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El Niño festive lottery winning numbers revealed
Friday, January 7, 2022 @ 3:17 PM

SPAIN'S second-most popular festive lottery after the pre-Christmas El Gordo has dished out over €700 million in prize money, with the jackpot worth €2m.

The El Niño ('the child') draw is on January 6 and, like the El Gordo, a full ticket costs €200, meaning most players buy a tenth of a ticket, or a décimo, at €20.

The live draw on television, just before the balls started to roll (photo: TVE)

Per décimo, the top prize is €200,000, the second prize is €75,000 and the third, €25,000.

For a full ticket, these figures are multiplied by 10.

The €200,000 jackpot, or €2m for a full ticket, went to those with the number 41665, whilst the €75,000 windfall is payable to holders of a décimo with the number 44469 - €750,000 for a full ticket – and the €25,000 décimo or €250,000 full ticket bears the combination 19467.

Smaller payouts go to those with numbers ending in 0512 or 8387, being €350 for a décimo or €3,500 for a full ticket, and at €100 a décimo or €1,000 a full ticket to combinations ending in 435, 842, 822, 851, 709, 740, 025, 300, 665, 632, 721, 239, 186, and 641.

Those who bought a décimo with two matching numbers will get their money back twice over - €40 in total, or €400 for a full ticket.

Number pairs earning this token win are 50, 98, 80, 48 and 41.



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