged drivers up to £400 a time to dodge speeding points. Earlier this year he was sentenced to seven years for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and 30 charges of fraud.
In 2002, the serial conman was behind a £450,000 scam to illegally obtain goods from catalogues by rifling through bins for discarded credit card slips and then quoting the card numbers and expiry dates to place telephone orders.
In 1999, Lowndes had used the same trick to buy jewellery worth up to £250,000 from Sky Television’s QVC shopping channel.
Despite living in a terrace house on a council estate in Hattersley, Greater Manchester, Lowndes would be seen cruising around in a £120,000 Bentley Continental, a £115,000 red Ferrari Spider and a £67,000 Range Rover Sport.
At Manchester Crown Court his wife denied charges of living off the proceeds of crime, claiming her lifestyle was financed entirely by her state benefits.

vicious.sid: See what you are causing, Cameron? This is the result of the benefit culture - she actually believes that she was not doing anything wrong, to steal money from the taxpayer via benefits is her god-given right! It's only going to get worse and worse and worse . . .

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The Thoughts Of Vicious Sid 06.11.12
07 November 2012

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Carrying a toy weapon in public could get you shot, top cop warns
REVELLERS who carry toy weapons in public risk being shot, a top cop has warned after armed officers were called out during Halloween to apprehend a masked man wielding a plastic machete. Terrified residents called 999 after spotting the man wearing full camouflage, a sack over his head and brandishing a 16 inch blade in Doncaster town centre.
When officers approached the suspect and ordered him to stand still, turned and said: "Happy Halloween."
The weapon turned out to be a plastic prop - but South Yorkshire's top firearms cop has warned the outcome could have been very different.
Inspector Rachel Usher said: "People are potentially putting their lives in danger if they are going out with fake guns or knives, because we do not know if they are real and quite often have to make decisions in low light.
"The fact someone is in Halloween costume does not matter - people have robbed service stations wearing Scream masks."

vicious.sid: If you are a nice person but you are carrying a plastic knife then you will be shot. If you are a silly little gangsta or a violent yob carrying a real knife then you will be let off with a slap on the wrist. Sounds about right.


Women between 25 and 34 suffer most stress, says study
WOMEN between the ages of 25 and 34 appear to be the most stressed says a new study. Climbing the career ladder, caring for demanding children, paying the mortgage and trying to maintain some sort of social life all trigger higher stress levels in this age group say researchers.
Two in three of women, 67 per cent, suffer from stress every week in the UK, the study by herbal stress remedy brand Kalms found after surveying 2,000 adults.
And over a year the average Brit gets stressed 208 times.
Women, who often shoulder the greater burden of raising children, typically suffer more bouts of anxiety than men, the study found.
It also concluded that because men and women tend to worry about different things relationships can become revaged by tension.
Neil Shah, Director of the Stress Management Society said: “Women worry more about bills and finances, and juggling their time, but men are more concerned about working long hours and debt.”
The study suggests relaxing through a healthy diet and exercise, as well as avoiding stimulants, such as technology and alcohol, particularly close to bedtime.
“A good night’s sleep can really help reduce symptoms of stress, so ensure you have a good wind down routine in the evenings,” Mr Shah added.

vicious.sid: What a load of old twaddle. Men aged between 1 and 100 DEFINITELY suffer the most stress.


£148m Lotto parents get home at caravan park
THE parents of Lotto mega-millionaire Gillian Bayford have moved up the property ladder — to a holiday chalet in a caravan park. Gillian and hubby Adrian won £148million in a EuroMillions draw in August and are said to have treated them.
The down-to-earth couple celebrated with her parents Ian and Brenda McCulloch, who live on a holiday park in Carnoustie, Angus.
The McCullochs recently traded in their static caravan for a luxury £85,000 bungalow at the site.
Gillian, 40, and Adrian, 41, from Haverhill, Suffolk, are believed to have returned for visits. A source said: “Their daughter could buy the park ten times over but Ian and Brenda are happy where they are. Gillian and Adrian have made sure the family is well looked after.”

vicious.sid: WTF? Give half of the money to charities then! Why did you enter the lottery and stop someone else who would change their lives if they won it? Absolutely ridiculous!


Is bikini-clad Rihanna celebrating new album with Chris Brown?
Rihanna toasts her new album by posing in a bikini and sharing a photograph with her fans. The superstar took a self-portrait of herself wearing a brown strapless number as she chilled by the side of a pool in her native Barbados following the completion of new disc Unapologetic.
She wrote yesterday: "We havin a celebration.... WE HAVE AN ALBUM!!! #UNAPOLOGETIC"
Rihanna's desire to party continued into the early hours of this morning.
She added: "Man my album is complete, and I need a f****** drink and a roll up! It was quite the journey, but it's all part of our story! #UNAPOLOGETIC"
It's rumoured Chris Brown has joined the celebrations so the newly-reunited couple can spend time together before he leaves for his tour of Europe and Africa begins later this month.
Rihanna tweeted fans on Saturday telling them she was going away. Hours later Chris posted a snap of himself standing next to his private jet.

vicious.sid: Well I can't see any bruises yet, she must be treating him well so far.


Slap Miss ‘is ruined’
A DRAMA teacher’s career lay in ruins last night after she was convicted of hitting a pupil on the head with a folder. Vanessa Hermione Greening, 49, lost her temper with the boy for talking as they watched other children perform at Alexandra High School, Tipton, West Mids.
He later told police: “It didn’t hurt”.
Greening, of Birmingham, had been previously reprimanded for her conduct. She got a six-month community order for assault at Sandwell Magistrates’ Court.

vicious.sid: I would understand if she had held him by the throat and punched him in the face. To ruin a woman's whole future like this over something so stupid while paedophiles get away with a slap on the wrist, drunk drivers get away with a slap on the wrist, child killers get away with a slap on the wrist! When I was a kid, I got the cane . . . ONCE . . . I never got it again because it really hurt and I wasn't going to get it again! A message for all the handwringers - I've never been violent in my life. I'm glad I won't be here when all this sucking up to kids comes into fruition. These kids now will be running the country in twenty or thirty years - good luck everybody! You gonna need it!!!!!!
VirtuaGirl: Violence breeds violence. When I went home from school one day with a thick red weal on my leg from a gym shoe, my dad promptly stormed into school and broke the teachers nose. Made me feel good at the time, but luckily I realised I shouldn't feel happy about it. The real possibility is, that by inflicting violence on children to alter their behaviour, could teach them that they too can get what they want by hurting others. Could this turn them into thugs and bullies? I believe it did with my ex!
vicious.sid: VituaGirl: Could this turn kids into thugs and bullies? It turned your father into a thug and a bully - I bet you didn't misbehave again did you? Or maybe you did because you were smug because you knew your dad would beat up anyone who gave you discipline.


RVP’s the new Ruud
PATRICE EVRA says Robin van Persie has given everyone at Old Trafford a Ruud awakening. The Dutch Master bagged his 10th goal of the season for Manchester United when he opened the scoring in the 2-1 win against his old club Arsenal on Saturday.
And stand-in Red Devils skipper Evra believes the £22million summer signing is similar to United goal-scoring legend Ruud van Nistelrooy.
RVN banged in 150 goals in just five years with Alex Ferguson’s men — so his fellow countryman RVP has a long way to go yet.
But Evra said: “People can now see that Robin is strong mentally. He seems like he has played for us for many years and he reminds me of Van Nistelrooy.
“I hope he can keep going because he can be one of the best.
“I played with Ruud when I signed for United and remember what a great player he was.” Asked why he believes they are similar, Evra smiled: “First of all, they are both Dutch! But it’s the class and the touch they both have when you pass the ball to them.
“Robin is just a top-class player and you can see why United wanted him and why the gaffer worked so hard to get him. He has started so well and I just hope he can keep going because, at United, you have to do that in every game and we have to do everything we can to make sure he feels good.
“I hope he can keep going because he can be one of the best.”

vicious.sid: He just doesn't look right in a Manure shirt.


IDS: Mega handouts have divided society
BRITAIN’S overly generous benefits system has left society deeply divided, Iain Duncan Smith warned yesterday. The Work and Pensions Secretary said big handouts for jobless parents are resented by their hard-working neighbours.
He said: “Most people get up in the morning, work hard, come back late and can only afford to have one or two children.
“They look down the road to the house with the curtains closed, no-one going out to work but lots of kids around. It’s dividing society. The way you bring society back together again is to get the idea of taking responsibility, and fairness for those who pay the bills.”
His comments are the strongest hint yet that the Tories will slash child benefit payouts for more than two kids.
Just one in seven families have more than two children. The former Tory leader said only the richest or poorest 10 per cent of the population have bigger families thanks to big salaries or large benefits.
He added: “Everybody in Britain makes decisions based on what they can afford and how their family life works.
“All we’re saying is you can have as many children as you like, but you need to recognise you have to provide for them.”

vicious.sid: Revelation, everybody. A politician has, at last, AT LAST, begun to understand the feelings of ordinary plebs. But don't worry, normal service will resume, he'll forget all about it soon when he realises there's nothing in it for him.

