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Beach towns with the cheapest homes for sale
Friday, August 11, 2023 @ 8:14 AM

A HOUSE or apartment near the beach is usually the most sought-after property among buyers and renters in Spain, especially in the age of remote working where those employed in big-city firms do not necessarily need to live within comfortable commuting distance of the office. 

The beach in Gandia, southern Valencia province (photo: Comunidad Valenciana regional tourism board)

And this ideal location transcends nationalities, ages and cultures: Spanish people seeking a new home in their own country, northern Europeans seeking to retire to warmer climes, younger adults no longer tied by needing to be close to the workplace, and everyone in between, if asked, would probably say their ideal property is in a coastal town.

But towns with a beach in them tend to be among the most expensive – for exactly those reasons. 

Not always, though: Some locations on the coast, as yet undiscovered by mass tourism, can be every bit as affordable, or even more so, than larger inland urban parts.


National average prices

At present, the average price of a home for sale in Spain is €2,809 per square metre, if it's brand-new, or €1,801 per square metre if it's pre-owned. This means a spacious three- or four-bedroomed apartment could cost you €180,100 or, if you opt for one that's just been built and has never been lived in before, up to €280,900.

Clearly, this figure varies dramatically according to property type, region, town, and even street. Other features, or lack of them, such as off-road parking, communal or private swimming pools, closeness to shops, schools or other facilities, all make a difference. Two identical properties a few streets apart in the same town could vary in price by over 100%. But those near the coast have traditionally carried the highest price tag, after homes in major cities.

Pre-owned homes for sale in Spain average around €1,801 per square metre, but this varies dramatically by location and property type (photo: iStock)

And with residential property prices having been gradually climbing since early 2021, it helps to know where you can get the most space and the best location for your money.

In fact, in coastal towns, these prices might be anything from €844 per square metre to €2,404 per square metre – not counting the most-coveted stretches, such as certain sea-view areas in Jávea (Alicante province) or the Costa del Sol.


Read more at thinkSPAIN,com


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roberto123 said:
Wednesday, August 16, 2023 @ 7:08 PM

Article does not mention the nasty taxes Spain has on non Spanish residents selling properties and the high cost of estate agents

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