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'Oxford vaccine' to be given immediately to key public service workers, but only to the under-55s
10 February 2021 @ 21:41

SPAIN'S government has confirmed the AstraZeneca or 'Oxford' vaccine will be administered to residents aged 18 to 55 inclusive and, once it arrives in the country, work will start immediately on immunising public service staff.

The ‘Oxford vaccine’ will lead to a two-tier immunisation system in Spain, as it will only be administered to those aged 18-55 (photo: AstraZeneca)

Firstly, the police, Guardia Civil, the military, firefighters and teachers from nursery school to high school will be vaccinated, and this will start straight away, leading to a two-tier immunisation programme.

Health and care workers who are not considered 'front-line staff' will be included in this group – physiotherapists, occupational therapists, pharmacists and pharmacy office employees, forensic and post-mortem specialists, home help service providers, and workers at children's homes, prisons and day centres – as long as they are aged under 55.

Those aged over 55 will be given the Pfizer-BioNTech or the Moderna jabs.

Now nearly all care home staff and residents and front-line healthcare workers – including cleaners and canteen staff – have had both doses of the vaccine, regional health authorities are gradually starting on those who need 24-hour or at least constant care and do not live in sheltered accommodation, a group classified as 'major dependants', and on the 80-plus age group.



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watchmanager said:
13 February 2021 @ 09:24

God forbid that the UK gets something right for once ref Covid-19. It seems they have though, with their foresight from the manufacture, buying of vaccines, and who to target first.
Contrary to Spain, it seems, with regards the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine.
Spain does not have any credible evidence that it is not effective on the older age groups and have put back vaccinating the MOST VUNERABLE first. Even the World Health Organisation say they are wrong in doing so and all the evidence points to the contrary.
Yes, the over 55's will get vaccinated but because Spain is doing a two tear approach, it will take twice as long for the ones who may be in danger of serious illness, or worse still, death.
I do agree that all health care workers, of whatever age, should be prioritised to ensure that they can care for the ones who need it.
An analogy is when getting on the plane, you're told to put your own oxygen mask on before helping others. Sound advice otherwise everyone is doomed.
Spain must vaccinate the most vunerable first and the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine is the way to go, especially as it doesnt need keeping below the freezing temperatures required and not least it's the cheapest. The Oxford one costs the UK £3 a shot compared to Pfizer being £12.

rick7591 said:
13 February 2021 @ 11:03

I’m glad Spain are taking this approach, as a 63 year old man with a 55 year year old wife living in the UK it means we will both get ours quicker.

watchmanager said:
13 February 2021 @ 11:31

Ref rick7591.
I don't follow your logic unless you are saying you're in one of the public bodies mentioned. As for your wife in the UK, the only way she will be having it early in the UK is if she is a care worker or highly vunerable to serious illness or death.
Getting your vaccine without working in the public care before someone who is vunerable as described is not to be aplauded in my opinion.
I am in the UK age group(5) who is deemed to be in need of the vaccine, if there were more vunerable people than me who haven't yet had theirs then I would gladly wait until it's my turn, whenever it is.
However, the point is that Spain is causing this delay on the vunerable by not giving he Oxford AstraZeneca to the over 55's against the WHO recommendation.
If they use 'every' type of vaccine available and gave it to the most vunerable, this in its self would expediate the lower age groups getting it.

watchmanager said:
13 February 2021 @ 11:38

Apologies if I have misunderstood your statement. On reading it again I now assume you are both resident in the UK and are saying in effect if they don't want it we do.
Even so, Spain will get their contracted amount of Oxford vaccine and won't, thankfully, impact on the UKs supply.

rick7591 said:
13 February 2021 @ 12:27

Hi, it was meant as a sarcastic and flippant remark. I know that each country will have their own allocated supplies. It just annoys me that a tested vaccine that could potentially save lives is being sidelined for another that is much harder to handle and not in such good supply.
I hope and pray that everyone in every country gets vaccinated as soon as possible.

watchmanager said:
13 February 2021 @ 13:57

Hi, Rick,
We're on the same page👍. Had mine yesterday at 68, group 5, so head of schedule. It happened to be the Pfizer one. I think because it was done at a hospital and they are better equipped for storing it. Never felt the needle and no side effects whatsoever apart from the overwhelming feeling of wanting sun and heat.

bobg said:
17 February 2021 @ 20:37

I suggest that you all look up what the World Health Organisation published, on line,last week, stating very clearly that the Astra Zenica vaccine gives excellent protection from Covid19 for ALL age groups and recommends that it is used worldwide. Unfortunately, because, unlike the UK, the EU has made a total mess of its vaccine procurement programme, It chooses to rubbish this vaccine because it was developed in the UK and not the EU. I have spoken to medical professionals in the UK who endorse the W.H.O.'s statement and advised me to ignore these petty EU comments.

watchmanager said:
17 February 2021 @ 21:25

Spot on Bobg.

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