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Julio Iglesias' 'secret son' reveals they 'briefly met': “He bowed his head and walked on”
04 September 2020 @ 13:54

JULIO Iglesias' 'secret son' appeared on a talk show this week and admitted he and his father had once come face to face when he was in his teens.

Javier Sánchez Santos, 44, from Valencia, obtained DNA from discarded tissues in a Miami bar through a private detective which proved to be a perfect match and showed Julio Iglesias was definitely his father, but he has been forced to defend his case again and again as the legendary crooner, 76, continues to appeal.

Iglesias has refused to provide a DNA sample and has never admitted paternity.

His lawyer argues that there was no 'relationship' between María Edite, Javier's mother, and Julio which could have possibly resulted in a pregnancy, claiming they only met briefly at a party and were never alone together.

At the time, Julio was married to Philippine-Spanish model and it-girl Isabel Preysler – mother of pop sensation Enrique Iglesias, and who is now married to Peruvian Nobel Prize-winning author Mario Vargas Llosa - which means if there had been a relationship between Julio and María Edite, however brief, it would have been an extra-marital affair on the singer's part.

The paternity suit started in 1992, when Javier was 16.

Although Javier says he does not want to cash in on Iglesias' multi-million fortune and 'just wants closure' and 'maybe a future relationship' with Julio, he refers to him as 'my father' whenever he talks about him.

On the programme Deluxe – heavily-watched this week after habitual co-presenter Mila Ximénez reappeared on set in the middle of her battle with metastatic lung cancer – Javier Sánchez Santos said: “I'm worried about my father's health.”


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jamiemalone said:
07 September 2020 @ 15:27

If paternity has not been proven then he has no right to call him his father and of course it's about money.

eos_ian said:
07 September 2020 @ 16:31

Paternity has been proven via comparing DNA samples with one of Julio Iglesias's other sons. 99.9% they are brothers and he is his father. Tecnicalities have kept the proof out of the court room so far...which is why he is taking it to the European court.

GuyT said:
08 September 2020 @ 15:09

Of course, if Iglesias knew it to be an unfalsifiable fact that he was not the father...then he ought to embrace the idea of proving it. It takes a special kind of slimeball to have “bowed his head and walked on” when meeting his son for the first and only time.

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