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Hi-tech self-cleaning 'smart-mask' created by Spanish designer
27 July 2020 @ 21:46

A MASK measuring air quality, the wearer's heartbeat and breathing, self-disinfecting and with a transparent screen so the face can still be seen has been created by a Spanish designer.

The 'Cliu' is safe, reusable and disinfects itself, says its creator, Álvaro González.

Born in Aragón but now living in Italy, Álvaro says: “The idea came up during lockdown. In my studio, we were thinking about how we could contribute to the cause and do our bit in the emergency situation, as product designers, until the day came when a group of friends – experts in technology, marketing and innovation – suggested we create a new-style 'smart mask'.”

Álvaro and the team put their heads down and all hands on deck – working closely together, but entirely online due to everyone in Italy being confined to their homes – and spent the best part of eight weeks focused on their new project before the finished result started to take shape.

“The team was split between Milan and Sicily, so we worked for two months non-stop via 'smart-working' [online meetings, messages and home-working] with the aim of launching a solid crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo,” Álvaro explains.

“What we wanted, above all, was to solve the different issues that crop up with conventional masks.

“The first and most basic advantage [to the Cliu] is transparency and communication; the second advantage is respect for the environment [being a non-disposable variety] and the third is its built-in technology.”

Álvaro says the Pro version is equipped with Bluetooth, microphone and sensors which, along with the complementary App, allows the wearer to 'prevent health problems' by monitoring breathing condition and frequency, heartbeat, and the quality of the surrounding air.

Also, via the App, the wearer can check the battery level, and the percentage that the filters are working at, as well as real-time information on air pollution on the spot and in neighbouring areas.

It even detects where the nearest Covid-19 cases are.



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