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Dating agency reveals Spain's 'most unfaithful towns and cities'
Monday, June 20, 2022 @ 9:47 PM

IF YOU keep catching your partners out two-timing you and are starting to question what you're doing wrong, or if you're the one who seemingly can't commit to one love interest at a time, it might be that it's nothing personal – you just live in the wrong town.

In fact, if you're based in Manresa (Barcelona province), León, or Barcelona city, the odds are higher than anywhere else in the country that you fully identify with the first or second part of the above paragraph.

A dating agency which actually specialises in extra-marital affairs – some of them consenting, if the couple is in an 'open relationship' – has produced a ranking of Spain's most unfaithful towns and cities.

According to research run by the platform Ashley Madison, Manresa is the part of the country where the most cheating on spouses happens.

After León, second, and Barcelona, third, couples living in Granada city are the fourth-most likely to be unfaithful, whilst the fifth-most frequent infidelities happen in Sabadell (Barcelona province). 

With Terrassa (Barcelona province) at number 14, Catalunya turns out to be the region where the most cheating spouses live, although by provinces, Barcelona 'wins' this dubious honour hands down.

Bilbao, capital of the Basque Country province of Vizcaya, and Madrid, come sixth and seventh – and for the Comunidad Valenciana on the east coast, it seems your relationship isn't safe in any provincial capital: All three of these, Valencia, Alicante and Castellón, figure in the list, from eight to 10 respectively.

Vigo (Pontevedra province, Galicia) improves its rating on last year – depending upon which way you look at it – dropping to 11th place, above the Madrid-region town of Alcalá de Henares.

Galicia's least-faithful provincial capital is A Coruña, at 13, and the far-southern land-locked city of Sevilla comes after Terrassa, at 15 – although, as it typically has some of the hottest summer temperatures in all Spain, along with the provinces and cities of Córdoba and Jaén, it looks unlikely that much infidelity would be going on at present, with the heatwave leaving couples too soggy and wiped out to bother with the hassle of searching for dates, or attempting to cover them up.

Gijón, in the northern coastal region of Asturias, has entered the top 20 for the first time, says Ashley Madison, and it appears Bilbao was not just a 'blip' for the Basque Country – San Sebastián, otherwise known as Donostia, capital of Guipúzcoa province, is the 17th-most likely place where your partner might be tempted to two-time you.

The largely-rural inland region of Aragón seems to be a fairly faithful place – the only entry in the ranking is its biggest city, Spain's fourth-largest metropolitan zone, Zaragoza, so perhaps countryside life is the answer to ensuring your partner isn't tempted to stray.



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