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EMA authorises third Covid vaccine dose in general adult population as Spain starts on elderly and immune-compromised
Friday, October 8, 2021 @ 6:45 PM

A THIRD Covid vaccine dose has been approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for the general population following successful trials on volunteers aged 18 to 55 inclusive, although each member State will be allowed to decide for itself whether or not to do so.

Spain has started already on giving a third jab to all elderly residents – but not staff – in nursing homes, and to the immune-compromised, such as transplant patients, people in cancer treatment, people with HIV or AIDS, or with other health conditions that make them especially vulnerable to infection.

According to the EMA, the third dose should be given six months after the second, but it has authorised this in the immune-compromised for 28 days.

Health minister for Spain, Carolina Darías, says her department has 'always been guided by the EMA', but has not as yet made a decision about a third dose for anyone other than those currently receiving it.

The Pfizer jab was the one trialled, given that its creators have always said a third injection was necessary for full immunity and have assured that those inoculated with it 'are not infectious'.

Volunteer adults aged 55 and under were found to have an 'increased level of antibodies' protecting them from the effects of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the EMA confirmed, but the European Union does not intend to make it compulsory for all 27 member States to administer it.

Countries should decide for themselves 'based upon information supplied by Pfizer', but 'also upon the possible risks of adverse effects', which are currently under investigation.

The Pfizer vaccine has not, to date, shown any potentially fatal side-effects, or any long-term life-limiting ones – most of those who received it and reported any type of reaction said the first dose caused them few or no problems, but the second gave them a mild headache, dizziness and fever for a day or two, and up to a week of tiredness and general weakness in upper limbs, potentially forcing them to take between a day and a week off work, but that once these had worn off, they were completely back to normal.

Studies are in place concerning effects of the different Covid jabs on menstruation – a survey in Spain found 14,000 women reported changes, ranging from cycle disruption with periods coming less often or more frequently, and in some cases, more severe pains – but so far, they do not appear to be long-term and have not been found to affect fertility.

A handful of isolated cases of coronary inflammation, or swelling of the heart muscle, have been reported worldwide following the Pfizer injection, but all those known have been successfully treated, and anyone who experiences unusual chest pains or shortness of breath, or who has an existing heart complaint, has been advised to seek emergency medical attention.

Spain says it is not yet considering summoning the entire population for a third dose, but is focusing more on communities who are most at risk and should be a priority for an extra immune boost, such as the elderly and those with physical illnesses that may either make them more vulnerable to catching Covid, or cause them to be more seriously ill with it if they do.



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DJF42 said:
Saturday, October 9, 2021 @ 7:15 PM

So they tested the vaccine in the 18 to 55 age group and now they are giving it to the elderly and vulnerable group.
Seems to me like typical EU thinking.

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