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The Curmudgeon

The curmudgeon is a miserable sod. He likes to have a moan. He tackles subjects which many foreigners living in Spain agree with but are too polite to say anything.

The Downing Street Clown finally falls on his sword
Friday, July 22, 2022 @ 6:54 AM

But where does Boris Johnson’s demise leave the failed Brexit project?

The Curmudgeon still cannot understand how Boris Johnson could have become prime minister of the United Kingdom. We all knew that he was a liar and a cheat, that he was  a buffoon who took the mickey out of a gullible electorate, who continually made a fool of himself on his various campaign trails, who took great pleasure in flattening that small child in a rugby match all those years ago.

His record as a journalist, as Mayor of London and as a disastrous Foreign Secretary gave us sufficient clues about the nature of this horrible man, an overweight, amoral, privileged brat. Bojo  used Brexit as a tool to achieve his goal of becoming “king of the world”. Well, now he’s gone and, as the Curmudgeon says: “Good riddance!”


Boris Johnson's resignation on Thursday of last week opens a new stage in the battle against Brexit.

His was the Brexit Government. That is how it was elected, that is what it was for. Looking back, we will see the fall of Boris Johnson as the first step on the road to rejoining the EU or at least the Single Market.

In his resignation speech on the steps of Downing Street on 7 July Johnson claimed that he 'got Brexit done' -– but he did no such thing. The Brexit deal still has not been fully implemented, and now likely never will be.

The Brexit project and the rise of Boris Johnson to the office of prime minister were inextricably linked. He used Brexit, pushing it not because he thought it was a good idea, but to take power for himself.

And both Brexit and Johnson were based on the same politics: nostalgia, authoritarianism, racism, denial about Britain's place in the world and, above all else, lies upon lies upon lies.

On both fronts, the spell has worn off. The Tory MPs removed Boris Johnson to save their own skins, because he is no longer an election winner.

And likewise, Brexit's popularity has also collapsed. In the latest polls, 58% now say it was wrong for Britain to leave the EU, 60% say Brexit is going badly and 53% support rejoining the EU immediately.

Despite the growing popularity of the campaign to rejoin the EU, there has been some scepticism about whether it is really possible.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer’s announcement this week that a Labour government would not attempt to rejoin the EU is not helpful, although he may be being politically and tactically astute. If Labour is seen as the rejoin party, they may well spoil their chances of getting elected.

However, with Johnson gone, the prospects for rejoining just rose significantly.

Bojo, the incompetent, lying, dishonest and unprincipled clown of Downing Street, is dead! Long live honesty and integrity!


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