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Concert straddles province border for 'split village'
20 May 2020 @ 13:41

TRAVELLING between provinces is not yet allowed during Spain's 'unlocking', which is most inconvenient for those living close to a border – they can legally visit someone nearly 200 kilometres away, but not someone five kilometres away. However, 'borderliners' like these could have it a lot worse: When your town sits across two provinces, it means you can wave to your opposite neighbour but cannot go to see them, and you may not be able to pop to your local shop.

This is the bizarre situation residents in the town of El Cuervo have found themselves in: One side of the village is in the province of Cádiz, and the other in the province of Sevilla.

And it means the two members of a musical band who live just metres from each other cannot practice together, even though both provinces are in 'Phase 1', meaning if they lived on the same side of the street, they would have no problems in popping round each others' houses.

Astola & Ratón decided to stage a live open-air concert – the first known outdoor gig since Spain went into lockdown – standing either side of the province border to ensure they did not break the rules.

Alejandro Astola, 30, originally from Sevilla and the co-founder of the band Fondo Flamenco, and Diego 'El Ratón' Pozo Torregrosa, 45, from Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz province), co-founder of the band Los Delinqüentes, drew a line down the middle of the Avenida de Cádiz exactly where they knew the provincial frontier sits.

Their gig was, they said, a symbol of union between two provinces whose inhabitants cannot travel to each other yet.

Around 200 of El Cuervo's residents live in the part of the village which belongs, in administrative and jurisdiction terms, to Jerez de la Frontera.

The vast majority, however, live in the Sevilla part – in total, El Cuervo has 8,628 residents, according to the 2018 census, and its postal address is considered to be in the province of Sevilla, despite having two streets, which belong to that of Cádiz.



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