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Which are the top six happiest towns in Spain?
14 June 2021 @ 13:26

ALMOST anyone not heading for Spain this summer would be a lot happier if they were in it, and the town in question is probably academic – and although those who already live here year-round are entitled to be miserable now and again, because that's only human, the bright sunshine and warm weather mean it is arguably difficult not to be happy-ish at least part of the time during a Spanish summer. 

The historic quarter of the third-happiest town in Spain - read on to find out which it is, and why (photo: YouTube)

But six towns have been named the 'happiest' – not through self-report surveys or calculating figures relating to lifestyle factors, but through Artificial Intelligence.

At this point, you're probably speculating as to which they could be. Suitable candidates could be anything with 'Alegre' in the name, as this means 'happy' – in Torrevieja, southern Alicante province, the waterfront esplanade is called the Paseo Vistalegre, which means 'happy-view boulevard'; a bit further north, just above Alicante city itself, is Villajoyosa or, in valenciano, La Vila Joiosa and, whichever of the two languages you write it in, translates literally as 'Joyous Town'. Given that it's the cradle of the nationally-acclaimed brand of chocolate, Valor, and to a museum showcasing it, Villajoyosa certainly lives up to its name.


How does AI define 'happy'?

Basically, LookFantastic's computer checked out people's faces on their Instagram selfies. Maybe this isn't a scientific method, but if you're radiating glee on your social media snaps, you're probably feeling pretty good or, if you aren't, you've done well to be able to hide it when faced with the all-seeing eye of AI.


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