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Kyriam and Carla, first babies born in 2024, beat the chimes
Saturday, January 6, 2024 @ 9:39 AM

SPAIN'S first two babies born in 2024 arrived with the final chime that heralded the New Year, and almost simultaneously – one in Vigo (Pontevedra province), and one in Salamanca.

Ángela Casanueva cradles Carla, born at 26 seconds past midnight on January 1 in Salamanca, whilst proud dad Sergio González watches over his girls (photo: EFE)

Jenny Gallego said her son Kyliam's arrival replaced her traditional New Year routine of 12 grapes with each of the bongs, since 'the final chime was when he appeared'.

Weighing 3.42 kilos (7lb 7oz), Kyliam is Jenny's first child and, thanks to the 'wonderful' epidural she was given, she 'didn't feel a thing'.

“It all went superbly well,” she admitted.

Jenny's mum Mari Carmen Álvarez said the family thought Kyliam was going to arrive at 19.00, which would mean his date of birth was in 2023 – but when they realised midnight was fast approaching and the baby's head was not yet visible, they knew he would be born in a different year.

Carla González Casanueva was born just 26 seconds after midnight at Salamanca's University Assistance Complex to mum Ángela Casanueva Serradilla and dad Sergio González Sánchez – their first child.

Due to her medical team being occupied with attending to the little girl and her mum, the family, nurses and doctors decided to see in the New Year at 01.00 mainland Spain time – just as the Canary Islands was entering 2024.

Three minutes after midnight, Carme entered the world via Manacor Hospital in Mallorca, at the same time as Vera did in the Miguel Servet University Hospital in Zaragoza.

Madrid's first babies of 2024 were Erik and Rubén, at 00.14 on January 1, in La Paz and Fuenlabrada hospitals respectively.

Eight minutes later, Martina became the Basque Country's first baby of the year at Mendaro Hospital, Guipúzkoa province, whilst Arabia put in her first appearance in the world at San Agustín Hospital in Linares, Jaén province, at 00.40, making her the earliest arrival of 2024 in Andalucía.

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