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Spain to get 20 million Janssen vaccines this year: One dose only, suitable for any age with 'mild' side-effects
31 March 2021 @ 09:30

A SINGLE-DOSE vaccine against Covid-19 created by Janssen will be in use throughout the European Union from April 19, and Spain is set to get enough for 40 million jabs.

Janssen itself has confirmed this, and the European Commission has signed a contract to purchase 400 million doses, of which Spain will have 10%.

Unlike the Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines, the Janssen version only needs to be administered once, with no second or booster dose a few weeks later, and it can be kept in an ordinary refrigerator rather than needing to be stored at exceptionally-cold temperatures requiring special freezer units.

Janssen says its inoculation is suitable for use in humans of any age, including pregnant women and breast-feeding mums, and that the side-effects from it are 'very mild' – unlike the AstraZeneca injection where many of those who have had it have related intense headaches, hangover-like symptoms and, according to a daily newspaper in the province of Alicante, over 1,000 school teachers are allegedly off sick due to the side-effects of the AstraZeneca jab.



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watchmanager said:
03 April 2021 @ 22:02

It's no good to anyone unless they start to put it into peoples arms.
If the Spanish elderly don't want it then most expats do, so offer it them without delay. ANY type, including the 13 million Oxford vaccines they are leaving in refrigerated storage.

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