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Spain ditches junk food: Nearly half cut down and switch to low-fat and organic in last year
06 June 2020 @ 22:17

NEARLY half of Spain's residents have suddenly become more health-conscious in terms of their diets in the past year, according to recent research – although it is too early to say whether two months in lockdown have undone all their hard work.

The WIN World Survey is based upon self-report from the year 2019, and Spain's figures were contributed by market research firm DYM Institute.

An average of 44% say they consume far less fast food, processed food and sugary food than they did in 2018 – although a small percentage admitted they ate more of these.

Ready meals and processed food consumption went down in 42% of cases, cakes and sweets in 46%, and fast food in 44% - however, 8% said they ate more cakes and sweets and 10% said they bought more fast food.

Meanwhile, a similar percentage to the first set of figures said they ate more low-sugar, low-fat and organic foodstuffs.

Different age groups were studied, and it was found that in the over-65s, only between 1% and 3% bought more fast food, ready meals and high-sugar produce, whilst those who had significantly cut down their consumption of these accounted for between 46% and 54%.

Those who had least reduced less-nutritious choices were – perhaps surprisingly – the 18-34 age group, the ones who, in other research, have been found more likely to opt for a vegan, vegetarian or pescatarian diet.

In keeping with that, it was the younger adults who were found to have most increased their purchases or consumption of healthier types of food, such as fresh produce and organic goods – between 21% and 32% - whilst among those over 65, only 18% said they had moved more towards the more typically 'recommended' products.



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