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Government approves final three age groups for vaccine calendar
16 June 2021 @ 20:25

NATIONAL health authorities have approved the final leg of the Covid vaccine calendar with the last three age groups set to go – although regional governments may overlap these if the need arises.

All bar two regions – Castilla y León and the Comunidad Valenciana – are now working through the 40-49 age group, and the latter is due to start on this community on June 17, beginning with those aged 49, having begun later than the rest of the country due to its high number of municipalities and heavy population density, especially along its coast.

Some, such as the Canary Islands, are making headway with those in their late 30s.

Now, the strategy drawn up by the central government in conjunction with regional leaders has included three more age groups, who will be immunised starting from the oldest to the youngest.

Regions are urged to continue to track down and contact residents in their 40s for jabs, where they have already started these, and can then move onto the 30-39 age group.

After this, those aged 20 to 29 will be vaccinated, and finally, teenagers aged 12 to 19.

These three age categories can overlap if necessary – such as if there are problems calling in all the 30-plus group, health authorities can start summoning those in their 20s in the meantime or, if a region has a higher population of teenagers than 20-somethings or 30-somethings, they can focus on those instead so as to get as many of them immunised as possible before the school term starts in September.

Regions are asked to 'prioritise' vaccination of teens aged 12 and over who would have to wait until very last because of their age but who need to be immunised as soon as possible for other reasons, such as illness, chronic health conditions that put them at greater risk, and those who need full-time care.



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yachtpro said:
19 June 2021 @ 11:27

Who is crazy to get a vaccine early at its experimental stages.
It is not evaluated for long term effects and damages as causing cancer, auto-immune diseases, sterility etc.

It is approved only for emergency use!

grapow said:
19 June 2021 @ 12:33

Replying to the post from yachtpro, I understand that Covid is not an especially pleasant event either!!!!

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