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Minimum wage increased by €50 a month
23 January 2020 @ 17:05

SPAIN'S government has increased the minimum wage in line with its pledged scale of rises back in 2018, which aims for it to reach the European Union requirement of 60% of the national average wage by the year 2022.

The minimum gross pay a person working a full-time, 40-hour week can earn is now €950 per month in a 14-month year, up from €900 in 2019.

Traditionally, employees in Spain would receive a double pay packet in August and again at Christmas, and the minimum wage is always calculated on this basis, even though fewer and fewer firms follow this practice nowadays.

Over a 12-month year, the gross minimum wage sat at €1,050 a month until this week, and will now rise to €1,108.33.

As a result, the average worker on the minimum wage in a full-time job will have seen his or her monthly take-home pay, based upon 12 pay packets a year, rise from €964.50 to €996.80.

When the left-wing socialist government came into power in June 2018, the minimum wage was €735.90 a month over a 14-month year, or 12 monthly take-home pays of approximately €791.70.

During the right-wing PP government's reign from November 2011 to June 2018, the minimum wage only rose by a total of €94.50 in six-and-a-half years, or 14%.

It went up in 2013 by just €3.90 a month before tax, then two years later, by €3.30 a month, having been frozen in 2014.

Another €6.60 monthly increase was agreed in 2016, taking the minimum wage to €655.20 in 14 payments, or approximately 12 take-home pays of €700.

In the three years before the PP's reign, it had barely gone up, being above €600 but below €640 as a gross figure paid in 14 instalments.

The newly-announced increase means that in the past two years, the minimum gross monthly wage for a full-time, 40-hour-a-week job will have gone up by 29%, or by €214.

President Pedro Sánchez's coalition partners Podemos want to see it rise to a minimum of €1,000 in 14 payments, which will give 12 monthly take-home salaries of approximately €1,030.

This is expected to be the case by the beginning of 2021.



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