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F1 legend Fernando Alonso's Ferrari Enzo up for auction
Wednesday, June 7, 2023 @ 10:41 AM

FANS of Formula 1 and high-end sports cars have just two days left to get their hands on Spanish motorsport legend Fernando Alonso's Ferrari, one of around 40 models up for auction on Thursday.

Former F1 twice-world champion Fernando Alonso with his Ferrari Enzo, due to go under the hammer on Thursday (both photos: Monaco Car Auctions)

All things Ferrari-related, including sought-after vehicles by the Italian brand, are due to go under the hammer at Monaco Car Auctions on June 8 – although the twice-world champion's Ferrari Enzo is likely to overshadow the rest of the collection.

This said, it is tipped to be one of the least-affordable cars on sale, so those seeking a cheaper version may be more likely to home in on the other lots displayed on Monaco Car Auctions' website and Instagram page.

Alonso's Ferrari Enzo has only around 4,800 kilometres on the clock – most of these kilometres having been covered at high speed – and was registered in 2011, although the actual Enzo model was manufactured between 2002 and 2004.

Its celebrity owner drove it during the four years he was on the scuderia Ferrari, and has a Spanish registration plate as it was largely kept at Alonso's home in Oviedo, Asturias.

Naturally, its mechanics and bodywork will be immaculate, given that high-performance cars spend most of their time in the workshop being attended to by top motorsport engineers when they are not on the circuit.

Even without its having been a former F1 car, the Enzo is unique – according to the Ferrari Classiche certification, it is a Scocca No 1, or its chassis is the first-ever edition for the model.

A side view of the coveted 'racing red' (Rosso Corsa) Enzo

As is standard for F1 cars, Alonso's Enzo is bright red – the colour is named Rosso Corsa, or 'racing red'.

Only 400 of this type of Ferrari – in Rosso Corsa and other shades – were ever manufactured, and many of these had very high-profile owners, including Pope John Paul II.

The latter received his as a gift, and donated it for auction so the proceeds could be used for charity.

With a V12 engine, 6.0L, and 660 horse-power, Alonso's old car is capable of reaching speeds of up to 350 kilometres per hour (217.5 miles per hour), although its new owner will be unable to put this to the test, given that they will only be able to drive it at motorway speed limits.

This exceptional speed is made possible by the very light weight of the car – a vehicle of this size for standard road use would be much heavier than the 1.255 tonnes the Enzo clocks in at.

Anyone seeking to place a bid can request a private viewing before the day of the auction, which is at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco.

It is not clear whether there is a reserve price on the 2005 and 2006 F1 champion's Ferrari, which means, in theory, it could end up being sold for almost any amount.

But the winning bid is almost certain to be an astronomical sum out of the reach of the average car-owner seeking a new runaround or commuter vehicle.


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Dave11 said:
Wednesday, June 7, 2023 @ 8:27 PM

Nice one.. if only it was.going in my garage!!

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