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The Thoughts Of Vicious Sid 05.11.12
06 November 2012

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Nicki Minaj makes sure she doesn't nip out of her dress
NICKI Minaj reveals exactly why she has to wear nipple covers as she bends over and squeezes her breasts together during a gig. The rapper, who accidentally flashed her boobs on morning TV in America last year, has been making sure she doesn't make that mistake again by wearing the flesh-coloured patches over her assets while on tour in the UK.
And if this eye-popping snap is anything to go by, they seem to be coming in very handy.
The 29-year-old's nipple covers were clear to see as she leant forward and held her 34C breasts between her hands on stage in Manchester last night.

vicious.sid: Why doesn't she just buy a bigger dress?


No shame MacShane
FORMER Europe minister Denis MacShane shows no hint of shame yesterday — despite being unmasked as an expenses cheat. The 64-year-old, forced to resign as a Labour MP, had a smug grin while out near his home in Rotherham, South Yorks.
A Parliamentary committee ruled he faked 19 invoices to get £12,900 of public cash.

vicious.sid: Of course he's all smiles, anyone who knows that they're above the law would be as smug as him. Don't worry, I'm sure he would have made sure that he has a few million stashed away so he can pay his electricity bill during his suspension! Nothing will ever change, sigh . . .




We’ll shoot you, New York looters warned
RESIDENTS of New York’s storm-battered Queens district threatened to take the law into their own hands yesterday — and shoot looters. The warnings emerged as much of the Manhattan skyline finally lit up again last night as electricity was turned back on after five days of power failures.
With no police on the streets to protect them, Queens locals armed themselves with guns, baseball bats and even bows and arrows.
Keone Singlehurst, 42, said: “It’s like the Wild West. I’ve got myself a bow and would definitely use it if I felt threatened.”
Danielle Harris, 34, added: “We’ve booby-trapped our door and keep a baseball bat.”
Some residents claimed criminals donned utility worker uniforms and knocked on doors of desperate residents in the middle of the night.
An estimated 81,000 homes in Queens are still without power and Long Island residents have been warned it could be the weekend before their supplies are restored.
Locals there put up signs warning looters to stay away.

vicious.sid: Good luck to them, I would do exactly the same. It's at times of disaster that you see true human nature. I can't even imagine in my wildest nightmares how anyone could take advantage of another human being during a disaster like this. I despair . . .


Grave with RiPad Leave videos to loved ones
A STONEMASON has created a gravestone featuring an iPad. The “iTomb” allows grieving relatives to post photos, videos and music at a loved one’s resting place.
The tablets, which cost up to £659, are secured into a £900 traditional York stone.
They are solar-powered and have a cover to protect them from weather and vandals. Ken Howe, 64, created the headstone in ten days for a charity and believes it could become a common sight.
Ken, of Waterfoot, Lancs, said: “People are asking for more creative headstones. With a bit of tinkering it could become a viable headstone very easily.”

vicious.sid: Like that'll stay in it's mounting for longer than ten minutes!!! The lowlife scum will be there seconds after the funeral.


I’m Notting the mood, Rhys
  NOTTING Hill star Rhys Ifans moves in to give girlfriend Anna Friel a kiss, but appears to get the cold shoulder. The ex-Brookside actress, 36, turned the other cheek as Rhys, 45, puckered up at a party in London’s Charing Cross Hotel, near where Anna is performing in the play Uncle Vanya.
The pair have been almost inseparable since they started dating last year. That’s a real Brookie bond for Rhys.

vicious.sid: Be fair - I wouldn't kiss him with someone else's! I think it's about time he shaved his head instead of making his wispy bits stand up like that. Rhys, you are a baldy, face up to it! He's just a disgusting drunken, arrogant slob, I really can't see how anyone could even fancy him. Yuck.


It’s Rylan, the ladies’ man!
X FACTOR star Rylan Clark glosses over the fact he’s gay — to pose as a decorator having a raunchy brush with a near naked girl. The pair were daubed in luminous paint for the 2010 shoot when Rylan, in just jeans and braces, was an aspiring model.
The snapper said: “He was a complete natural when it came to setting up shots and posing.
“It was about as steamy a photo session as you could imagine.”
Now camp Rylan, 24, is busy keeping his hand in as a colourful character on the ITV show.

vicious.sid: It's a man . . . it's a man . . . it's a man . . . (She does look like she's unconscious!!).


Are poppies being made flimsy on purpose? Tory MP says British Legion is trying to boost sales after tribute flower 'explodes'
Worn by millions to support to those in the armed forces, the paper poppy is an iconic badge that many pin to their lapel.
But one Conservative MP has teased the Royal British Legion, who make the poppies, suggesting they are deliberately making them to fall apart - meaning people will buy more and boost profits.
Michael Fabricant, MP for Lichfield in Staffordshire, said his poppy had 'exploded' when the stalk popped out and hit the screen of his laptop.
He joked that the legion had hit upon a 'cunning plan' to make poppies self-destruct and prompting people to buy more poppies, before pronouncing it a 'damned good idea'.
The Royal British Legion, which provides support to serving members of the Armed Forces, veterans, and their families, took the teasing with good humour, the Daily Telegraph reported.
A spokesman told the newspaper that the poppies were made to the 'highest standard', but added: 'After your suggestion, they may not be next year.'

vicious.sid: Only a politician would think of a(nother) way of conning the public. Even for a good cause!!!!!


Scarred for life after a fox tried to bite my face off
AN angler has been scarred for life after waking in his tent to find a fox with its jaws locked on his face. Married dad-of-three Andrew Thomas — who had been night fishing for carp — felt the animal’s fangs mauling his cheek.
The 41-year-old then squeezed the fox’s snout to stop it breathing and it ran off.
Andrew, a data technician, of Uckfield, East Sussex, said: “It was a scary way to wake up.
“I felt this clamp on the side of my face. I thought, ‘what the hell has latched on to me’.” Andrew went to hospital and was given 26 stitches to his wounded cheeks. He added: “I’m lucky I didn’t lose my eye.
“I’m just trying to come to terms with it. It was quite a horrific experience.
“I probably turned over or snored and spooked him.”
A Countryside Alliance spokesman said: “Foxes are opportunistic predators and in some situations it is understandable that they might see a sleeping angler as a potential food source.”
“Thankfully this sort of attack is very rare.”

vicious.sid: Hmmmmm. The fox was 'clamped on' to the side of his face - so it was one bite then. Why are there marks both side of his nose? Surely he would have said that it clamped on to his nose? Very strange story - those marks do not look like a bite to me. I just could not imagine a fox biting a full grown man like that at all. Is this a story for the missus?


Fans rage at Santos shirt swap
FURIOUS Arsenal fans and ex-players ripped into Andre Santos after he asked for Robin van Persie’s shirt at HALF-TIME! RVP had already scored against his old club before Santos’ shameful request. Former Gunner Ray Parlour blasted: “That’s a joke. I wouldn’t have that. At half-time? He should be concentrating on his game and he was having a nightmare.
“He can’t play in a back four as he gets caught out of position all the time.”
RVP put United ahead inside three minutes — his 10th goal since a £22million summer switch from Arsenal.
Patrice Evra added a second before Santi Cazorla’s late strike for the Gunners.
Fans took to Twitter to rage at Santos, signed for £5.6million from Fenerbahce last season.
TV presenter Piers Morgan wrote: “If Santos really asked for, and got #VanPursestrings’ shirt as they walked off at half-time, he should never play for Arsenal again.”
Former Middlesbrough striker Jan Aage Fjortoft added: “Arsenal give Van Persie a goal. Van Persie gives Santos a Manchester United shirt.”
Gunners fans were fuming with Santos — joking that it was the closest he got to Van Persie all day.
Gunners blogger @LeGrove wrote: “Santos taking Robin’s shirt at half time? Priorities... and jeez, how old are you?”
Others included @bkooory, who added: “How pathetic would a player have 2 be, asking 4 an opponents shirt at half-time.”

vicious.sid: I think that sums up the commitment of the Arsenal players. He probably thought it was full time and was looking forward to going down the pub.

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The Thoughts Of Vicious Sid 04.11.12
05 November 2012

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Stuck in the middle with EU
EMBATTLED David Cameron was under siege from all sides over the EU last night after a fresh double attack from Tory MPs AND his deputy Nick Clegg. Despite a defeat by 53 rebellious backbenchers, Downing Street steadfastly refused to bow to the Commons demand to push for a Brussels spending cut.
That drove furious Conservatives to brand the PM a “dictator”. And Lib Dem leader Mr Clegg opened up a withering new front on Mr Cameron by labelling his pledge to bring back powers as dishonest.
In extraordinary timing, the Deputy PM chose the morning after the rebellion to assault Mr Cameron’s strategy to reform the EU in Britain’s interests.
The PM will formally unveil his renegotiation bid — which he will put to the country in a referendum — in a major speech next month.
Mr Clegg said: “A grand, unilateral repatriation of powers might sound appealing. But in reality it is a false promise wrapped in a Union Jack.”
Branding it a “nonsensical” and doomed plan, he asked: “What kind of club gives you a full pass, with all the perks, but doesn’t expect you to pay the full membership fee or abide by all the rules?”
No 10 sources last night admitted Mr Clegg’s virulent opposition to the PM’s renegotiation plan meant it could not happen until after 2015. Mr Clegg also incensed Tory rebels by telling them to “grow up” and act in the national interest as the EU budget cut they are demanding would never happen.
Mr Cameron responded to Wednesday’s landmark vote by saying he would “listen carefully to Parliament”.
But he refused to commit to anything more than pushing for a real-terms freeze — a rise equal to inflation — during crunch talks this month.
Tory backbencher Mark Pritchard, one of the revolt leaders, said: “If the Government ignores the voice of the people through their elected representatives it will confirm that Britain is effectively run by an elected dictatorship.”

vicious.sid: Love the headline, that made me titter! Cameron is such a privileged liar, he deserves everything he gets!!


