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Simple...a series of lists declaring Spain's "best" in anything and everything...they may be lists compiled by independent reviewers or by myself....whichever, I hope you find them useful :-)

Most Recommended Walks in Spain
Friday, February 24, 2023 @ 7:43 PM

Have you been dreaming of crossing medieval bridges, Roman roads, magical valleys, walking along stone pathways bordering rivers, seeing castles or walking through vineyards? That’s no problem, Spain offers all this and much more. You don’t need to be a sports expert, hiking doesn’t require very much preparation and you can always choose from the various routes (Long Distance, Short Distance, Local Paths, Urban Paths, Green Ways…) and difficulties available. Here are 10 of the most recommended walking routes in Spain. Clearly, this is not definitive as the list is endless but it's a very good start...


1. Ruta del Cares : Poncebos to  Cain (Asturias y León)



It is without a doubt the best known of all the routes in Picos de Europa. With a good pair of shoes and a light backpack, this route can be walked without any problem from May through to October. However, It is recommended not if possible, to avoid the route during the month of August to the large crowds that build up. 

Once parked at the beginning of the awl, you will then pass through a tunnel made of rock and take the path that leads off to the right. This is definitely the "hardest" part of the trail as it climbs a gentle slope to the top of the mountain. Once there, a gentle descent begins and then you reach the Cares Gorge. The way to Cain is easy to follow as it is very well marked and lined with precipices. After passing a series of bridges you will reach some caves carved out of rock and before you know it you will be in Cain (2h 30 m. from Poncebos). The timing is just an estimate as you will be passing some of the most beautiful views along the way, some will take more time to soak it all in. Once in Cain turn around and return along the same route.


2. Río Borosa (Andalucía)

This hiking route is deservedly the most popular in the Natural Park of Sierras de Cazorla, Segura and LasViñas (Jaén), which also means there's a good possibility of overcrowding on popular dates. The swift waters of the river Borosa, the rocks in the riverbed and the riverbank vegetation, is one of the most spectacular river scenes in southern Spain. 


3. Monasterio de Piedra (Aragón)

Monasterio de Piedra Park is one of the most beautiful places in the province of Zaragoza. It offers a spectacular route where water rises in the form of stepped waterfalls and seeps through untold caves. 
It is an ideal place to enjoy nature and it is a family-friendly environment. You can eat outdoors, there are tables and plenty of shade it also offers a restaurant and accommodation. Dogs on leads can enter the park, except in the area of birds of prey and the visit around the 12th century Cistercian monastery.


4. Ruta de las Médulas (Castilla y León)

The route of Las Medulas in Bierzo (León) is an amazing route that lets us see landscapes of extraordinary beauty. Along the route, you will get to see Cornatel Castle, which is located on a limestone cliff, Lake Carucedo and eventually you will reach Las Medulas, a technological whorl of art excavated by the Romans in their search for gold. This landscape has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and cherished sites of Spain. 

5. Senda del oso (Asturias)


La Senda del Oso runs along the Trubia River valley, it is the second most popular active leisure routes in Asturias, after the universal Ruta del Cares (Nº1 in the list), and the only one that can compete in the number of visitors to the divine gorge of the Picos de Europa. The river is born from the springs in El Puerto de la Ventana, a natural border with the Leonese region of Bahia, and descends between beech trees and limestone boulders to create a fabulous gorge where there is hardly any room for the river, the road and the route of the popular Senda del Oso is one of the most exciting initiatives available for active leisure in the area.

6. Las Islas Cíes (Galicia)

The islands of Ciés can be reached only by sea, by private boat or ferries: Cangas-Cies or Vigo-Baiona-Cies. Once on the island, there are several hiking trails. All are well marked and in good condition. If you wish to be accompanied by experts, The National Park offers guides-interpreters specialised in different guided tours, which are free but have a maximum number of participants per route, which is normally between 10 and 15 depending on the route.

7. Laguna Grande de Gredos (Castilla y León)


A mythical road linking the Platform (parking) to the Laguna Grande in the Circo de Gredos. It is recommended that you wear high boots because of the cobbled and loose rock path. It is easy to see mountain goats, especially at sunset, when they come down to the river to drink.

8 . AigüesTortes y Lago San Mauricio (Cataluña)


 A truly breathtaking route through pine forests surrounded by the Pyrenean peaks, which ends in an impressive high mountain lake. The route begins in the car park called Prat de Pierró and it has been prepared so literally it can be walked by anybody.

9. Por el Valle del Jerte (Extremadura)


There is a no better alternative to enjoying nature tourism than the hiking network of the Valle del Jerte. Discovering the "cherry" Valley is an incomparable experience, especially when the trees are in blossom.

Hiking in the Valley of Jerte is a treat for all ages and physical conditions, different paths are classified into levels of difficulty and length so that every visitor chooses the one that best suits their skills and preferences. The MIDE (Method of Excursion Information) is a system that has been created so that hikers can assess the technical aspects and physical demands of the trails. This system also classifies the difficulty of the route numbering them from 1 to 5. Hiking routes through El Valle del Jerte all have this system to provide quality information to hikers.


10. Ruta de los Cahorros (Andalucía)

Monachil is a town that is located just 8 kilometres to the southeast of Granada, in the south-central part of the region of the Vega of Granada. This is where we find Los Cahorros, an amazing area ideal for hiking or rock climbing. 

It is incredible that this place is just a 15-minute drive from the Alhambra. In literally fifteen minutes you can be in an entirely different place, where peace and tranquillity triumph over the traffic of the city. This makes it a good choice for a getaway from Granada since you can leave in the morning, spend the whole day there and return to the city by night time.

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Heather said:
Wednesday, March 1, 2023 @ 12:59 PM

How lovely are those photos. There doesn't appear to be any working links associated with the suggested walks.

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