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Sagrada Família to miss 2026 completion deadline...but after 134 years and counting, it's a small setback
21 September 2020 @ 19:53

SPAIN'S longest-ever building project looks set to miss its deadline due to the pandemic, but work is still in progress and will not stop until the construction team has finished; they have already taken 134 years, so a few more are unlikely to breach planning permission terms and conditions.

Barcelona's Sagrada Família Cathedral, one of the country's top attractions – beautifully weird, tastefully wacky, beyond unique, and well worth the queues whether or not church architecture is your cup of tea (the longer you have to queue, the more time you get to spend admiring the outside free of charge) – began its journey in 1883, when the plans were rubber-stamped.

The first bricks of what was set to be the most global masterpiece of flamboyant modern architect Antoni Gaudí were laid in 1886.

Other high-profile works of Gaudí's – including Barcelona's psychedelic mosaïc-patterned Parc Güell, and the green-and-red restaurant in Comillas (Cantabria) – have long since been finished, but the Sagrada Família is still being built.



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