Rodgers: Every team has a Suarez
BRENDAN RODGERS has told all those putting the boot in on Luis Suarez to get their own house in order first. The Kop striker has been labelled a cheat and a diver for constantly going to ground, with things coming to a head before last week’s Merseyside derby.
Yet Rodgers has launched a fierce defence of Liverpool’s star man — and insisted every club has players throwing themselves around to get the upper hand.
He blasted: “I believe this will be the ongoing debate, and now people will see that diving is an issue which is at every club — it is widespread within the game.
“It is ridiculous to single out one man, because every single club has an issue.”
Rodgers certainly has a point. Last week Goodison chief David Moyes claimed Suarez’s diving would drive fans away from the game — only for Everton skipper Phil Neville to be booked for a laughable tumble in the 2-2 draw.
The Kop boss added: “Just look at last weekend, and two players you would deem to be great professionals — Angel Rangel and Neville — almost above criticism.
“Rangel was booked against Manchester City for diving but I worked with him for two years at Swansea and he’s one of the most honest, genuine people I’ve come across in my life. But he got booked for diving. Neville is 35 and over the years you would consider him to be a really honest guy, an impeccable professional.
“But then he gets booked for diving after his manager has read the riot act to his players by all accounts. Then you have Fernando Torres booked for diving.
“So managers have made a criticism of Luis, but I can guarantee you they will have players who are criticised for diving.”

vicious.sid: Er, excuse me! Change that statement to "Every PREMIER LEAGUE Team . . ." You won't see many nancyboy divers in the real men's league, the Championship.


Becks is as thick as bats*** says New Zealand’s PM
NEW Zealand's Prime Minister has branded David Beckham "as thick as bats***", reports said yesterday. John Key made the stinging remarks - reported on Radio New Zealand - to a group of schoolchildren in the city of Dunedin yesterday.
He told the youngsters that his own son had spent 45 minutes with the former England skipper when he played an exhibition match for an invitational side in Auckland in 2008.
The PM said Becks, 37, had been very friendly, but then cruelly claimed that the LA Galaxy star wasn't particularly bright.
Becks’ brainpower has been called into question on a number of occasions in the past. And some of his own comments haven’t helped his cause.
He once said: "My parents have been there for me, ever since I was about seven."
Asked another time whether he was a volatile player, he said: "Well, I can play in the centre, on the right, and occasionally on the left side."
Speaking on faith, he said: "We're definitely going to get Brooklyn christened but we don't know into which religion."
Even his missus Victoria told him in a 2000 telly documentary: "You make yourself sound stupid and you're not."

vicious.sid: Come on, Becks would be the first to admit that he's not the brightest light on the christmas tree, but how many people (apart from other footballers, of course) are as thick as him AND as rich as him? Good luck to the man, even if he did play for Manure.


'My job is particularly mysterious and baffling'
VETERAN Tory Ken Clarke has admitted he doesn’t know what his new Government job is. Ken, 72, was sacked as Justice Secretary two months ago and appointed Minister without Portfolio. But he described the role — for which taxpayers pay him £98,740 a year — as “particularly mysterious and baffling”.
Friends of Mr Clarke last night insisted the extraordinary comment was meant as a “tongue in cheek” joke. But critics said it revealed his bitterness after David Cameron sacked him as justice boss for being too soft.
The PM’s official spokesman was forced to correct Mr Clarke last night, saying: “It’s very clear what Mr Clarke’s job is. Minister without Portfolio enables him to bring his particular expertise across a range of issues. I think you’ll find he knows that.”
Mr Clarke’s senior moment came just days after fellow Cabinet veteran Vince Cable, 69, forgot that he had attended two meetings of the Government’s key growth committee.

vicious.sid: Clarke must have said that exact same sentence every single time in every job he's ever had. Do any of them really know what they are doing? I don't think they can see past "What's in it for me?".


Babysitter, 33, killed girlfriend's baby by dropping him on the floor and smashing his head against a wall because he wouldn't stop crying
 A man who murdered his girlfriend's 18-month-old son because he was crying has been jailed for life.
Scott Hepburn, 33, told partner Samantha Knox that her baby boy was asleep to try to cover up his crime.
But little Ashley Johnson had been attacked by Hepburn as he babysat for Miss Knox for one hour on the evening of January 27 this year.
Hepburn threw Ashley on the floor from a height of three feet and smashed him against a wall twice before arranging the semi-conscious child in his cot, as if he were sleeping.
He then went downstairs to watch television. Miss Knox, his girlfriend of four months, arrived back at her home in Meir, Stoke-on-Trent, and found her son unconscious when she went to give him a goodnight kiss.
Hepburn pretended he had 'no idea' how Ashley had sustained extensive skull fractures and a broken leg and continued to watch TV.
Ashley was taken to hospital but died after suffering extensive fractures to his skull, causing a 'catastrophic' brain injury.
Today Hepburn was jailed for life and ordered to serve a minimum of 15 years behind bars by a judge at Stafford Crown Court.
He had denied the murder charge and was due to face trial in January 2013, but changed his plea to guilty.

vicious.sid: Just one look at him and I wouldn't let him near my dog, let alone a child. What is happening to this world?


Sorry, I'm berry, berry drunk: Blackbirds intoxicated and unsteady on their feet after eating fermented berries
Falling over and feeling disorientated after drinking too much is not just a human frailty, it seems.
Animal health experts found that birds become intoxicated on fermented berries causing them to be unsteady and injure themselves in flight.
Scientists made the discovery when they were called to a playground in Cumbria where there were 12 dead blackbirds, many with trauma injuries.
A post mortem showed that one bird had high levels of ethanol, pure alcohol, in its liver. All of them had eaten berries from a nearby rowan tree.
The berries in the birds' guts smelled of fermentation - the chemical process of sugars breaking down into alcohol.
One bird found alive that was cared for at a local wildlife sanctuary was described as unsteady on its feet, using its wings to support itself and leaning on the walls of its enclosure.
It made a full recovery and was released after two weeks.
Staff from the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency (AHVLA) published their results in the Veterinary Record.
Tim Harrison, development officer of the British Trust for Ornithology's Garden BirdWatch, told the BBC: 'Generally speaking, birds that have a lot of fruit in their diet are more efficient at metabolising alcohol and are better adapted at eating fruit that has higher alcohol concentrations.
'There are anecdotal reports of birds acting "drunk" but these tend to be very rare.'
Scientists believe the birds feasted on damaged berries on the ground which would have began fermenting and producing alcohol..
In 1999 a group of redwings, which had been feeding on holly berries that were fermenting following a frost, displayed similar symptoms.

vicious.sid: We used to have a couple of apple trees in our garden a few years ago. I admit I was a bit lazy and didn't clear the apples up very quickly. After a time of rotting they began fermenting and it was hilarious! The birds would eat them and start falling over! Next door had a vicious cat and I watched a drunken blackbird actually keep hopping at the cat and shouting and pecking at it and the cat eventually ran off!!! I enjoyed the spectacle for eight or nine years, I wonder if they're still meeting at the Apple Tree Bar every year!!!


New treatment for crystal meth addicts after scientists develop a vaccine that blocks the drug's effect on the brain
A vaccine to treat crystal meth addicts is a step closer to fruition after scientists discovered how to block the drug's effect on the brain.
Tests on rats have shown the vaccine stops them being affected by the drug, which is taken by 25 million people worldwide.
If it works on humans it would be the first specific vaccine for methamphetamine addition, reports the journal Biological Psychiatry.
The popularity of crystal meth has soared in the last 20 years and the drug is particularly addictive
Professor Michael Taffe, from the Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) where the research was carried out, said: 'This is an early-stage study, but its results are comparable to those for other drug vaccines that have then gone to clinical trials.'
The popularity of crystal meth has soared in the last 20 years and the drug is particularly addictive. Indeed, methamphetamine has become one of the most common drugs of abuse around the world.
But developing effective vaccines has proved problematic until now.
Just as traditional vaccines evoke antibody responses against viruses or bacteria, anti-drug antibodies are meant to grab hold of drug molecules and keep them from getting into the brain -- preventing the drug from giving the user a high and removing the incentive for taking the drug.
The vaccine is thought to work by stopping drug molecules from getting into brain, so users can't feel their effects
Two years ago researcher Kim Jands and his colleagues developed six possible meth vaccines including one, MH6, that blocked the effects of the drug.
For the new study they looked at MH6 in greater detail, and found it prevented a rise in body temperature and burst of hyperactivity that occur after meth exposure. 
Underlying these promising effects on behavioural measures was a robust antibody response, which in vaccinated rats kept more of the drug in the bloodstream and out of the nervous system, compared to control rats. 
'These are encouraging results that we'd like to follow up with further animal tests, and, we hope, with clinical tests in humans some day,' said co-researcher Michelle Miller.
Dr Janda said: 'I think this vaccine has all the right features to allow it to move forward in development.
'It certainly works better than the other active vaccines for meth that have been reported so far.'

vicious.sid: How about: "You know that as soon as you put this substance into your system, you will be addicted and the rest of your life will be taken over by the drug and you and your loved ones will suffer immensely - you have got to be some kind of idiot to do it". That's another thing in this crazy world that I don't understand - knowing the above sentence, they still do it!!! Huh???


