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The Curmudgeon

The curmudgeon is a miserable sod. He likes to have a moan. He tackles subjects which many foreigners living in Spain agree with but are too polite to say anything.

Road (Ab)users
Tuesday, May 16, 2023 @ 8:51 PM

There are four groups of road users who are a pain in the a**e and dangerous. And they don't pay a penique to use and abuse the roads. Who are they?



At the top of the hierarchy of protected road users. Is that why they wander freely in the road paying no attention to traffic? It's particularly bad in Algunlugar, when the day trip coaches disgorge their contents, who amble across roads en masse, not always using zebra crossings. The puente viejo is particularly bad. The pavement on both sides is rather narrow so people just step off into the road without looking. Why there aren't more accidents, I don't know.



This will be similar in countless other towns throughout Spain.



These menaces are also a protected species, number two on the government's list after pedestrians. Why do they have to ride three abreast uphill on major roads? I used to wind my window down and shout at them; now I don't bother. My blood pressure can't cope.

During winter cycling training Mallorca is an absolute nightmare.






Patinete riders

Shouldn't these have been banned by now? They have been in the Netherlands, I'm told. They break all the rules: no helmets, going in the wrong direction, riding on pavements, going too fast for the conditions, giving their mates a lift, and so on .....











Drivers of sin carnet cars

These silly little toy cars, driven mostly by very old men, are downright dangerous. They are too slow for ordinary roads, and like cyclists, hold up the traffic for long periods.









And, what do all four groups have in common? 

They don't pay a cent in fees, like cars, motorcycles, buses and goods vehicles have to. And they cause the most problems.

Ban 'em all, I say, or charge them an annual licence fee. And fine them when they step out of line!








© The Curmudgeon

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