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Is a Water4gas fuel conversion Enviromentally superior to biofuel- YES. Part1

This is a discussion document relating to the advantages of a Water4Gas fuel conversion system over alternative biofuel systems.

The Disaster Of Ethanol As A Biofuel
29 September 2008 @ 22:08

You would be forgiven if you thought that in these present times when world economies are slowing down due to a major banking crisis coupled with steeply rising energy and food prices that when a solution to a part of that problem is available the “powers-that-be" would support and promote it to ease the everyday burdens that now exist for us all.
For example there is a system which enables motorists to increase the fuel economy of their cars (or any vehicle) while literally steam cleaning the inside of their engines and hugely lowering carbon gas emissions to help save the environment and on top of all that leaves more of our hard earned cash where it belongs – in our pockets, thus easing the ever increasing higher daily costs of living; its called a Water4Gas fuel conversion system. 

Instead of supporting the above system, governments including America and Brazil are pumping Billions into the production of ethanol –a so called wonder biofuel, (when Americans get it wrong they really do get it wrong.)
Consider this, even the President of the World Bank stated there could be a global disaster if the west continued to replace food crops with the crops for the creation of biofuels. He also stated that as a result of the doubling in the price of food over the last 3 years that this could result in 100 million people in the poor developing countries being pushed further into poverty. 
How bad is the situation? The UK Guardian newspaper recently reported that “ in less than a year the price of wheat had risen 130%, soya by 87%, and rice by 74%, added to that is the U.N’s report that “ there are only 8-12 weeks of cereal stocks in the world, while supplies are at their lowest since the 1980’s”.  

When you also take into consideration that a factory producing ethanol at the rate of 50 million gallons p.a. requires 500 gallons of water a minute, water that in some areas is a very precious commodity, you begin to realise what an all round disaster this production of biofuels from crops is. How much longer will they persist with this life threatening policy?

So why, why, why are governments not helping us utilize the Water4Gas system for lowering fuel consumption, reducing carbon gas emissions to safeguard our environment and easing our financial burdens to make life that little bit easier?
R .Bill Williams

For full details of the Water4Gas fuel conversion system please visit:-

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