Yob in a fankini
THE soccer yob facing a police quiz over monkey taunts dons a MANKINI. The snap of Gavin Kirkham, 28, emerged as the Chelsea supporter confessed to The Sun he had “no explanation” for his seemingly racist crowd antics.
Kirkham is said to have targeted Man United’s black England ace Danny Welbeck during Wednesday’s cup thriller, which the Blues won 5-4.
Last night an outraged United supporter who was at Stamford Bridge offered to be a witness in the Scotland Yard probe.
He said the Chelsea fan screamed foul-mouthed abuse all through the game — adding: “It was always to the coloured players in the Man U team.”
Shamefaced Kirkham, of Letchworth, Herts, was identified on social network websites after he was pictured raising his hands to his armpits.
The roofer yesterday insisted police had not contacted him — adding: “I’m very busy. I can’t really talk about it any more.”
Pal Kevin Cleverly, 43 — his landlord — said: “He’s a bit ashamed of himself. I think he wishes it hadn’t happened.
“He isn’t a bad lad — he just got wrapped up in the match.
“He has brought the game into disrepute a bit.”
Kirkham’s sister Zoe, 22, who lives in Skegness, Lincs, insisted: “He’s not a racist. It’s all been blown out of proportion.” Police confirmed they had not arrested anyone.

vicious.sid: A black Playboy pillow case. Oh, lordy - I think we should feel sorry for him. At least we now have an idea of his brainpower and why he's like he is. Sigh . . .


Man Utd 2 Arsenal 1
ROBIN VAN PERSIE took just three minutes to score against his old team as Manchester United powered past 10-man Arsenal. The Dutch striker, who left the Gunners for Old Trafford in the summer for £24million, capitalised on some poor defending from Thomas Vermaelen to put United a goal up early on.
United dominated the game and should have made it 2-0 a minute before the break when Ashley Young’s cross struck Santi Cazorla’s hand and a penalty was given.
However, Wayne Rooney skewed the spot-kick wide to the relief of the visitors.
Andre Santos, who had an extremely poor game at left-back, incurred the wrath of the Arsenal fans when he swapped shirts with Van Persie at half-time.
United finally doubled their lead in the 69th minute when Rooney’s cross was headed home by Patrice Evra, before Arsenal’s task was made even harder when Jack Wilshere was sent off for a second bookable offence.
Santi Cazorla did manage a consolation in the final minute of injury time with curling effort, but it went no way to hiding the gulf in class between the two sides.
England midfielder Wilshere had been making only his second appearance for the Gunners after a 14-month injury lay-off.
United were superior in almost every department against a side they fought out a bitter rivalry with in the last decade.
The sight of Van Persie in their ranks will have hurt, and the Arsenal fans made clear from the moment his name was first read out what they now thought of their former hero.
Van Persie’s eight year stint in north London culminated in last season’s magnificent 37-goal campaign but he was cheered when he slipped in the opening minute.
But the 29-year-old needed little time to remind the Gunners of what they lost when he left the Emirates Stadium.

vicious.sid: OMG! Hilarious! The first time Young touched the ball and someone came in to tackle he went up in their air as though he had trodden on a land mine!! What is the matter with him? Does he never learn or is it just so built in that he can't help it? And then something so ironic! Young could have made it 2-0 if he did a diving header but he didn't dive for it! Ok, he was offside, but he didn't know.


Arsenal to test Palace's resolve with £9m move for wonderkid Zaha in January
Arsenal will launch a £9million move to land Crystal Palace whizkid Wilfried Zaha in January.
The club have watched the 19-year-old, who grew up as an Arsenal supporter, on several occasions this season.
And Arsenal’s interest in Zaha took a step forward last weekend when chief scout Steve Rowley watched the teenager put in a scintillating display against Leicester.
The winger is settled in London and is no hurry to leave Selhurst Park, but it is understood the youngster would find it difficult to turned down a switch to a top Premier League club.
Arsenal are likely to start their bidding with a deal worth £9m, an offer which will comprise of a number of performance-related add-ons.
But Palace, who were continuing with their attempts to name Blackpool manager Ian Holloway as their next manager, will not let their teenage sensation leave Selhurst Park without a fight.
Financially, the club are under no pressure to sell Zaha in January, while chairman Steve Parish has publicly insisted it would take a £20million offer for Palace to part with their Ivory-Coast born forward.
The south London club remained determined to keep hold of Zaha, particularly if they remain in the hunt for promotion at the turn of the year, and will inform their incoming manager their are no plans to sell the forward in January.
But that will not stop Arsenal testing Palace’s resolve. It is highly unlikely Palace will accept an £9million offer - but the the Gunners are determined to land the youngster.
An improved bid between £12m-£15m could leave Parish with a serious question to answer.

vicious.sid: Don't do it Wilfried!!! That is DEFINITELY a step down!!!

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The Thoughts Of Vicious Sid 03.11.12
04 November 2012

My blog will be updated daily, so make sure you come back! If you would like to add or reply to a comment on one of the articles below just send me your comment and, if it's reasonably decent and not libellous or anything like that, I'll add it to the article (don't forget to include the date and title of the article).


Binmen track down paedo after finding naked images of children
BINMEN turned detectives to track down a paedophile after finding naked images of children in a recycling bin. They alerted cops before monitoring green bins outside a block of flats.
They discovered two more batches of photos and one was mixed with documents containing a name and address.
Police raided the home of Colin Eaton, 52 — where they found hundreds of pictures of naked boys and girls on his computer.
Jobless Eaton, from Tiverton, Devon, admitted 18 counts of making or possessing indecent images of children.
Exeter Crown Court gave him an eight-month suspended sentence and ordered him to go on a sex offenders programme as part of a two-year supervision order.
Judge Francis Gilbert, QC, also put him on the sex offenders register and made a sexual offences prevention order, which bans him from contacting anyone under 16 online. He imposed £300 costs.
The judge told Eaton: “You printed off a number of indecent images of children, you left them in the street in a recycling bin, where they were found by the council binmen on three dates in June and July last year.
“Your barrister has described your behaviour as foolish but I regard it as very serious. They could have been found by anyone including young children.
“This was distribution without any control. I note that the binmen were very upset by what they found and referred the matter to the police.”

vicious.sid: And, sigh, once again another pervert gets away with it. I really think these judges need to be investigated. What reason would you have to let these people off with a slap on the wrist? Where are the deterrents? I can picture the judge winking at him as he walked out of the court.

tony: Funny how he can worry about recycling after looking at child porn, 8 month suspended sentance and his barrister has described his behaviour as foolish. Well i see our courts take this very very serious.I am sure he is so scared never to do it again


Boy catches burglar on his own after cops give up hunt
A TEENAGER whose family was burgled and told by police there was little hope of finding the thieves turned detective and tracked them down — in an HOUR. Connor Kendall, 16, found raiders had taken a digital camera, camcorder, laptop and wristwatch from his family home.
Police were called to the property but after taking fingerprints officers explained there was little hope of finding the culprits or the £1,000 haul.
But Connor, of Bodmin, Cornwall, was so determined to find the crooks he launched his own investigation.
Gathering three friends he headed to the town and began talking to young people, friends and neighbours to find out if anyone knew anything.
By chance, a group of boys said they had seen 22-year old Jamie Fisher – who lived in nearby Roche – selling a similar-looking watch on his Facebook page.
Just one hour after starting his investigation on October 16 amateur sleuth Connor went into the local police station and shared his suspicions about the Facebook page.
Cops tracked down Fisher, who admitted the burglary and was later sentenced to 28 months in jail.
Fisher had sold the laptop for £30 to buy cannabis but the other items were recovered.
The total value of the laptop, two digital cameras and the wristwatch Fisher stole was £960 — of which £330 worth was retrieved.
Judge John Neligan told him at Truro Crown Court: “You may have got away with it but for the young man’s detective work.”

vicious.sid: Well done, Connor! I hope the police read this and hang their heads in shame - disgraceful.


