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Spanish researcher develops 'potentially lifelong' Covid vaccine that also protects against Yellow Fever
15 January 2021 @ 15:29

A SPANISH scientist is working on a Covid-19 vaccine that could offer immunity for many years or even for life, in the same way as the Yellow Fever, Hepatitis and tetanus jabs do.

In fact, Lorena Sánchez Felipe's research is based upon the Yellow Fever vaccine, which only has to be given once in a lifetime.

The Rega Institute Covid laboratory, where Dr Lorena Sánchez Felipe works

She and her team at Lovaina University's Rega Institute in Belgium are also working on more and more effective treatments for those who catch the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and other, similar strains. 

The state-of-the-art laboratory where Dr Sánchez Felipe and Institute boss Johan Neyts have been 'searching for a needle in a haystack', as they both describe it, has been practically their main home for months as they painstakingly analysed 1.7 million substances to work out which ones could help reduce the proliferation of the deadly strain of the Coronavirus that has almost shut the world down over the past year.

“Even greater motivation”



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