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Calendar for vaccinating everyone in Spain released
30 November 2020 @ 21:04

A SCHEDULE for vaccinating the whole population of Spain against the SARS-CoV-2 virus has been released, allowing everyone to see where they fit in depending upon their individual circumstances.

As yet, it is not known which brands of the vaccine will be used, as it will depend upon which are available the quickest and which will be the most practical in terms of storage and transport.

It has already been confirmed that from January to March inclusive, care home staff and their residents will be the first to be vaccinated, followed almost immediately by healthcare workers and people who are not in official homes but need round-the-clock care, such as the very elderly or disabled living at home. 

'Phase two' has now been confirmed, and will operate from March to early June.

The full list of those who will be vaccinated during that time – although not necessarily in order – will be everyone aged 65 and over, people with high-risk health conditions that could mean catching Covid-19 would be considerably more dangerous than in a person with no medical complaints, people who work or live in very enclosed places or in communities, people classed as 'vulnerable' because of their socio-economic situation (which could be those living in homeless shelters, overcrowded accommodation or immigration centres, for example), people whose jobs are considered 'essential services' and who cannot do them without being in contact with others, teaching staff, children and young teenagers, teenagers and very young adults over 16, people living or working in areas with a very high incidence of the virus or with reported outbreaks, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, people who test positive for the virus even if they are not ill with it, and the rest of the adult population.

'Phase three' will be from late June through the summer and will include anyone in the above list who has not been vaccinated.



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Goldilocks said:
05 December 2020 @ 08:30

Let's hope this is not a 'mandatory calendar'. There are many of us who have no wish to be guinea pigs.

Happynara said:
05 December 2020 @ 18:47

Idiot comments like the above cause unrolled damage. What this fool fails to realise is that there were people who volunteered to be "guinea pigs" and the results of that work has lead to approved vaccine that will save millions of lives.

Goldilocks said:
05 December 2020 @ 21:36

I'm very sorry that you seem so very bitter, Happynara, and I find your comments about me rather hurtful. Since March I have spent many hours every day researching the whole Covid-19 issue and I'm afraid you're mistaken about the vaccine. It may be "approved" but it has not (obviously) been tested for possible long-term side effects. I am not at all anti-vaccine in general, but these Covid ones are viewed with apprehension by a huge number of people and all I wanted to say was that I hoped there would be no mandatory element to the programme, just as I would not expect to stop you having the vaccine if you want it. It should always be a matter of informed choice.

carlyoung said:
05 December 2020 @ 23:11

Yes unbelievably rude...
I certainly have no desire to have this vax either. Making it mandatory is going to be very difficult for any European government since there are SO many people who don't want them (more than ever in recent months) The problem of course is will they make your life hell for not accepting them

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