Volunteer street cleaner is fined £75 for dropping litter... into a bin
An award-winning litter picker has been slapped with a £75 on-the-spot fine after he put rubbish - into bins.
Kind-hearted David Baker, 39, of Stourbridge, West Mids, has scooped several accolades for keeping the streets of his home town tidy by voluntarily picking up litter seven days a week for free.
But last week, he was handed a fixed penalty fine by jobsworth council bosses after they accused him of fly-tipping.
Mr Baker, who has voluntarily gathered tonnes of strangers rubbish from street across Stourbridge, over the last six years, has been accused of putting some of his own litter into a public bin.
Yesterday the furious former geologist, blasted council 'busybodies' and branded their decision as 'bureaucracy gone mad'.
He fumed: 'I think that it is completely outrageous that I should be fined for actually cleaning rubbish off the streets.
'How can people who actually want to put rubbish in the bin be fined?
'To claim that what I put in the bin amounts to fly-tipping is crazy.
'I moved to a town centre flat six years ago and got fed up with all the rubbish in the street.
'I look after all the plants and dead head them daily and I go around picking up rubbish.
'I fill a carrier bag or two a day and I go out most days of the year - unless I’m on holiday.
'I am out at least an hour every day and do it all for free.
'I just think the council are desperate for money and have a mentality of fining people for anything at the moment.'
Mr Baker started cleaning the streets near when he worked on the team preparing for the annual Stourbridge in Bloom entry.
He added: 'I used to be given bags from the council and they used to take the rubbish away if I left it in a certain spot.
'But 18 months ago they stopped giving me bags and told me not to dump the rubbish because they won’t take it away.
'I’m going to have to pay the fine but I’m really disappointed.'
The council yesterday defended the fine, claiming they found he had thrown a pizza box and junk mail in a public street bin, which is illegal as it is considered 'domestic waste'.
Environment boss councillor Tracy Wood said: 'Our enforcement officers issued a fixed penalty fine to Mr Baker in Stourbridge, after they found his domestic waste and letters in the litter bin on a number of occasions.
'However, we will be reviewing the fine and speaking to Mr Baker directly to discuss it.'
Meanwhile, a 14-year-old schoolboy from Tamworth, Staffs., was fined £80 for throwing a 2ft long branch into a river while playing poohsticks.
Shocked Kieran Wright was served with a fixed penalty notice by Tamworth Borough Council and ordered to pay the fine or undertake three hours of litter picking.
An eagle-eyed council official spotted Kieran lobbing the branch into the river on October 6.
Days later the teenager received the penalty notice through the post - with a letter warning that littering was 'punishable by a fine of up to £2,500'.
His furious stepfather Andrew Wilson said yesterday: 'When we found out I thought ‘you have to be joking’.
'It’s ridiculous. We used to do it as kids - it’s a game called Poohsticks in the Winnie the Pooh books, and there’s a national competition for it.
Are they going to stop everyone from throwing sticks into the water or throwing bread for ducks, or food for the fish?
'Fair enough if it was a can or a food wrapper, but it was an innocent thing. I don’t know how these officers can stop children and get their personal details off them.'
A council spokesman said: 'Branches deliberately thrown into the river directly contribute to the blocking of the flow of water, which can lead to flooding and other environmental problems.
'We will always take action to prevent this.'

vicious.sid: "Welcome to the Tamworth Council meeting, ladies and gentlemen. First on the agenda: the council has been wasting far too much money and we want chocolate digestives with our tea instead of the plain ones. How can we make some more money?" "How about charging people to walk on their pavements?" "That's been tried, didn't work." "What about charging people to plant flowers?" "That's been tried, didn't work." "Erm, fining people for putting rubbish in public bins?" "That's been tried, we're waiting to see if it works." "I know, I saw a boy throwing a twig in the river a little while ago . . ."


Senior Labour MP resigns over 19 fake expenses claims
FORMER Labour minister Denis MacShane has resigned after he was found to have wrongly claimed thousands of pounds in expenses. Earlier today the Labour Party declared the MP’s career to be “effectively over” after a damning report by Westminster’s sleaze watchdog the Standards and Privileges Committee.
It detailed how he had knowingly submitted 19 FALSE invoices over a four-year period that were “plainly intended to deceive” Parliament’s expenses authority.
The committee, which adjudicates on sleaze allegations against MPs, said it was the “gravest case” it had dealt with.
It was impossible to say how much Mr MacShane had claimed “outside the rules”, the committee said, but it “may have been in the order of £7,500”.
His punishment reflected that his actions had been “so far from what would be acceptable in any walk of life”.
In a report published today, it said: “He has expressed his regret, and repaid the money wrongly claimed.
“But this does not excuse his behaviour in knowingly submitting 19 false invoices over a period of four financial years which were plainly intended to deceive the Parliamentary expenses authorities.
“This is so far from what would be acceptable in any walk of life that we recommend that Mr MacShane be suspended from the service of the House for 12 months
"This would mean he lost his salary and pension contributions for this period.”
The committee’s recommendation must be approved by the Commons, which tends to be a formality.
Mr MacShane previously had the whip withdrawn by Labour when allegations from the British National Party that he abused his expenses were taken up for investigation by Scotland Yard in September 2010.
He was reinstated in July when the Metropolitan Police said they were taking no further action.
Labour today suspended him from the party and said it would be talking to him about “the best course of action” for him and his Rotherham constituency, which faces having no MP for a year.

vicious.sid: And the gap between privileged and pleb gets wider and wider. Only a politician can get away with committing fraud. Sigh . . .


Hundreds of yetis live in Siberia, claims boffin
A SCIENTIST has put his Bigfoot in it after claiming that hundreds of yetis live in a large area of southern Siberia. Controversial professor Valentin Sapunov has infuriated academics after he said DNA checks on hair samples from a remote cave showed it belong to a mystery human-like mammal.
Now he has gone further by asserting a population of 200 Yetis are alive and well in the forested Kemerovo, Khakassia and Altai regions of Siberia.
Professor Sapunov said there have been no confirmed sightings of yetis because the animals have an acute sense of danger.
A population of 200 would allow them to successfully reproduce, said the academic from the Russian State Hydro-meteorological University.
But other Russian experts ahave slammed Sapunov’s theories.
Oleg Pugachev, Director of the Zoological Institute of Russian Academy of Science, said: “Let me make it clear - Sapunov is blatantly lying.
“He came with some bits of hair to the Institute, and spent a lot of time in my office complaining that official science wants nothing to do with it and no-one wants to test them.
“He asked me to help. I took a pity on him and ordered our DNA specialists to carry out a test.
“They did not manage to extract any genealogical material because there were no hair bulbs.
“The structure of the hair showed that they could have belonged to a goat, and a bear, and to other animals.
“That’s the end of it. What Snowman is he talking about?”
Sapunov hit back saying there is more evidence of the Yeti than for many officially documented species, some of which are reported to exist on the basis of a single bone.

vicious.sid: I think there are a few hundred thousand living in Britain.


Now little ones can clean up after themselves with the Baby Mop suit
AS labour-saving devices go, this one should clean up. A clever website has created a romper suit with a built-in mop. The light-hearted device means you can have your floor scrubbed while your baby learns to explore.
The baby suit has mop heads attached to the arms and legs so your nipper ends up cleaning the floor as it moves around on it.
The £25 Baby Mop suit is being sold on US website and was inspired by a spoof Japanese version.
And although the suit may be a gag, the company say they are flying off the shelves. The company’s Mike Parker said: “We have sold about 100 in just one month since adding it to our site.
“So far all the feedback has been very positive, however we get some negative e mails surrounding the idea of the actual product.
“It’s made from microfibre mop material attached directly to the baby clothes.
“The idea formed to make the actual product from a Japanese commercial on the web.”
“This is the real deal, it’s a legit product and is proving very, very popular.”

vicious.sid: Trust me, it's the only way you'll get a child to do any housework before they leave home!!!!!!
Princess Tor: Does this come in adult size? I would defo rock one of these :-D


MP Pub Plea
MPS from all parties united yesterday to demand an end to the hated beer tax that is killing Britain’s pubs. Tories joined Labour and Lib Dems in calling on ministers to scrap the beer duty escalator, which increases tax on a pint by more than inflation every year. The Sun has revealed how UK drinkers pay TEN TIMES the duty charged elsewhere in Europe.
Tory MP Andrew Griffiths told the Commons 5,800 pubs had shut since the escalator was introduced in 2008. He said: “The point of an escalator is you stop when you get to the top. Scrapping it would save 5,000 jobs and stop the closure of hundreds of pubs.”
MPs unanimously backed a motion calling on the Government to review the tax. The Treasury said axing the escalator would cost the Government £70million next year.

vicious.sid: Hold on, what's going on? MPs wanting to help plebs? I can only assume that these MPs own the pubs that are in danger or something. As if they would help anyone if there was nothing in it for them! Get real!!!!!!


‘We’ll do deal’ say Hamza’s lawyers
  ABU Hamza’s lawyer has opened the way for the hate preacher to strike a deal and plead guilty for a lighter sentence. Hamza, 54, is facing terror charges in the US which could see him jailed for 99 years in a supermax prison.
He is to stand trial in August on charges linked to a terrorist kidnapping in which four people died.
He is also accused of involvement in a plot to establish a terrorist training camp in the US.
But now there is the possibility of a “plea bargain”.
Lawyer Jerry Schneider added that at present his client would deny all charges.
No talks had begun but he added: “If they offer something agreeable to the defendant and myself, we would accept it.”
Hamza cost British taxpayers £1.6million as he tried to dodge being sent to the US.

vicious.sid: Don't you just love it when scumbags start to squirm? Karma. Let's hope the yanks aren't as weak and lilly-livered as the British judicial system and politicians. Ok, we will reduce it - 98 years!


