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Spain, Britain, Cádiz province and Gibraltar reach cross-border worker solutions
23 November 2020 @ 21:08

DETAILED talks over how to maintain the rights and freedoms of cross-border workers living in Spain and with jobs in Gibraltar have reached a conclusion and a new system ready to be put into place.

About 15,000 European Union citizens work in the British enclave on the far tip of the Iberian peninsula, of whom around two-thirds are Spaniards, and the vast majority of the latter live in the province of Cádiz and commute daily.

But as they are, technically, commuting into the UK, once the Brexit transition period ends as the New Year of 2021 begins, many are still worried or facing uncertainty.

The Withdrawal Agreement says these cross-border employees will retain all their workers' rights that they had when both countries were members of the EU, but how to ensure this functions in practice needed a great deal of fine-tuning.



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