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'Library of Things': What a novel idea
Friday, August 5, 2022 @ 7:28 PM

You need to cut some tiles, you have a baby, you break a leg. Hopefully not all at once, of course, but it does mean you'll need an angle-grinder or tile-cutter, a pram and cot and baby-carrier – and to employ someone to do your sleeping for you, as you won't be doing much of your own – crutches, maybe a wheelchair depending upon how bad the fracture is.

It's silly to have to buy a drill when you only need it to hang up one picture. But a ‘Library of Things’ lets you borrow one for between €1 and €5 a week (photo: Biblioteca de les Coses)

In short, stuff you need to buy, ranging from inconvenient expenses through to crippling costs involving a second mortgage.

Then, when Baby is on his or her feet and keeping you in a permanent game of 'chase', 'catch', and 'don't touch that because owww', your leg heals enough for you to take part in said chasing, and those tiles are now attractively fixed to the wall, those crucial bits of equipment that depleted or emptied your savings are gathering dust in a spare room.

At some point, you might get around to selling them on eBay, recouping a fraction of your outlay and having the hassle of arranging courier firms and getting quotes so you can accurately price delivery costs for your eventual buyer.

Or if it's something that isn't likely to sell and you can't find someone else who might need it, you'll probably, at some point, call the council to arrange an 'eco-park pick-up', or just dump it in a bin yourself.

All that money, for something you'll use once or, at best, for a few months, only to end up in a landfill, polluting the atmosphere and contributing to climate change.




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