Out of frauder
THE former head of the Serious Fraud Office received £422,000 in irregular payments, says a spending watchdog. Phillippa Williamson’s mega pay-off when she took voluntary redundancy this year should have been approved first by ministers, the National Audit Office declared yesterday.
Ms Williamson received £407,000 in pension payments when she quit as SFO chief executive in April plus a “special severance payment” of £15,000.
But the NAO said in a report “there is no evidence that due process was followed in instigating this voluntary redundancy”.
No attempt was made to find her another civil service job, it stated. The SFO also failed to seek Cabinet Office or Treasury approval. The director who agreed the pay-off, Richard Alderman, has since left.
NAO boss Amyas Morse refused to sign off the organisation’s annual accounts. He said: “By failing to seek approval from the Cabinet Office and the Treasury, the Serious Fraud Office entered into an agreement which forced it to make irregular payments. While positive steps have been taken by the incoming director, I have qualified the organisation’s accounts.”
The SFO said Mr Alderman’s successor, David Green, had already ordered an investigation. It added: “He would not have endorsed the payments.”

vicious.sid: Can you even imagine how much taxpayers money is paid out in bungs that don't get heard about? Sigh . . .

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The Thoughts Of Vicious Sid 02.11.12
03 November 2012

My blog will be updated daily, so make sure you come back! If you would like to add or reply to a comment on one of the articles below just send me your comment and, if it's reasonably decent and not libellous or anything like that, I'll add it to the article (don't forget to include the date and title of the article).


Benefit cheat claiming he could not walk faces jail after being caught doing triathlon
A WELFARE scrounger who pocketed more than £17,000 by claiming he could barely walk has been caught competing in a 15-mile triathlon. Keep-fit fanatic Anthony Connor, 39, said a stroke left him with such a severe limp it would take him five minutes to walk 75 metres.
He also said he needed help getting in and out of the bath and climbing stairs.
But investigators secretly filmed him swimming, cycling and running at the Tatton Park triathlon in Knutsford, Cheshire.
Footage showed him tearing past spectators on his bicycle and later raising his arms in triumph as he completed the run.
He did the entire course in 2hr 30min.
Manchester magistrates were told he had initially claimed disability benefit legitimately in 2006 after suffering a stroke that year. He also claimed income support, housing benefits and council tax benefit.
But after a tip-off, officials began filming Connor and caught up with him as he took part in the triathlon on September 9, 2010.

vicious.sid: Told the benefits people that he couldn't walk further than 75 metres then did a triathlon, but he only did it to finish the course, not to win. Oh, well that's alright then!!! I wonder who thought of that excuse first, him or his lawyer?
Sigh . . .

ElviriaDreamer: You see that's the thing with lawers, they don't mind defending stroke affected criminals BUT when a law abiding woman is left disabled with a death sentence from multiple brain haemorrhages caused by gross medical misconduct and medical negligence in the NHS and by a very famous medical insurance company ...they don't want to defend her to get her the care/medication/treatment she needs. SAYS IT ALL!


Is it in the genes or the injections? Stars just aren't who they used to be
Simon Cowell has caused a stir with hit ballooning bonce – but he’s just the latest in a long line of celebrities hell-bent on defying the ageing process. The X Factor mogul – who’s confessed to having Botox twice a year – sported a puffy face when he appeared on Jay Leno’s US chat show earlier this week.
Whether his swollen chops improve the 53-year-old’s appearance is open to debate, but many have tried and failed – and then tried again and failed some more.
However, stars wouldn’t seek cosmetic assistance in the first place if there weren’t enough proven successes to instil them with the confidence to hand over their credit cards.
While Jocelyn Wildenstein – aka the Bride of Wildenstein or Catwoman – has become the poster girl for anti-surgery campaigns, the likes of Kylie Minogue, Katie Price and Nicole Kidman have all wisely adopted a moderate approach after reportedly embracing Botox.

vicious.sid: Jackie Stallone must look in the mirror and think that she looks good . . . huh? Barry Manilow should just change the name of his song to "I Can't Smile . . .". Mickey Rourke has just destroyed his looks - he would be well good-looking now, most girls like rugged, but he prefers to look like a badly-made puppet. It's all very sad.


RDM blasts refs.. after Blues get 2 pens - and win! Chelsea 5 Man Utd 4
DANIEL STURRIDGE helped Chelsea into the last eight as the Capital One Cup served up another thriller. But Blues boss Roberto Di Matteo continued to moan about refs despite being given TWO penalties by Lee Mason.
RDM moaned: “Nobody is talking about the handball in the second half when we should have had another penalty.
“We’ve had two situations in the last 12 months — at QPR last season and against United on Sunday — when we were not treated fairly.
“Fernando Torres should never have been sent off on Sunday and last year at QPR Jose Bosingwa’s sending off was harsh.
“We’d just like to be treated fairly.”
Chelsea, who needed a last-ditch penalty from Eden Hazard to take the tie to extra time, now travel to Leeds for their quarter-final next month
Di Matteo refused to respond to their manager Neil Warnock’s comments that Chelsea are a disgrace for accusing ref Clattenburg.
The Italian would only say: “With Chelsea and Leeds there is a bit of history. It should be a very interesting game.”
United boss Alex Ferguson blamed Nani after his side led 3-2 with seconds of normal time remaining.
Fergie said: “Nani decided to try to beat a player and it ended up being a penalty to them.
“You expect to see a game out.”

vicious.sid: Don't worry all you Plastics, Old Red Nose will point out to Mason where he went wrong. It won't happen again!


Mum in ‘horrifying’ racist attack dodges jail
A WOMAN who was pictured launching a “horrifying” racist attack on a stranger in front of her two kids has walked free from court. Amanda Lowe, 26, was freed by a judge - despite having previous convictions for violence - after he said it would not be fair on her children to jail her.
The mum of two - who is now pregnant with her third child - can be seen leaving her baby in a pram to join in an attack on victim Khuram Nisar earlier this summer.
Lowe had previously started the trouble by calling the victim a “f****** P***” and a “terrorist” and when he responded Lowe’s boyfriend Wesley Earls punched him to the ground.
CCTV footage released today shows Lowe wading in and repeatedly kicking and stamping on Khuram’s face and head as he lies on the ground.
She then returns to her four-month-old baby and eight-year-old daughter before walking away.
The “disgraceful” attack took place in broad daylight in front of families and workers enjoying the summer weather in May.
Twenty minutes after the attack Lowe, Earls and pal Daniel Wray — who punched Khuram in the head — were arrested by cops.
At a court hearing on Friday, Judge Lindsey Kushner QC hit out at Lowe’s behaviour warning: “I can’t emphasise strongly enough: kids who have mothers who behave like you end up behaving like you.
“That damage starts from when they are tiny.”
Sitting at Manchester Crown Court Judge Kushner spared the three thugs jail - despite having 21 previous convictions between them.
He said Lowe, who had been drinking with friends, was “lucky” not to have been looking at a “care case”.

vicious.sid: A message to all the tourists in the world: Come and visit Britain, especially our Jewel In The Crown - Manchester. You may even make it back home again!!! Sigh . . .

ElviriaDreamer: As she's a repeat offender let's hope next time she's in front of the judge, it isn't for punching and kicking her kids like that.


The £1.6 billion bill to rescue crumbling Parliament: Victorian structure is stuffed with asbestos and leaky roofs
Parliament is so dilapidated that it would be condemned and demolished were it not one of the most famous buildings in the world
Parliament is so dilapidated that it would be condemned and demolished were it not one of the most famous buildings in the world, experts said yesterday.
The Victorian structure is so stuffed with asbestos and leaky roofs that it will require billions of pounds of renovation just to keep it standing.
In a report commissioned by Parliament, it is warned that MPs and Lords will have to move out of the building within the next decade to enable a massive programme of works to electrics, heating, ventilation systems, drainage and stone work.
They concluded that the World Heritage Site - which contains the Commons and Lords chambers as well as suites of committee rooms, offices and dining rooms - was so poorly-maintained that it is ‘remarkable that it continues to function’.
And they warned that if nothing is done to make it safe, the Palace of Westminster could fall victim to a catastrophic fire the like of which famously destroyed its predecessor in 1834.
The report into the ‘looming crisis’ put forward four options for dealing with the mess - although MPs have already rejected the nuclear option of moving out of the Palace altogether, turning it into a museum and building an entirely new parliament building somewhere else in London.
Other ideas include continuing with piecemeal repairs costing £26million a year, and spending 10 years on a boosted programme of repairs during weekends and recesses.
The most likely option is to move MPs and peers out of the neo-Gothic edifice altogether, housing them in new temporary buildings on the Parliamentary estate or in facilities such as the nearby Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre or Church House.
Although they do not put a final cost on the work, they say it will be at least £1.6billion.
The damning report on the state of the home of British democracy was ordered by the House of Commons Commission.

vicious.sid: Ha ha ha ha!!! £1.6 billion? What are the odds that the final bill will be at least £9.2 billion and, thankfully, that will work out as a saving of £673 million? (Politicians' sums, not mine!!) And a few politicians will have big, big smiles on their faces . . . If only Guy Fawkes were still here, he'd do it for nothing (in his own way, of course) and, as long as the lovely politicians are still in there, I don't think a single British pleb would stop him!!!!


