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Estepona gets gardening: Over 400,000 flowers in 200 acres to welcome holidaymakers
08 May 2021 @ 20:06

THERE'S no such thing as too many flowers – at least, Estepona doesn't think so, although it has decided to stop at around 400,000 just in case.

Landscaping the seafront in Estepona (photo: Town hall)

The self-proclaimed 'Garden of the Costa del Sol' – and that's no idle boast, given that it has nearly 200 acres of greenery – has been spending its spring wisely, by planting everything from African Marigolds and Busy Lizzies through to petunias and begonias, via geranium, lilac, zinnia, marigold and cockscomb.

Mostly, says services councillor and deputy mayor Blas Ruzafa, Estepona is aiming for 'brightly-coloured' floral displays to 'embellish' the town, and species that will be fully in blossom by around July or August when the majority of the holidaymakers arrive.

A full renovation of the seafront esplanade gardens began this week, with over 20,000 flowers planted along the borders between the Avenida Andalucía and the Avenida Juan Carlos I.

Palms, cacti and other trees and bushes are being planted and pruned, since, as Ruzafa says, garden areas, especially close to the beach, are a town's calling card, and in Estepona's case, the esplanade is one of its most heavily-frequented parts in summer.

For this reason, a complete overhaul of the promenade has just been completed, using 'modern, efficient and sustainable materials and elements' and making it more 'pedestrian-friendly', Ruzafa explains.

With 2,000 new flowers being planted per acre of ‘green’ land, Estepona's claim to be the ‘Garden of the Costa del Sol’ is probably fairly accurate (photo: Town hall)

“We wanted to make it a more dynamic, modern area in line with the general urban transformation taking place in the town centre and its surrounding areas,” the councillor says.

The giant jazzing-up operation does not stop at nature. Ruzafa's team has spent the last month cleaning out and disinfecting pipes serving ornamental fountains, servicing water pumps, and repainting – around 30 of these decorative, cascading landmarks will be given some thorough TLC over the coming months.



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