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The Thoughts Of Vicious Sid

In their day, Nostradamus was ridiculed, Darwin was poo-pooed and even Brian Clough had his critics but in these enlightened times, their thoughts are now seen in a different light and they are more and more respected. Well, Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Thoughts Of Vicious Sid. He's a lover, not a fighter, unless it's about fighting for the bullied and oppressed and, in this day and age, that's the ordinary man and woman in the street. He will fight their corner until the end. He is the voice of reason, fair and just but will pull no punches when it comes to the dark underbelly of this evil world: things like lawyers, judges, politicians, perverts and Manchester United Football Club. Make yourself a cup of tea and pull up a chair, dear reader, and delve into the world of The Thoughts Of Vicious Sid. You never know, it may change your life forever. Together, we'll put this world to rights. All comments below are from the deep and meaningful mind of Vicious Sid himself and published and 'Liked' in major newspapers. If writing be the food of love, then read on . . .

The Thoughts Of Vicious Sid 17.10.12
18 October 2012 @ 09:00

My blog will be updated daily, so make sure you come back! If you would like to add or reply to a comment on one of the articles below just send me your comment and, if it's reasonably decent and not libellous or anything like that, I'll add it to the article (don't forget to include the date and title of the article).


Tanked-up, Tara? Palmer-Tomkinson's sweet end to a heavy night of partying
BLEARY-eyed Tara Palmer-Tomkinson stocks up on junk food after a boozy awards bash. The socialite looked ready for bed as she shopped for sweet treats at a late-night convenience store in London.
She was seemingly struggling to keep her peepers open as she perused racks of confectionary.
Tara had spent the evening with the likes of Pixie Lott and Little Mix at a prize-giving ceremony held by gay mag Attitude.
The party animal already appeared worse for wear when she turned up at the Mayfair bash, striking a series of wild expressions outside the venue.

vicious.sid: She's trying to remember why she's famous.


Rain stops play on the FOOTBALL pitch: England's World Cup qualifier in Poland postponed (... but why wasn't the stadium roof closed when the heavens opened?)
England's key World Cup qualifying tie against Poland descended into farce last night as heavy rain left the pitch unplayable - after officials ignored the weather forecasts and refused to close the stadium's retractable roof.
Thousands of fans who had travelled to eastern Europe for the game against Poland were left infuriated as officials stood and watched as a torrential downpour struck in Warsaw.
Heavy rain had been falling in the Polish capital for most of the day but still the roof of the £400million state-of-the-art stadium stayed open and gradually the playing surface disappeared under pools of water.
The match was eventually called off - but only after fans, and millions watching on television at home, were left waiting 45 minutes for the decision to be made.

vicious.sid: Don't just feel sorry for the English fans, what about the thousands of Polish fans who had to make the trek home to England?


Cops stung by £120k fine after info theft when door is opened to let out a wasp
A POLICE force has been fined £120,000 after secret information was nicked from a cop’s home when he left a door open to let out a WASP. An intruder snatched a memory stick containing details of 1,075 people who had given information about drug dealers. It also included data on targets for arrest.
The USB, which was not encrypted or password protected, was taken from the detective’s wallet which had been left on the kitchen table.
The thief also took the keys to the officer’s car which was stolen from outside his house in Oldham, Greater Manchester.
Yesterday the Information Commissioner’s Office, which levied the huge fine on Greater Manchester Police, said last July’s blunder “sent a shiver down the spine”.
Its report blasted “significant failings” and said those named on the stick were now “at risk of physical harm” and had suffered substantial distress.
A force spokesman called it “an isolated incident” and said the officer had been temporarily suspended before “being dealt with by internal procedures”.

vicious.sid: Hmmmm. Very strange. A thief sees a wallet on a table in a house and stands there, opens the wallet and takes the USB stick worth a fiver and leaves the wallet which, more than likely, had cash and credit cards in it? Something doesn't add up here. I would have thought that even the most brain-dead thief would just grab the wallet and run and then look to see what's in the wallet. And as for it not being encrypted . . !!! In this day and age, after all the scandals that have happened in the past and a police officer is carrying around unencrypted extremely sensitive information in his wallet? Heads should roll. And not just his - what the hell were his superiors doing? I don't think we are being told everything here.


Statue’s a liberty
A CONTROVERSIAL Damien Hirst statue of a 67ft-high naked pregnant woman was unveiled in a seaside town yesterday — amid fears it will be a target for SEAGULLS. The steel and bronze work, named Verity, has been loaned by Hirst to Ilfracombe, Devon, where he has a home.
But hotel boss Sue Dale said: “I hope it doesn’t become an eyesore with seagull and pigeon droppings.”

vicious.sid: You have to admit, he's either very clever or very lucky. Most of his stuff is absolute rubbish. I imagine he started out just to shock people but a couple of "trendies" latched on and paid loads of money for something that absolutely anybody could do. We would all want to be paid obscene amounts of money for churning out garbage and he's succeeded! Anyone who pays tens of thousands of pounds for what he does either needs their heads examined or are very clever because some other "trendy" weirdo will buy it off of them for even more money in a few years. A fool and his money are soon parted. Clever or just lucky? You decide!


I don’t want to be remembered as that gay muslim from EastEnders
SOAP star Marc Elliott insists he had to quit EastEnders because he was afraid he would only be remembered for playing “the gay muslim”. Actor Marc has now finished filming his final explosive scenes for EastEnders, which air next month.
While tonight his character Syed Masood is set to marry long-term boyfriend Christian Clarke (played by John Partridge, BBC1 7.30pm).
Marc broke down taboos when Syed became soap’s first openly gay muslim, sparking 125 complaints when the pair were shown kissing in bed before the 9pm watershed.
But after almost four years he admits that, despite his pride at being involved in the role, he feared it would overshadow the rest of his acting career.
Marc, now starring in Tape in London’s West End, said: “I didn’t want to be remembered as that lad from EastEnders, the gay muslim. That’s why you get into the business, to find new characters.”

vicious.sid: That's ok then, because I don't remember him as the gay muslim from EastEnders.

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