In a furious attack on the Government's child benefit cuts, Angela Epstein writes: 'It’s outrageous. My family is losing child benefit just for earning £100k'
For nearly 20 years I’ve been on benefits. Despite earning a good salary as a journalist and broadcaster and being married to a chartered accountant, the Government money lands in my account each month. I accept it happily, without so much as a twitch of embarrassment.
I’m not alone. I have friends who are lawyers, doctors, pharmacists — all highly paid professionals — who are also unapologetic in their receipt of these state handouts.
I’m not talking about a tax loophole or state backhander that allows the streetwise to filch from an already over-committed welfare state. I am, of course, referring to child benefit.
This has always been a one-size-fits-all payment, which is not affected by the level of income coming into a household.
This counts as recognition by the tax system that, as parents, we deserve a little help in supporting our families, regardless of our gross income.
For people like me and my husband, it also means that those who plough a lot into the system are guaranteed to get at least a little out.
But now, just because my children are growing up in a household where both their mother and father earn a decent living, the State wants to renege on its part of the deal.
As part of the Coalition’s austerity programme of spending cuts, a million households in the UK — the wealthiest 15 per cent — will soon wave goodbye to this helping hand. 
In a disgraceful act of financial myopia, the Government is axing or partially axing the broad entitlement of family allowance.
Any household where one parent earns more than £50,000 a year will lose a proportion of the benefit on a sliding scale — 1 per cent for every £100 earned over this threshold. Those earning more than £60,000 lose all of their benefit. 
In our house, that means our benefit payments will soon be no more than a childhood memory since my salary hovers around £50,000 and my husband’s is significantly more.
No longer eligible for the monthly payments, we will be left with the invidious choice of either giving it up completely or continuing to take the benefit and then having it clawed back from us when we fill in our tax forms for the financial year. 
I understand that we are going through a time of great financial difficulty in this country and that sacrifices must be made to get us back on track.
But why should my children lose out, simply because their parents have had the temerity to work hard and earn a good living?

vicious.sid: I think this is just an article to provoke an emotional response. If she really thinks like that then she's just like all the other millionaires who live in that Cloud Cuckoo Land somewhere with the fairies. Does the name 'Child Benefit' not give you some idea? A 'Benefit' is specially designed for people who cannot afford to bring up their children properly because of a lack of money - it's not for the parents, it's for the children so they can at least eat properly. With that amount of money coming into the household she shouldn't need any benefits - if she does, then there's something seriously wrong. I think she secretly knows that it's a case of rich people grabbing as much as they can as usual, she's never had any hardships. If I earned that kind of money I would gladly give up my 'Benefits'. This is a truly sad world that we live in.


What the President saw: Shocked Obama flies over Atlantic City disaster zone to witness massive trail of devastation left by Sandy
President Obama took time out from the campaign trail to visit a stretch of the devastated New Jersey coast and take on a role of comforter-in-chief that could be a major boost to his hopes of re-election next week.
Obama was accompanied by Governor Chris Christie, a Republican bruiser and Mitt Romney backer who showered him with effusive praise for his handling of Superstorm Sandy, giving the President a bipartisan sheen that his aides believe could help him secure victory on Tuesday. 
Leaving Romney on the sidelines holding campaign events in Florida in which he had to pull his punches and barely featured on television anyway, Obama travelled to Atlantic City to get an aerial view of the widespread damage caused by the storm.
The images of Obama offering solace to New Jersey residents who had lost their home could be of incalculable political value in the final few days of the 2012 presidential campaign.
He was joined on the presidential helicopter, Marine One, for the one-hour tour by Christie, who faces his own re-election bid next year and is widely believed to be laying the foundations for a presidential bid in 2016 should Romney lose this time around.
'I want to let you know that your governor is working overtime,' Obama told victims at an emergency shelter after the tour.
'The entire country has been watching what's been happening. Everybody knows how hard Jersey has been hit.'
Christie said:  'It's really important to have the president of the United States here.'
Obama returned the compliment.
The politicians' meeting came as people in the heavily populated US East Coast corridor battered by Sandy took the first cautious steps to reclaim their upended daily routines, even as rescuers combed neighbourhoods strewn with debris and scarred by floods and fire.

vicious.sid: Terrible, absolutely heartbreaking. It makes you feel so helpless. My heart goes out to each and every one of those poor people who have suffered. I know what Obama is doing is for the cameras, I'm not that naive, but can you imagine Cameron doing the same? Going around the devastated towns in his coat and jeans, hugging and offering comfort to the poor victims? I just couldn't imagine anything other than Cameron in his two thousand pound suit keeping the plebs at arms length so he didn't get it dirty and looking sad spouting some lie or other. I'm beginning to think that I don't regard British politicians very highly. Wonder why?


Widow killed by dog pack: Daughter's five pets pounce on 71-year-old as she calls in to feed them
A great-grandmother was mauled to death by a pack of dogs she was feeding as a favour for her daughter.
The five animals pounced on Gloria Knowles, 71, after she went into the garden to give them their evening meal.
The widow was badly injured when the dogs – two 'giant' Bordeaux French mastiffs, two American bulldogs and a small mongrel – suddenly turned on her. Neighbours described hearing 'hysterical screaming and barking' from the garden.
Mrs Knowles lived next door to her daughter, Beverley Mason, with her granddaughter, who has a baby of  her own.
Mrs Mason lives with her husband, Dylan, and her other three children. The couple own the dogs together.
The family has run Harrington's pie and mash shop in Tooting, South London, for several generations.
Police and ambulance services were called to the house in Morden, also in South London, on Tuesday night.
Five dogs were later seized from the semi-detached property, and it was revealed that Mrs Knowles had had a heart attack as the animals set on her. Nazir Hussein, a friend and neighbour of Mrs Knowles, was alerted to the attack when he heard Mrs Mason screaming 'Mum, Mum, Mum' outside the house.
Mr Hussein, 65, said he had long been afraid of the family's dogs,  describing them as 'vicious'.
'I would see the dogs being walked in the park but I didn't want to walk near them,' he said.
'They were vicious dogs – you knew by how they pulled on the lead and you could hear them barking from my house.
'There were so many dogs something like this was bound to happen.'

vicious.sid: I've been trying to work this out for many years. Can someone please explain to me why people would want more than one dog? Why would they want just ONE dog that was originally bred for being ferocious and for hunting? But to want a PACK of hunting dogs living in a house, why? All dogs have the pack mentality, if you have just one bad one, they will all eventually join in an attack. It can't be for companionship because you only need one dog for that. It can't be for security, to have that many they would have to be protecting a few acres. Image? You'd have to be quite a sad person to think that anyone would look up to someone like that. Breeding? In a house? You'd need a farm for that. Come on, someone, please tell me why, I would so love to know. I really don't get it.


'He doesn’t need to be handsome': Bond girl Bérénice Marlohe talks about her ideal man as she strips down for FHM shoot
She's the Bond girl that everyone's talking about and Skyfall star Bérénice Marlohe has proved just what the producers saw in her.
Posing for a series of sultry photos for the new FHM magazine, the French actress looked the epitome of a Bond girl as she slipped into some lacy underwear.
She might be one of the most beautiful women on the planet, but Bérénice told the magazine that her ideal man didn't have to be handsome to catch her eye:
He doesn’t need to be handsome. If he has nothing to say or he is not funny or doesn’t have something happening in his eye, then he is not attractive. Charisma and sense of humour is what gives him that ‘wow’, you know?,' she said.
She might be remaining tight-lipped about her personal life but it seems as if you don't have to be drop dead gorgeous to be in with a chance.

vicious.sid: THERE IS A GOD! Call me, Berenice! Though my daughters keep telling me I would be the exception to the rule - there's 'not being handsome' and there's 'being downright repulsive'!


Australia's richest woman to appear in court over control of £2.6bn family trust in legal battle with three of her children
Australia's richest woman, Gina Rinehart, lost a court bid on Wednesday to throw out a lawsuit brought by three of her children over control of a £2.6billion family trust.
Justice Paul Brereton of the New South Wales Supreme Court ruled that the case should go to a full trial at a date yet to be determined.
Rinehart's three eldest children are seeking to remove her as the sole trustee of the pool that holds an almost one-quarter share in Hancock Prospecting Pty Ltd, one of the world's largest privately-owned mining companies.
The case has captured public attention in Australia as it reveals details of the private life of Rinehart, the only child of Lang Hancock - a household name in the country - after being credited with discovering the world's largest deposit of iron ore in Pilbara, Western Australia.
Rinehart had tried unsuccessfully to have the hearings held behind closed doors after her three elder children - Hope Rinehart Welker, Bianca Rinehart and John Hancock - accused her of serious misconduct in her role as trustee.

vicious.sid: Money destroys everything. But that's what you get when you give your kids everything on a plate. That's why I have the loveliest, kindest kids in the world because they appreciate everything they have. It saddens me to say that I even know of people who are just sitting waiting for their rich parents to die. Like I said, money destroys everything.


