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Switching to solar: Grants, tax breaks and other help with the cost of 'green power'
15 February 2021 @ 14:37

WHEREVER you've made your home or set up a pied à terre in Spain, you're not going to be short of sunlight. 

It's virtually guaranteed every day for at least two months in the coldest parts and five or so in the warmest parts, and whether you get the mild winters of the Mediterranean, south coast or Canary Islands where a coat over a single layer is enough to feel comfortable in a pavement café or whether you're in those inland, northern or high-altitude areas where thick snow is a given for about two months of the year, the earth's biggest star will usually be keeping your surroundings glowing. Even when temperatures drop below zero or close to it (which does happen, even on the Med, and is standard in winter in Aragón, Castilla y León and their neighbouring regions), you'll usually be able to expect the sun to be glaring brightly even as you freeze your fingers and toes off.

So it stands to reason that Spain is in an ideal position to power itself from solar energy and ditch the fossil fuel, and is attempting to head in that direction, even though it'll take years, if not decades.

And it's perfectly feasible for you to have enough solar panels fitted to make yourself completely immune to electricity bills and price fluctuations – sunlight is free, after all.


High outlay, but a sound long-term investment

Many do so, but it involves a very hefty initial investment; depending upon whether mains electricity is going through a 'cheap phase', as is the case at the moment, or an 'expensive phase', as it did in 2012 when bills were typically two to three times what they are now, it could take you between five and 10 years before you start seeing the financial benefit. Once this time has passed and you have covered your outlay, then you'll start getting your household power for free, but it means either having a few thousands of euros to spare in the first place, or being able and willing to borrow it.



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