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New childcare support law for Spain: An overview
Saturday, March 23, 2024 @ 11:42 AM

GREATER practical and financial help for parents is on the cards now that a new 'family law' has passed its second reading in the Council of Ministers, with extended maternity and paternity pay, protected time off for childcare, tax rebates, and a revised definition of households eligible for extra support.

Originally set up by equality minister Ione Belarra in 2023, the legislation is among many others that had to be shelved due to the general elections in July, but looks set to come into force later this year.

Minister for social rights Pablo Bustinduy hopes to bring the new framework into effect as soon as possible, with additional features still under debate expected to be added on in due course.

These features likely to be included at a later date cover maternity and paternity leave being extended from their current 16 weeks to 20 weeks, and for at least four weeks of the present eight a parent can take off work for childcare to be fully paid.


More flexible and modern definition of 'families'

In line with European Union requirements, Spain's new 'family law' redefines the concept of the parent-child unit to ensure greater social and legal protection for those that do not follow the traditional notion of a married heterosexual couple with biological children in common.

The text extends to adoption, stepchildren, guardianship, fostering, children or their primary carers with registered disabilities, same-sex parents, and unmarried cohabiting parents.

Read more at thinkSPAIN:com


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