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Top of the shops: World retail therapy capitals in focus
Thursday, June 9, 2022 @ 9:33 PM

WHO doesn't enjoy a mammoth shopping session? 

Well, no doubt about half of you reading this will be grinning widely and nodding furiously at this sweeping assumption, and the other half will be pointing vigorously at yourselves and saying, “me. That's who.”

Shopping and smiling tend to go together. Admit it, you love a bit of retail therapy, even if it's for drill-bits, golf balls, a new phone or the latest bestseller rather than designer clothes and handbags (photo by Spain's tourism board, TurEspaña)

But 'shopping' does not just have to cover designer clothes, shoes, handbags and other basic essentials without which the human race simply cannot survive (at least, according to the first half of you mentioned above). We bet among those of you who shook your heads violently or pulled grim faces at the merest suggestion would be in your element with an open purse or wallet in, say, a hardware store, record store, sports emporium, bookshop, or even supermarket. There's little as uplifting as going out to buy something for yourself, or as a gift for someone else, that neither you nor they need but will absolutely adore.

Some people plan their entire holidays around shopping – after all, it's not exactly a seasonal activity, like the beach or the ski slopes. And there's nothing worse than having budgeted for an Olympic retail therapy break than getting there and finding absolutely zero to buy, and not a single decent shop to part with your cash in.

Luckily for us, the US-based platform dedicated to helping you save money when you shop – unnecessary money, that is. As in, not shelling out on parking or public transport and depleting your in-store budget – has researched where in the world people think the best shopping is to be found, and why.

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