Fergie points the finger at Nani
ALEX FERGUSON has told Nani: You’re to blame for Manchester United’s Capital One Cup exit. United appeared to be heading into the quarter-finals of the competition after taking a 3-2 lead against Chelsea.
But with just seconds left on the clock, Nani lost possession before the Blues were awarded a last-gasp spot-kick at Stamford Bridge.
Eden Hazard converted the penalty and Roberto Di Matteo’s men went on to win 5-4 after extra-time — much to Fergie’s annoyance.
The United boss said: “All we needed to do was see the game out by keeping possession.
“But Nani decided to try and beat a player, lost the ball and they got a penalty kick.
“We gave the ball away for a third goal and we were in complete control of the game at that point.
“I don’t know whether it was a penalty or not but nevertheless I think the young players started to feel it and it was very difficult for us in extra time.”
Ferguson refused to condemn Nani, but the Portuguese winger will be well aware he missed a glorious chance to impress his manager.
The Scot added: “He’s an individual and he’s a player that wants to beat men so we’re not going to discourage him from that.
“But in that situation if he’d have kept the ball in the corner flag the game is over.”

vicious.sid: Well, it's safe to say that God is not happy, Nani!

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The Thoughts Of Vicious Sid 01.11.12
02 November 2012

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100 City traders only knew they'd been axed when their security passes didn't work
Shocked investment bankers learnt they had lost their jobs yesterday – when they were refused entry to their offices.
Traders at financial services firm UBS said they arrived for work in the morning to find their security passes wouldn’t work.
A source claims the dramatic steps were taken amid fears employees might squander vast sums of the company’s money in ‘kamikaze’ spending sprees if they knew they were about to lose their jobs.
The redundancies came as part of a worldwide cull of 10,000 staff at Swiss banking giant UBS.
More than 1,000 London-based staff are expected to be axed in one of the biggest bank layoffs since Lehman Brothers went bankrupt at the start of the financial crisis four years ago.
The first 100 British-based traders to lose their jobs discovered their fate when they turned up at work yesterday.
Human resources staff clutching clipboards led them from the building’s reception into meeting rooms, where they were told they were being put on ‘special leave’ on full pay while the terms of their redundancies were worked out.
A source said bosses could not risk allowing them to get to their desks and start trading huge sums of the company’s money on the stock market knowing they were due be laid off.

vicious.sid: We only found out about what their lot caused to the economy when we were losing our jobs and houses and prices of essentials were going through the roof! My heart bleeds.


Emaciated dog went 'weeks' without eating because of a rusted coffee can stuck round its neck
An abused dog has been found wandering the streets in Dallas with a coffee can around its neck.
The bottom and the top circular portions of the coffee can had been removed and the remaining tube had been placed over the head and around the neck of the starving dog.
When a Good Samaritan found the emaciated dog, it became clear that the coffee can had been on it’s neck for a sizeable amount of time because her skin had grown around the edges of the can.
‘Her body had tried to grow over the can,’ a spokesman from the Animal Allies of Texas told the Dallas News. 
Rescuers jokingly nicknamed the dog Java, and took it to Dallas Animal Services along with another stray dog named Joshua.
Every one of severely emaciated Java' ribs was visible, as the edges of the can cut into the dog’s neck, preventing her from eating for days or weeks.
One of the worse injuries was to one of Java’s ears, which was nearly severed by the sharp edge of the rusting can.

vicious.sid: Do you know the scariest thing? I'm not surprised any more. Is that terrible or what? But how good must it have felt when the can was removed?


Top adviser to PM quits No.10 for job with 'legal loan sharks' company Wonga
One of David Cameron’s top advisers is leaving Downing Street to take a job with controversial payday loan firm Wonga.
Jonathan Luff, the Prime Minister’s adviser on digital strategy, will move to the company – accused of acting as ‘legal loan sharks’ – immediately.
The move will fuel the debate about the ‘revolving door’ between ministerial aides and lobbying, with fears that top businesses find it far too easy to hire influential mandarins with inside government knowledge.
It comes only weeks after it emerged that Tory ministers agreed to hold meetings with Wonga at the party’s annual conference in exchange for donations.
The payday loan company is being investigated by the Office of Fair Trading.
Labour MP Stella Creasy said last night: ‘Along with Wonga paying for cosy chats at Conservative conference with ministers and the lack of regulation to tackle the problems these companies are causing British consumers, this appointment only further raises concerns about how seriously this government takes personal debt.
'When most other countries have capped the costs of credit to protect their citizens from the debts this type of lending can cause, British consumers urgently need to know whose side their Prime Minister is on: theirs or the legal loan sharks?'
The MP, who has been campaigning against payday loans, questioned whether the appointment had been approved by the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments.
'Like many other legal loan sharks, Wonga is making massive profits from preying on consumers in Britain's poorly regulated consumer credit market,' she added.
'They have used these profits to target our football clubs and Saturday night TV, and now they are targeting the highest echelons of government.
Those Britons struggling with debts caused by payday lending and wondering why the government is doing nothing to help them will want answers.'
A spokesman for Wonga said Mr Luff would lead the company's 'government affairs team'.

vicious.sid: Not surprised. Obviously wants to start thieving off the less-fortunate legally now instead of the political way.


Alex Reid looks a horror on Come Dine With Me Halloween Special
CROSS-DRESSING cage fighter Alex Reid dresses up as Hannibal Lecter in tonight's episode of Come Dine With Me. He is joined by Hollywood actor Robert Englund — best known for playing Freddy Krueger — psychic Sally Morgan and reality star Nicola McLean.
The famous faces have to battle it out over four episodes to host the best dinner party to win £1,000 for charity.
Robert hosts the first dinner — on Channel 4 at 9pm tonight — inviting the gang to his house for a spooky-themed dinner.

vicious.sid: I think it would be safer to dress him like that normally.


Insurance screamium
IT MAY be Halloween today but there is a far bigger fright looming for British women. From December 21, new rules from the European Court of Justice mean insurers will no longer be able to consider a person’s sex when calculating their premiums.
It will force women to pay the same rates as men on car and life insurance. Until now women have enjoyed far lower premiums as insurers consider them to be a lower risk, but personal finance experts predict an average rise of a third on most women’s premiums, and some could almost double.
Comparison site say the picture is likely to vary according to age but on average female drivers will see £300 piled on to their premium.
The biggest impact will be on the under 35s, with rises of up to £2,000 for girls of 17 and 18.

vicious.sid: Ha ha ha! I remember when this issue was first raised. The spin talk was that men were paying more than women so they should be paying less to match the women. Surprise, surprise, it's been turned round and women must pay more even though they shouldn't need to. Are we shocked? Sigh . . .


Lady Gaga: Adele is bigger than me - how come nobody says anything about it?
Lady Gaga has praised Adele for her confidence as a larger woman in an up-front interview where she talks about her Body Revolution. The Born This Way singer admitted that she gained around 30lbs before she decided to launch the campaign to encourage her fans to feel more comfortable with their image and to be less judgemental to others.
Talking to Stylist magazine about her Body Revolution which runs as part of her website Little Monsters, Gaga said she felt it was "f****** ridiculous" that such a big deal was made out of her weight gain.
She said: "I was acutely aware of some photos on the internet – my mum called me and was like, 'Did you gain weight?' – everybody was telling me about it, and I didn't really care.
"But when I heard it was on the news, where they talk about wars, the economy crashing and the election – I just thought, ‘This is f****** ridiculous.’ I mean, what kind of example is that to a young girl sitting at home?"
And she brought curvy Brit Adele into the discussion, claiming the Someone Like You star is "bigger" than she is and asking: "how come nobody says anything about her?"
She added: "I thought, well I don’t really care if they think I’m fat, because, quite honestly, I did gain about 30 pounds. Adele is bigger than me, how come nobody says anything about it? She’s so wonderful and I think her confidence is something I have to match. She has set the bar very high for a lot of women."

vicious.sid: That's because they wouldn't dare!!!


Cameron suffers embarrassing Commons defeat as Tory rebels and Labour MPs unite to demand a tougher stance on the EU’s budget
David Cameron suffered an embarrassing Commons defeat tonight, as Labour MPs and Tory rebels united to demand he take a tougher line with the European Union over its vast budget.
The Prime Minister’s policy of wanting a freeze from 2014-2020 was condemned for not going far enough enough during a three-hour debate.
In a crunch vote the government suffered its first significant loss by 307 votes to 294 as the Commons voted for the EU budget to be cut in real terms.
David Cameron and Ed Miliband clashed over the government's stance on the EU budget at Prime Minister's Questions in the Commons today
The result came at the end of a day when Mr Cameron was repeatedly compared to John Major, whose premiership was dogged by Tory division over Europe dominated by debates over the Maastricht Treaty.
Hours earlier Downing Street admitted defeat, after it became clear that dozens of Conservative backbenchers were ready to defy an aggressive whipping operation to vote against the government.
For several days the government has insisted demanded a cut was not ‘realistic’ and Mr Cameron would go to a European Council summit next month demanding a freeze.
At Prime Minister’s Questions Mr Cameron appeared to change position, when he told MPs: 'At best we would like a cut, at worst a freeze. I am quite prepared to use the veto if we do not get a deal that is good for Britain.'
But his admission that he would prefer a freeze appeared only to bolster the revolt.
Several Tory MPs said that at a time when cuts were being made to national budgets, including in the UK, it was wrong for Brussels to expect rises in its funding.
The government motion debated in the Commons called for a real-terms freeze in the EU's budget for 2014-20.
But dozens of Tory rebels joined the Labour party to back an amendment demanding a real-terms cut.

vicious.sid: I think you'd better get used to it, Cameron, this is not going to be your last embarrassing defeat!!!

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