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We have lift-off: Spanish-built Guardian1 satellite now in orbit
Thursday, May 26, 2022 @ 11:12 PM

SPAIN'S homemade satellite launched by SpaceX is now looking down on earth and taking thermal images of our planet – successful take-off from Cape Cañaveral, Florida, has been confirmed.

The Guardian1, designed by Spanish engineering firm Aistech Space, was transported by a Falcon 9 rocket in a launch that took exactly eight minutes and 45 seconds.

Countdown to the launch (this photo and the next by SpaceX)

It took off at 20.34 mainland Spain time (19.34 in the Canary Islands), and will remain in orbit at 550 kilometres above the earth.

Powered by solar panels, the Guardian1 is equipped with a latest-generation thermal imaging camera to take photographs similar to those used in airports during the pandemic – detecting and illustrating the heat of their subjects in an array of colours.

As well as helping to fight and adapt to climate change by close observation of the effects on the planet, the Guardian1 will home in on forest fires, providing detailed real-time information that allows emergency services on the ground to tackle and control them, and catching them at an early stage when the damage they are likely to cause is minimal.

Three, two, one…the Falcon 9, carrying the Guardian1, left the ground at 20.34 mainland Spain time

Aistech Space and SpaceX are working together to launch another four satellites with thermal imaging cameras between January and April 2023.

So far, Aistech Space already has two in orbit, which were sent up to be able to detect aircraft in flight in areas where there is little or no signal.

Each satellite includes an in-built bi-directional Internet of Things (IoT) system to enable it to collect data from the earth via sensors on the ground.



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